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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sona Build Guide by Teeders

Sona: Engage Hidden Dragon

Sona: Engage Hidden Dragon

Updated on September 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Teeders Build Guide By Teeders 1,639 Views 0 Comments
1,639 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Teeders Sona Build Guide By Teeders Updated on September 2, 2011
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Whatsup. First guide. It's a good one, stay tuned.

    Terrifying late game
    Support is fairly strong throughout
    High burst (see 1st point)
    Snowballs safely + strongly
    Fun to play

    Squishy throughout game if you aren't smart and can't counter enemy strengths
    Early game is somewhat weakish
    Aggressive playstyle for support
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Quints are the focus here. Gp/10 is largely thought of as useless as in a 50 min game the value these give ON PAPER is seemingly too small to sacrifice the other strong early game quints HP/Mpen/AP etc. however the gain is more intricate than what you just see on paper for X time. These quints with the mastery point will start ticking *** soon as minions spawn. This automatically gives you advantage early which only snowballs as the game goes on. With this you can get Philo/HoG/Kages earlier than anyone else. Get a couple cs early with q(may be harrassed for this) and get these gp/10 items as early as possible. Earlier the better. Soon your gold will snowball and become an unstoppable advcantage (as a support) late game (40-50 minutes)

Only other quints I would suggest are force quints for late game ap surprispe ( combine with force reds for more effect).
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Note that I did not get the traditional 9-0-21 support build. You can do this, however with this build your early game is somewhat gimp without hp quints/cdr. So I beef up the resistances add in some regen and you should be set to play aggressive enough early to cause them severe annoyance. This also why I suggested dorans as first item, especially if you are aggressive early (as you should be). If not, get regen pendant/or faerie charm/wards and get those gp/10 items earlier (not as recommended).

Early aggressive play inadvertantly gives you gold advantage so basically these two strats are the same thing.

The order you get your gp/10 items and/or boots is nonspecific. I like getting kage's first because of early harrass boost but if you need hp to survive focus get HoG. You like sustain get Philo. Enemy getting boots and your lane is pushing? Get boots. Just be smart.

I like to get RoA before I upgrade boots mainly to start filling the sucker up. If the upgraded boots are necessary for the particular game then I will upgrade boots first.

Banshee's if your getting targeted heavily. Same with Merc treads. But Blue elixer/ask for blue buff when you can. CDR isnt super important in this build as its more for late game surprise burst than sustained support (riot wanted active supports this build gives that if you're patient enough).

If you don't like RoA dont get it, especially if you cant get it by 25-28 mins. I like because the stats are useful and synergizes well with your snowball effect into late game as it fills up + gp/10 starts paying dividends.

The last three items are fairly situational. If they really arent tanky, but are punishing hard sell your kage and get randuins. Not a lot of MR? Get Zonya's instead of void. Other situations are out there but none come to mind atm, if you want to give situational recomendations please comment :).

With this build you hit tanks hard. You hit tanky dps hard. as a support that stays relatively out of the fight, these are good targets to hit hard :D
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Skill Sequence

Q for early harrass. 1 point in E for mobility at 5.

Level R always, it wins games. Learn to use it. -> with time know when to use this will come. I.E. dont just burn on first enemy whose 50% hp get 2-4 champs preferably when channeling / positioning skills are being used and you will win engage easy. Also use to proc lich. (awesome burst potential with DFG->AA/R->AA/Q->AA)
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This is not for everyone. Requires patience. Most games will not finish before 35 mins but if your early game is med-strong you WILL win the game, 100% of the time.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Teeders
Teeders Sona Guide
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Sona: Engage Hidden Dragon

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