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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fluxxy

Sona: Speaking with her Damage

Fluxxy Last updated on June 6, 2011
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This build was inspired by Chrispykreem. I really enjoy his build of Sona, but I adjusted it slightly to fit my needs. Sona is a support, there is no way around that. You can build her into a 100% carry, but you are taking away from your team. And players don't win games, teams do. But as a support I realized Sona has some gross burst pokes. So this is my guide. Yes I am aware there is nothing original here. And you can feel free to love or to hate my guide. +1 and -1 really do not affect me in my day to day life.

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My choices are simple and obvious.

Magic Penetration Marks , which make sense cause you are mainly magic based and if you want to do damage this is the way to do it.

Mp5/lvl Seals, Sona is amazingly good with her mana, but with these seals you can aura dance all day long in those team fights.

CD or CD/lvl Glyphs, more CD = more heals, more damage, more win.

I use 2 movement speed quints and 1 gold/10, But I really believe quints can be changed to fit play style. I like movement speed. Sona will be focused is almost all fights. Having any edge on the get away will help you to no end. And when you do die, getting back into the fight is huge. Now the gold/10 is where people are going to hate me. But think of it this way.... with the point you speced into gold/10 and the quint you will have an additional 360 gold by 30 minutes into the game. I know that is not a huge figure. But in a game that is very relient on you gold to buy items, it is a slight edge. Sona is not te best pusher, and her creep kills will be good, but not great. That gold is an amazing help.

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Standard 9-0-21. I put a Point in Flash cause.... it is flash! And I use Clairvoyance so I take a point there. Like Quints I believe masteries can be adjusted to fit play style.

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I know the first question on everyones mind here. Where is Mejai's I support anyone grabbing an early Mejai's. I just find I do alot more heroic things and get more kill and save more teammates when I am not concerned with my stacks on my Mejai's. It is completely psychological for me. Mejai's offers ALOT of benefit for Sona. She will have a **** ton of assist by end game. (not to mention the kills you will earn too).

But my build Is about rushing that tear of the goddess. It is game changing once you get it. You mp5/lvl is ramping up at this point, you get more mp5 from the tear, and you start stacking mana every 6 seconds. With the rate that Sona casts you will be gaining mana like crazy.

Boots: The most situational of all items in the game imo. You get them early and you can use them to counter other team, or counter lane. I love mercury's, They have amazing Tenacity and magic resist. It helps Sona get a little defensive early. But Sorc shoes and Ionion boots of lucidity are great choices. If the opponents are stacking magic resist grab some sorc shoes to help chew through it. And boots of lucidity are great too... but with my item build you will end up 10% over the CD cap (or more at 18 if you take the cd/lvl glyphs)

I get alot of people asking me. Why lich bane? It seems like random itemization for a support. But you get a lot of benefit out of lich bane. Movement speed! magic resist for some survivability. AP and best of all the passive. It is hard to think of Sona as a melee character. But her melee burst can make of break some team fights. Add the passive ontop of Powerchord and you will take a notable chunk out of their health.

The rest of the Items should speak for themselves. If you can get past Lich bane. Most games I have played lately have been won shortly after buying lich bane. But with the longer games survivability becomes paramount. You cannot heal and haste your team if you are dead.

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Summoner Spells.

Honestly take what ever fits you. You probably should refrain from the heal and clarity. You will kind have those bases covered. I love Clairvoyance. And it is also nice for the support character to take it. It give you map control early on. And gets the enemy out of the brush lol.

if you can use flash.... DO IT! it is such an amazing tool. It gets you those last hit kills and can save your life when bad things happen.

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Playing Sona

Easiest champion to play in my opinion. It is just aura dancing, and does not require to select a single target. It allows you to focus on your positioning. You can cast while running or heal while fighting without having to adjust your attention at all. But the key to Sona that many overlook imo is her power chord. After casting 3 auras/spells you get a powerchord which makes her physical attack do additional damage along with an added effect. Hymn makes it do double damage. Aria make the target do less damage for a time. and Song slows the target. Learning how to use all 3 power chords is what seperates amazing Sona's from Good ones.

Crescendo = win! A well timed well placed crescendo will win just about any team fight. Unlike many characters Sona has an amazing Ulty. Do not be afraid to ult with her. It is a GREAT way to take out a champion early, to stop a gank, to cancel out other enemy characters ults (ie. Nunu, Katarina, Warwick or Malzahar).