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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperSpclAwe

Sona: Play ya some K-pop! (Noob and pro friendly :) )

SuperSpclAwe Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 3

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Defense: 3

Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 24

Sona, possibly the easiest champion to play, but is also one of the best (arguable between her and Janna for best) support champions in the game. As evidence by my first sentence, it's not hard to play Sona. This makes her a great champion for those new to the game and those who want to learn how to play support champions. Her amazing early game helps with this a lot. It also doesn't hurt that her auras can stack with auras of items for some major team support without even casting a spell!

So, let's get started, shall we?


Passive: Power Chord

Your passive is one of the more useful ones in League of Legends. After every third hymn (does not work with ultimate), your regular attack will deal more damage. If you use another hymn before the regular attack, it will go away. This has many uses, especially in the early game. You can use your chord to help you last hit or harass a champion. Harassing is the more useful option. When your Power Chord counter is on two, you may wish to run up in the bushes, use your Q, then hit with a regular attack. If you already have your Power Chord ready, you don't HAVE to use your Q.

Q; Hymn of Valor

And here is your fun little "I HATE LANING AGAINST SONA!" spell. When used, it gives off an aura that increases damage and ability power of you and all other champions. This spell can be used like and with Power Chord to harass Champions and get you creep kills. A good trick to this is to get two minions that are closest to you down to low HP at the same time, then use the spell. However, you don't always have to do this. This spell can put out a LOT of damage in team fights if you're safe. Don't be afraid to spam it!

W: Aria of Perseverance

"Oh, you want to kill my ally? Lolol, heal." This spell gives off an aura that increases armor and magic resist. Aria of Perseverance helps Sona and her partner have near endless laning time.

E: Song of Celerity

"Shen, why did you overextend like that? Fine, come on back." Song of Celerity is your running away/chasing spell. It gives off an aura that increases your and surrounds allies' movement speed. It also gives a double boost for a second. Don't underestimate the small boost in movement speed. A little boost, especially in the early game, can make the difference of a kill and an opponent getting away with 10 HP.

R: Crescendo

This is your ultimate spell and the reason why Sona is so feared in the mid and late game. When used, it stops the opponents from doing anything for a short period of time and damages them. This spell is crazy good. It can save your partner, can stop an opponent for a kill, stop a DPS champ from hurting your team. This attack is crazy. It's the only true skill shot Sona has, but it's very easy to land. You'll usually want to land it on more than one champion, don't rush to use it in a team fight if you'll only hit the tank.

Runes Explained

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration gives your spells that extra oomph for early game harassment. If you get Sorcerer's Shoes, you'll pretty much penetrate all of your opponent's magic resistance unless they are stacking magic resistance.

Greater Seal of Replenishment helps with your mana problems early game. If you're not using clarity, there is NO argument that you need these runes. Even if you do have clarity, you may need the extra oomph to keep you in lane until your first trip back.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power is there to give your spells some help. If you need to build a more survival-oriented Sona, then you'll need the ability power from these runes to give your spells some more power. Some would argue cooldown reduction is better, and in some cases it might. But that is the only replacement I could think of for these.

Greater Quintessence of Health is what all the cool kids are doing. And it also gives you some more survivability in the early game. You should never die early game as long as you have these quintessences.

Masteries Explained

Why not 9/0/21? You don't need to. You want all of the utilities I've marked from the Utility Tree. If you're not using clarity, then you may want to get Utility Master so that you can use the mana buff to the fullest potential. These masteries aren't set in stone though, 9/0/21 could work well. I just can't see the 15% spell penetration doing much in most situations.

Summoner's Spells

Many might consider this spell "FOR NUBS LOLOL." Well guess what, shut up. This spell will give you a LOT more lane time. This will help lane partners like Cho Gath or Rammus (Rammus lanes sometimes ;) ) harass and stay in lane longer. Your team is pushing mid, but your team caster and Ashe are oom? Pop a clarity. Taric is using his ultimate in a team fight, but it's about to run out? Pop a clarity. Clarity is a great support spell.

This spell is pretty obvious. Along with Song of Celerity, you'll get away from ganks almost always. Hell, you might even want to use it in the early and mid game to flash and then use your ultimate for a kill.

Other Options

Who knows, you may have a good lane partner and want to go for first blood. This spell might just give you the damage output you need. It's possible you don't need clarity if you're just farming and not having to waste your mana on healing.

Very useful support spell. Can help when there are a lot of MIAs. Might help your team when "Wait, are they at baron?" Though, it really isn't necessary if you're buying wards every now and then.

I can't see this being too helpful. But maybe one of your teammates needs help holding off a lane, or you just recalled and want to get back to your team before a team fight.

Items Explained

Since Sona can be built in more than one way, it's important for you to buy items for the situation. You'll pretty much always start out with a Meki Pendant and one of each potion. I do this so that if you take damage before level 2 (early fights happen occasionally), you won't have to recall. The mana potion is there to help you stay in lane longer. The only other way I see to go for Sona is a Doran's Ring and a mana pot. I'd only recommend this in the rare occasion you're laning against Eve. You may want to do this if you're using ignite for first blood, too.

Core Item Build

Archangel's Staff
A necessity for Sona. Will give her a huge mana pool and a lot of ability power. May be the only ability power item you need on her.

Soul Shroud
Is needed for the majority of matches. The health from Soul Shroud should prevent Sona from being murdered in most team fights. As long as you're not too close to the combat, this should give you a plenty of survivability. Also, getting this allows for you to be harassed a bit without having to recall.


Boots of Swiftness
These shoes will be what you depend on for most matches. It allows you to jump in for a Q or W, and then get out without worrying too much about being killed. These shoes are so useful for combat situations, especially team fights. You might also want that extra movement to make sure you get away from ganks.

Sorcerer's Shoes
These shoes are amazing with your magic penetration runes. If you got first blood and are doing good damage, you can become kind of an AP carry with these shoes. If your DPS champion on your team isn't getting any kills, you may need these shoes for the damage they'll add to your spells.

Mercury's Treads
These shoes are great against any team with a lot of CC. Hate Morgana and Taric? Buying these won't murder them violently, but they will help you get away from them! Now you don't have to look at their ugly faces for that long! (Mainly just Taric's ugly hair)

More Options

Shurelya's Reverie
This item will only be bought if you adapt it to a playstyle of yours. This item is great for chasing and escapes. Don't underestimate it just because the boost is only for two seconds. If you buy this item, buy it in place of Soul Shroud. You can still buy Soul Shroud later, but you don't want too many health items.

Will of the Ancients
I don't understand why no one uses this item. It's amazing. It gives your whole team a boost in ability power. Along with your Hymn of Valor's aura, your team will be dealing TONS of ability power damage. Even tanks like Rammus get help from it. His Ultimate will be given a lot more damage from that 30 ability power. I'd actually recommend this item for most team compositions unless you have 3 or less champions using ability power a lot. I think this item will be seen as vital support item when more people start using it.

Lich Bane
The boost in attack from this item stacks with your passive, which means your Power Chord can do a great amount of damage. The ability power and mana (and therefore more ability power with Archangel's Staff) are welcome, also.

Aegis of the Legion
Stacked with your Aria of Perseverance, this item can help your team survive a lot in team fights. You definitely want to buy this if your team is squishy and your team is dying quickly. It also gives you a lot of survivability. Getting this and Soul Shroud should almost always ensure your survival.

Void Staff
If your opponents are all stacking magic resistance, then this item will be very useful. Never get this if you already have Sorcerer's Shoes, though. It won't do much for the cost (Unless they're all getting like 200 magic resistance for some reason).

Zhonya's Ring
This item gives a gigantic boost in ability power. Your opponent is about to ult you? Just pop a Zhonya's. If you get it, try to remind yourself every now and then that you have it. It's easy to forget about item uses in team fights.

Abyssal Mask
If your team is getting magic resistance to help cope with a powerful AP champion, this item will help you still put out a lot of damage while keeping you safe. Combine this item will Will of Ancients and your whole team will be doing tons of AP damage!

Mejai's Soulstealer
It is doubtful you'll get this a lot, but with how easily Sona can get assists, the stacks might come faster than you think. Getting this cheap item might prevent you from having to buy anymore AP items in the game. Not recommended for beginners.

Haunting Guise
If you want Boots of Swiftness, but still want magic penetration, this is the item for you. Gives you some health, ability power, and magic penetration. Basically, it's a great, cheap item that gives you everything you need.

How to Play

Early Game

Grab your Meki Pendant and potions, then go ahead and charge up your power chord; after that, head to the bottom lane. ALWAYS duo lane, always. If you can, try to push up in the bushes by your opponent's tower. Most opponents won't be able to do anything to you (Kennen and Mundo laugh at this comment though). Just concentrate on minion kills. Since Sona is ranged, she will farm easily. Use the bushes to come out for a harass every now and then. It's so easy to harass with Sona, so there is no real reason why you shouldn't. If you're super noob, like level 10 (not a smurf account), then just concentrate on harassing the opponent with your Q and Power Chord.

If you and your lane partner are pushed up against your tower, then just farm. If you're really scared of your opponent, then just kill minions and don't get too close to the bushes.

-First trip back-

You'll want to go back when:

-No mana
-Clarity has more than 25 seconds left of recharge
-You used your mana potion


-You just got a kill

Whenever you go back, try to make it when you have enough for at least your Tear of Goddess. You need this item ASAP to ensure you have no more mana problems for the rest of the game (no doubt you won't with clarity). Try to go back when you have enough for Tear of Goddess and a Sight Ward. Sight Wards will save you a LOT of literal pain (okay, so maybe not literal since it's a computer... you get my point).

-Second Trip Back-

You should only be going back if nothing is happening in your lane and you have enough money for a Kindlegem and Boots of Speed. If there have been a lot of ganks, you may want to just go ahead and get Boots of Swiftness. If your opponents aren't harassing you at all, you may want to get a Blasting Wand before your Kindlegem.

Mid Game

In the best case scenario, you've pushed down your lane. So go to another one. If you haven't pushed down your lane, stay there. Sona can help get kills, but she's not a good ganker. If your opponents are 4v1 on mid, don't be afraid to move there and help out. Make sure to keep buying Sight Wards to help you and your team have lots of map awareness.

This is also the point where you decide what items you need to be building. If you feel like your Kindlegem is keeping you alive easily, then shoot for Archangel's Staff. If the enemy is being smart and harassing you a lot or targeting you, get your Soul Shroud first. If you haven't gotten your upgraded boots yet, do that before you get Archangel's Staff or Soul Shroud.

Late Game

Late game is all about team fights, so make sure you're buying what items you need to stay alive, but still participate in team fights. Many Sona's make the mistake of only building survivability items. This makes them pretty useless in a team fight except for their ultimate. If you're getting AP, even if you only end up with 200, you'll be helping your team a lot more than those survivors.

Good luck, and have some friggin fun!!!