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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chromakey

Solowick the Magewick the wicked wartank

Chromakey Last updated on March 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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02/03/2011 -- Build created.

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TODO list

record some early game video's
create an alternative item list.
Add detailed descriptions of WW's Skills

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This firstblood monster thinks the jungle is the place you take a dump. His place is in the lane. He excels in mid/solo effectively denying the carriers their farm and leveling.
If your up for a little bit of fun and mind**** then this is most certainty a build you can use, and still be a great value to your team end game.

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For runes it's the regular Magic damage tank. With the magic penetration runes your Q does massive damage all game through.
With the armor and resist you make it really easy for yourself to heal yourself up after some harass.

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For masteries I'm going 10/12/08 Especialy the point in burning embers is important. Because your main damage is going to be your spell throughout the game you want to level fast. putting the point in awareness ensures that.

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Itemwise i have a uncommon build. Starting with the dorans ring is important for the mana regen and ability power you will need early game. This item keeps your health up by providing enough mana regen to Q everything that moves.

On your first return get yourself atleast a kindle gem and boots or buy the boots later and get Spirit Visage first.

The cooldown reduction + boost in healing yourself with the Q makes your even more durable.

After getting your boots you have finished your corebuild and your ready to kick some serious ***.

Itemwise from this point it all depends on how your team is doing and what the enemy comp is or the better question, who is the most dangerous of their team.

Get some defense that matters. Banshee or Sunfire cape are both great items. The weakest point of this build is perhaps that for most ppl it's quite hard to farm and last hit with him.
If you find it dificult to do that get a sunfire cape first so you can effectively farm.
Most of the time if your playing oke get a negaton cloak and chainmail to make yourself very tanky throughout whole midgame.

The last 2 items are morello's evil tome and guardian angel. Morello's evil tome is just a great item for our tankishmagewick, It gives a little more damage on his Q, a big boost in manaregen and most important even more cooldown reduction to spam those Q's even harder. I'm not a big fan of rushing Guardian angel Do to the ganky nature of mid game you can really easily lose it's passive in a useless way.
but i do feel this item works great on our dear warwick

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Skill Sequence

Q will be your main damage dealing spell during the match. It already has very short cooldown and works in great synergy with spirit visage. Cho? Mundo? Carriers? Np for our magewick.

the reason i prefere E over W is that we down have any attack damage. Taking one point on level 4 gives you enough boost to scare off the toughest fighter in combination with his Q.

I think his E is his most underrates spells. Imagine your nidallee to pick off runners with her spear. Giving kas the extra vision to chase or letting this Ezeal scream boom headshot because he sniped the runners. Not to mention this will give you a insane movement buff.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash are the 2 skills i prefer myself. Especialy the ignite is important for the 10 extra AP and the ability to outheal the most fed vlad.

Don't think i have to explain that why you get Flash. you can run ghost aswell but i feel that most of the time his E is enough to get away.

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I cannot stress enough how important early game is for our wicked warwick. He easily one of the strongest early game heroes and you should play him like one.
If your a a defensive type you can skip this build because it won't work for you.

Oke here are my secrets of completely domination your lane the first 6 levels.
Get your Q on the first level. When the creeps start fighting go crazy on him right away. melee a few times and Q and run.

It's important that you do this only once for the following reason. It's always a waste to run around with full mana. At level 1 your Q does a fair amount of damage but on level 2 it really start eating hearts out.

As soon as you hit level 3 Begin the heavy harass. Now here comes the early game trick that get me my first blood most of the time. Just Ignite(activating burning embers giving your Q even more damage) and Q him. This will probably drop him enough to activate your E. Making it impossible for your opponent to run away from your Q. This will give you complete dominance of the lane. At this point you should given signals that your going to be a pain in the *** the whole game.

When you hit level 6 it's the almost ensured FB i was talking about. you can easily tower dive him if hes 30/25% with your ult. If he didn't use his flash yet the most effective way to deal damage is to flash, Q,ULT and Q again and run away. this is a fairly ballsy move but if your confident that it gets you your kill that you are longing for go for it.

An other option is just to Ult, Q and flash away from the turret. Remember your E gives you wings!

(by the way forcing him to return is also great, making him miss xp and last hits)


Now it's time to get your tanky side on. After you finished your corebuild (Spirit visage and sorc shoes) it's time to have some fun.
You can actually poke quite oke with out furry friend. Q and run away. The damage they have done can be healed by Qing your enemy's and minions.

Just Play warwick like a Vlad. Ult Q, get some assists or get some kills.
Remember your tanky? don't be afraid to do crazy **** to get your team the kills they deserve. Towerdive, give the enemy the idea that your not afraid, deals massive amounts of damage and still be a bad choice for focus due to your healing capabilities (remember!! it's always better for you to receive the damage instead of a teammate. you can heal yourself back quite fast.)

Playing warwick mid is not only about being a skilled player, it's also about giving the enemy the idea that they can't win. This crazy ww chases like mad eating though Mundo and Cho to get to their ashe. Chasing runners in team fights and suppressing their carriers as initiation.


This is the weakest part of the build. But by the time this starts the whole enemy team is fearing this warwick. thinking hes still worth focusing. Because they or have to fully focus you down, or totally ignore you. You are 1; the distraction tank they gets first but suppresses, attracts ulties like a magnet 2; be free to make those ashes use their boots of blinding speed or those MF's to get their strut on.

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Pros / Cons


    * Is nearly impossible to get beat as a sololane or mid
    * Great ganking and diving at low levels.
    * His E is a great way for easy kills.
    * The Q scales really great without to many items.
    * mind**** to play against
    * It's the more fun Vlad!
    * Played in ranked it gives you room to steal 2 great junglers out of the pool

    * Late game dependency on teammates
    * Who is going to let you play this crazy fun and effective build in a solo lane?
    * Receive a lot of flame before playing the match.
    * Doesn't make good use of his W spell

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I'm not a high elo player but always eager to learn. This build worked miracles for me but perhaps it won't for you. Please share your feedback. I'm open for critique. Did this build work for you? What did or did not? Would love to hear from you guys.