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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spartanjet

Sona-every teams worst nightmare

Spartanjet Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Alright, so this is my first build. But this guide is to help you learn to be a strong aggressive and yet survivable Sona. Now I pick all cooldown reduction runes because you want to be constantly spamming your auras as fast as you can. But if you want magic penetration or AP thats up to you.

I chooseandso that I can stay in the lane at all times, and be able to help my team if they are in need in another not only for yourself but for your allies as well. You want to keep your partners pushing as long as possible, so give them some mana if they need it.


1.this will help to let you spam your spells early game and keep your laning partner full of mana. The reason I dont get a Meki pendant and some health pots is because at lvl 2 you will already haveso its not really that important to have Health pots. Also Sona's range is huge, so you shouldnt need to worry about getting beat up early as long as you play smart.

There is an exception to this item though, if your laning partner does not use mana I will chooseso that I can finish mymuch quicker and spam spells.

2.these are extemely important. Even if in the rare times you are out on your own, these are your number one tool for surviving. If your getting ganked popand just run.

3.You are a survivor. Get this item, I always hit full stacks. you may only get a kill every once in a while, but you will get a ton of assists.

4.This is a great item for your auras and to help you stay alive a little easier, giving you a good amount of health. Not to mention decreased cooldowns for your whole team.

5.Your gonna notice that if your spamming your auras correctly your gonna be running out of mana quick. You wont need this earlier usually unless your getting into team fights early. But this boosts your healing and damage for a little extra boost.

6.Another aura to give your team. Combined with your Valor aura, you will be giving your team 50 Ap. Thats huge!

7.A ton of Ap! Enough said. Plus added survivability at the end of the game when you start getting targeted, giving your team time to kill whoever is coming after their healer.

Now for some game play

Early game
Sona is amazing early game. She can push like crazy without getting touched. To start off the game getand cast it right away. Buy theand castagain. When you get to your lane engage withfirst and then attack to fire your passive. When I play sona, I am never standing can constantly be sweeping back and forth castingwhenever you swing close to an enemy champion or when you can last hit minions.has a long enough range that if an enemy is standing next to or directly behind a turret you can still harass them without even getting touched by the turret. Keeps this up and heal you and your teammates as much as you can. When you hit lvl 6 prepare to hold an enemy for your partners so they can get the easy kill. I try not useuntil an enemy is right about to get away, your ally is gonna die, or if I really need it to escape from a gank. If your doing everything correctly and harassing properly you can push nearly any character.

Mid Game
By this time you should have yourand possible yourwhen team fights are breaking out just stay back behind your allies and keep moving healing and shooting inas much as possible. All you need to do is heal everyone and get just enough damage in for the assist so you can get stack up your. During the team fights you want to be spamming your spells as much as possible,,,. Just keep spamming them so your allies can keep all of the buffs at all times and they will love you. Mid game is all about gaining stacks fast and getting enough money for yourso that you can have nearly limitless mana.

Late game
This is where Sona really shines. Sona turns the tides on big team fights. Stunning their entire team and healing your team is huge. You should be able to cast your spells every 4 seconds with all the cooldown that you will have by now. while your team is pushing or defending make sure you are always casting your spells. Keep your auras up on your team at all times hitting Q-W-E and repeat. You should have plenty of mana at this point so don't be stingy. If you need go ahead and use, but late game I usually just need to use it for my allies to keep them in the game longer.

Now this is my first build, so give me some feedback and I can update the build