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Sona Build Guide by buchoy07

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author buchoy07

Sona an Effective Healer (updated)

buchoy07 Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Being a support healer is tough task and can be boring if have a killer attitude.
so if you are into the greedy side this is not the hero for you!

Unlike other heal support champions like Soraka, Taric, Karma, Kayle etc. I choose Sona because of its aura abilities making her a full support even by standing with the team.

The good thing about Sona, is its abilities doesn't require targeting.. except for the ultimate skill "Cresendo".. with auto targeting you can easily monitor your team so you can better assist them, during clash you can only focus on your teams health and your minimap.


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Being a Healer

I would like to REITERATE that this guide is for team play. If you only think for your own sake you should be reading a different guide or probably a different champion.


    Always be with an ally... you are sitting duck if you are alone... in any chances that no one is nearby a tower hug is in need.
    Never expose yourself in the range of enemy during clash.. remember when you are a support, so your the enemies' first on their list.
    Stay with the team.. you can hide using bushes on the area or put yourself away from the eye of clash. but don't go too far away from the team. When a single teammate runs faraway from the clash do not follow it to the end (just give him a sweet goodbye buff).. you must be in the place where majority needs you
    The best place where can you be is in the middle of the team. it is a best place where you can support each one of them and also protect you from hunters.
    Maximize your Mana.. your abilities are not for you... its for your team... remember Sona's skills has dual effect on you. So you receive every spell you give to you teammates.


    There are only few players who are into support... which means you'll be receiving a lot of invites from games, clans etc.
    Players usually give the blue buff to you!
    Your teammates will always try to save you if you are being attacked.. they never leave without you.
    Your Assist will be averaging 20-40 per game


    Your the first target during clash
    You have less kills on your stats
    You cannot farm by yourself
    It's hard to go solo in your lane

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- having enough AP at the start of the game will make you more competitive with DPS champions with lower HP. Sona's heal is not reliable at the early level until you reach level 5. High AP from this runes, will give enough damage to harass any champion at your lane during early game.

- I put AP/lvl runes on both mark and seal to give you more healing and AP power as you go in higher levels and in late game clashes.

- Cooldown is necessary if you are a healer since you will be responsible for the whole team. Having a less CD on your abilities can make you support everyone of them more often especially during clashes.


Why AP not MPEN for other runes?

We don't need MPEN if you are healer.. MPEN is only used for damages cause by your AP to penetrate magic resists from enemy. Since you are focus on giving complete support you would not waste a rune just to give you an easy killsteal.

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Defense Masteries versus Utility Masteries

    I focused on the Defense Masteries rather than Utility Masteries. Sona's manapool is reliable upon completing Archangel's Staff, this will give have enough mana to support your allies during battles.
    One more thing is since you are the Team Support, AP/DPS champions will look at you as a threat and will try too kill you as fast as possible during clash. Maximizing Defense Masteries will give you enough HP, AMR and MR for you to stay alive and enough time for your team mates to kill your pursuers.
    One more this is the Ardor Mastery, this will be you additional AP for larger amount of heal.

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    We start with Meki Pendant. This will help you with you mana needs on early levels. Why use Health potions? Sona's heal is not reliable on early levels. (see.. Gameplan chapter)
    Next items will be having Tear of goddess and Boots of Speed.. Health potions can be ignored but it always good to be cautious.
    Afterwards will be getting boots of Swiftness, Mana Manipulator. After this you will have no issues with your manapool and coolddowns. With added health you will be tougher during clashes.
    Last part is completing the 3 Main Items: Boots of Swiftness, Archangel's Staff, and Soul Shroud with this 3 you go ahead and build your Rylai's Scepter, and some alternative items...


Why Boots of Swiftness?

Most people will ask, "Why boots of swiftness when you have the Song of Celerity?", most people will suggest Mercury's Threads, Sorcerer's Shoes or Ionian Boots of Ludicity.
My answer into that is to have enough MS to move around, dodge, reach team mates on a specific radius of area or BATTLE "CLASH" AREA with Boots of Swiftness. I reserve the skills for my team mates, not for me! that's how a Support MUST BE!

Any Alternative Items?

    You can use Force of Nature if you most of your Enemies are AP type.. A good MDEF will be a good way to withstand pure AP champions and make their 1 kill combo sucks!
    You can use Zonya's Hourglass if you always get targeted and killed during clashes! most of the time a DPS champion will focus on you.. and the good part of it is when the whole team.. is planning to kill you!! ...once they all attack you when you activate Zonya's Hourglass.. they go nuts and attack random champions and sabotage their clash plan.
    Spirit Visage is one of the most defensive item which fit perfectly to Sona. Health and MDEF is a good attribute, but the thing that makes this reliable to Sona is its Cooldown and additional healing ability by 15%.. It's only for you though but since you'll been healing a lot of your teammates, you will never see your health lower than 70%.

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Summoners Spells


    I choose Teleport... being a support means you should have more time in the field with your team mates... I only go back to the fountain if my teleport spell is ready so i can go back immediately... it is a good way also to move into different parts of the map where and when you are needed. With teleport as you summoner's skill you can Save Allies, Join clashes, Defend Towers all through the map.


    I choose Heal... having extra heal is a good ammo when you are a support healer. Sona's heal can only accommodate 2 champions (1 ally and yourself).. The Heal Spell is also a good way to regain the health of the WHOLE TEAM with one press... One tip into it is using the heal is when the whole team is in range or after an AOE Attack during clash (like Slicing Maelstrom, Finales Funkeln, Cannon Barrage etc). If you can notice the image on the Gameplan Chapter (Late Game) most of my allies have more than 70-80% of their HP but to tell you frankly, that scenario is just a few seconds after major clash was made. We are ALWAYS able to push forward after a bloody clash since they are able to regain health INSTANTLY.

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Using you Abilities


    This Ability is very useful if you combine it with you other abilities.. the trick on this is the usage depending on the situation you are into. let me give you examples:


    If you use your Power Chord with your Hymn of Valor.. this will give Sona's next attack a double damage... This is one on the key to accomplish you goal on early game (check gameplan chapter early game section). I usually use this to damage BIGTIME on towers, tanks.. or honestly to do a killsteal! ^^


    If you use your Power Chord with your Aria of Perserverance, Sona's next attack will debuff an emeny with 20% damage... a good way to save an allies... especially when any of your heals abilities are un available...


    This is most common Power Chord ability that I use... If you use your Power Chord with your Song of Celerity, Sona's next attack will slow any enemies for 2 sec... I always use this to Pursue or Escape Pursuers

to be continued...

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Game Plan


    At early levels 1-6, Sona's heal is not reliable, so your goal is to harass your lane enemy until you are you reach level 7. Using you Hymn Valor even a level 2 of it with your Quintessence Rune, with give your enemy an OUCH! In case of emergency your Summoner's Spell Heal is there.


    During Mid Game... which are levels 7-10 your abilities should be enough to accompany 2 allies as long as you have a level 5 Aria of Perseverance.. A major team clash can be accommodated but expect your mana pool to be drained out. On this part of Game your goal is to accompany your teammates on different lanes (using your teleport) to destroy first towers.
Tip: I always teleport to the lane if my allies are right next to the tower already. This is a good strategy.. its a common thinking that if you see 3 champions near the tower then they are thinking to destroy it. So i teleport only once they already at it.. it will give us time before the enemies from other lanes defend the tower


    During Late Game...
to be continued...

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As a result i will give you some images as a proof of its effectiveness:

to be continued...