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Garen Build Guide by The Bulitt

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Bulitt

Solotopping with Garen * DOMINATING build

The Bulitt Last updated on March 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, hey guyz, first sorry for bad english, i am from Slovakia and don't even using Google Translate, cuz am so lazy.

This build or mini guide is for Garen...... on solotop for epic dominating on lane in early / mid game and good assasin / offtanky in late game.
I know, there is many better guides but i can do this for me, my friends and people who wants see runes/masteries that am using.

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So, i am using these runes (without pictures and other nice things) ^^

MARKS : +0.95 DMG * 9
SEALS : +1.41 ARMOR * 6 & +0.43 DMG * 3
GLYPHS: +1.49 MR * 9
QUINT : +2.25 DMG * 3

But you also can using runes like on top this guide with 9 * armor runes.
I saw that many, or all people there is using MR per level, for better MR in late game but i have opinion that stronk MR at start is epic and Garen also stack some MR "per level" from his W

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Masteries that i'am using you can see at top of this guide. Am gonna explain why.

So :
Many Garen's build are with masteries in damage per level but i think its kinda useless, cuz 9 damage on level 18... OK. It's damage, but instead this you can have life steal + 3% and with comibinating with 3 doran's blades you gain nice lifesteal which is = 12%. And if you combinate it with your passive your lanning is so stronk. Another possibility is dat you can just easily gonna to 9 defensive masteries with some MR and nice HP per level and + 30 HP. It makes you good tanky at early game and unbelievable strong in 1v1 in solo lane.

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OK, so i always start with :it gains you nice 10 damage 100 health and little bit of lifesteal, which u nicely can use in combo with 3 doran's and 3% lifesteal from masteries

I try farming and pushing lane so hard until i get about 500 gold +. Then recall and buy
with one and two or three ... Always try to run from spawn with Q, because you are without teleport and many top players using it. With this items you must stay on line until +- 1700 gold. Ofcourse, i have many gold and i must buy B.F sword for damage, but it's wrong. Wrong on Garen. Just buy another two and this, yes THIS boots. You gain heavy movement speed with nice lifesteal, health and damage...

OK, now you have good damage, hp and movement speed. Now try earn about 1500 gold asap to buy . With this item you are unstopapable, cuz if you hit enemy with Q and start spinning with E and nonstop slowing him, while you have movement speed 420 + with ignite and your ultimate is easy kill. Seriously easy. So much...

After this items you must destroy enemy tower and you can start playing with your team. If you have some gold, primary item must be or you can just buy ... No, no don't worry just kidding ^^

After that i prefer but you can also buy first le , but i recommended it only if you have good feed like 8/1/4 (for realy epic nuke dmg). If is your game "normal game" just buy atma's. Hawk

Anothers items are your choice. You can go more tanky with warmog plus you gain some damage from atma's passive and force of nature for nice hp regen per 5 sec or you can go more DPS way with phantom dancer and last whisper.


You gain some HP to Atma's and good rezist to more tanky build, and one of best passive's in items ever, but there is usless mana. Your choice... 7.0/10

I think this item is kinda useless for tanky chars, because it is so expensive and it gains you only a little of rezist... And armor. However there is good passive but it is long cooldown and 750 hp in late game is nothing, one good focus from feeded AD/AP carry and you are dead util you can press Q. 5.0/10

One of best items in late game. 50% armor pene (+ masteries) and is cheap... 9.0/10

Honestly, this item i've bought maybe ... 5 times. And i dont like it. Buy Warmogs rather. 3.5/10

Epic item, if you combinate it with last whisper, you become EPIC tanky DPS guy. I recommend it so hard. 9.5/10

Another good boots, but i prefer Swiftnes -> as i said, with frozen malet, anybody cannot escape. 8.5/10

I don't know ... On Garen, phantom... I think no, take mardeds or last whisper rather ;-)

When League of Legends was starting this was very good item, cuz you could stack it and with E was nice dmg to surround enemies... Now it is not bad on Garen but there are many better items, but you can strike with this very good.

Classic item when enemy's AD carry is hard-feeded. Combinate it with some another armor item and you gain practically immortality. But you must know when to buy... Anyway very good item

Funny item, but i think useless... Buy only if you are really winning for some fun (with infinity edge)...

No way

OK sometimes, when i am underfeed or enemy is fu****g spammer like Yorick i have to buy this item for lifesteal, some armor, damage and eternal ward. But primary no
?? ...

Oh, hell yea, very good item in early/mid and late game but i dont prefer it so much... Sometimes you can start with Brutalizer, DMG, ARMOR PENE and CDR but as I milion times said, Phage and boots is da best. Really

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Summoner Spells


Flash. It's flash. Best spell ever. Are you want more? ...

Ignite. I always using ignite... On CD gains you 5 dmg = OP at start, enemy nice burn and with your combo Q -> E -> IGNITE -> R is easy kill

Yes, reductions, maybe best advantage but if you get Phage with boots, exhaust is useless and for enemy's damage reduction is there your W... Or not?

Good for chasing and escaping but, you know... Boots, Phage, Q + E combo. Why ghost?

Probably best team spell but with my build you have movement speed 500 + with Q so you can run there like a boss.

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OK last things which you need to know :

Laning - Last hits to creeps, classic. If there are 3 creeps with low hp (mage minions) do this - at first basic attack, automaticaly press Q to second and immediately hit the last one with basic attack. You can do this within 1.5 sec at level 1. GJ!

1v1 top kills - Dont hurt enemy to 4 level. Seriously! At lvl 4 go to him and hit him with 2-4 basic attacks. Dont use spells! After then enemy will be greedy cuz he 100% used spells and he will have better HP. Then turn to him with Q -> automaticaly start E -> ignite and 1-2 basic attacks. He cannot escape. Plus you have flash so at worst you can flash to him with activate Q (care on towers and enemy like Irelia, Riven, Udyr etc. with f****ng stuns)

Team fight - Try to flash to enemy AP carry with silence and put him down. Then kill AD carry (you can survive this easily) then run away and try to helping your team with your R

OK dat's all for my little guide... But as i said, there are many better guide's so look at them. This is just experiment ^^


I'm so sorry for this bad english ;-(