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Hecarim Build Guide by BiscuitBalls

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BiscuitBalls

Solotop Tanky Hoersy

BiscuitBalls Last updated on April 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I know this build looks like it focuses a bit too much on his movement speed passive, but i personally like it because how well is MS integrates with his skill-set.
Also, i took the mana masteries because it suits my personal play-style to mastery as so because i enjoy the little bit of extra mana to back me up in the case that i need it. You should re-assign your masteries to however you suit your play-style.
I chose FoN not only for the MS buff, or the MR, but for the regen aspect of it. Regeneration on Hecarim i have found to be extremely useful in the cases where you are fighting somebody 1v1, and just before being able to get the kill you see a gank coming from behind you, so you ditch with e to the jungle. But in that time you are in the jungle for, let's say 10 seconds, you have healed enough to run out and snag the leftover kill from out of the tower and get away with enough time to heal back up.

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Skill Usage


Rampage- Since it does half damage to minions, it doesn't push as hard as you might think early on, so you CAN use it if you want to land a hit on a nearby champion if you're willing to dmg some minions 30~dmg. Also if you are trading dmg with somebody, and they out burst you, remember your cd gets drastically shorter each use, so you will start to rack up some major damage on them, especially once you get sheen since rampage times perfectly with sheen.

Spirit of Dread- The damage on this spell isn't anything to gawk at, but it is a great sustain/chase skill. I love vsing teemos as hecarim because after i dive in and get my burst off he is usually between 100-200 life to which me walking behind him with Spirit of Dread up will score the kill for me.

Reckless Charge- Only use it head on if you are trying to deny/score a guarantee kill. Using it to gank is very strong because of the insane move speed buff, he becomes a rammus with more damage output. It's also good to initiate ganks for your jungle, running up above and then pushing towards the river to start the gank is very strong, especially when you have a leesin in the jungle who will land his cripple before his breacher.

Onslaught of Shadows- This ultimate is one of the ultimates that rightfully claim the status of "Ultimate". Its INSANE range leap allows for you to initiate with a 1 second time frame to control where the enemy team moves/separate. For example if you jump into the a team and land inbetween an annie and a rammus, the rammus can't protect annie from your team because they are 2 seconds of movement apart, and then take another 2 seconds just for rammus to get within range to save annie. Essentially winning that team fight by taking annie alone. Also his ultimate is an instant-escape guarantee via his reckless charge, i don't reccomend using it to escape though since it is so useful in team fights. (Only do so if your respawn time is enough to bring your ultimate back off cooldown, then it would be worth it to escape using it.)

When you see a fight happening ,save your e to chase/run if need be. Simply spam q and w for the dmg, and if you need to run/chase pop your e and continue spamming qs until e is maxed on its charge for you to knock for maximum damage and have more time to spam qs for the kill. Running with e also can earn you kills since you do damage while moving with Q and W, so you can outplay people if you are really comfortable with Hecarim

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1v1 Solotop

Hecarim is a utter BOSS at CS-ing, and you could probably focus the majority of you time last hitting minions and throwing out Rampage harass if they come too close to you (land an autoattack on them to for an instant 140+ dmg lvl 1). Although for some champions this wouldn't be too smart (nautilus for example would ******** you with his stun-shield double strike), so it would be better to defensively CS situationally. Once you back and pick up your two regrowth pendants/boots of choice you will be able to win top lane by rampage harassing and healing roughly 25/sec while your W is up. Be sure to grab wards though (if you don't, you're ******ed). And try to push top lane to recall, taking that opportunity to be a HOERSY and charge gank mid if he is pushed at all. You will want to do a LOT of roaming while top lane is gone as Hecarim since his ganks on his E are insanely good.

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2v1 Solotop

You will probably want to play more defensively unless it's clear the other team is really bad, which in that case just have fun with the free double kills. Hecarim is a VERY good turret hugger because he has a good enough skill comp to be able to avoid taking damage while dishing out damage. A prime example of this is when i was vs a Master YI and a Volibear at top lane, they were trying to harass me and were doing pretty well at it but i still managed to cs at turret (if you don't know how to viably cs at a turret, early game tower takes two hits on a Melee minion to bring it within last hit life, and early game it takes 1 hit on a caster to bring it within two last hits, so hit the casters once before the turret, and then finish after the turret hits it.) Anyway, the voli and yi dove me and we were all level 6, and i ran in circles on the tower spamming q and having w up, and killed yi, but then ran infront of Volibear with Charge and pushed him back into the turret earning a double kill (i lived with 50~life). Point being, don't be scared to fight while being dove. Also, if your jungle comes to gank top (which he should) Top lane will probably be overextended ~ CONTINUED

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2v1 Solotop Continued

so if you see them in the river brush, then take that opportunity to initiate with your e and push one of them towards the river to get an easy gank + almost guarunteed kill, with hecarim you can escape so easily with your skill-set that your life isn't even a big factor most of the time, and remember with this build you will have near full life most of the game.

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My Games

Personally i always do well with Hecarim, currently my best score on him was something of 24~/2/11~, but i have a problem of having too much fun with this build since he tops out at 508 MS. I usually am able to dominate anybody in the game but i begin running around, getting kills and then running around some more, failing to push out of my own joy of all-chatting "HOERSY TOO FAST". I am disappointed in myself. My only warning to you is don't have too much fun being a fast hoersy who can't die, and just push for the win.