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League of Legends Build Guide Author meswinz

Sona - Tournament Style Support Build

meswinz Last updated on September 22, 2010
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BE WARNED: This is my first guide, take it easy.

This build is a tournament-style support build designed for babysitting and team supporting with Sona.
HOWEVER, this build is not an end-all way to play the champion, nor am I claiming it is the 'best' way to play it. This is simply how I play Sona and what I have had the most success with in the short time she has been out.

This build focuses on auras and AP healing, with a decent amount of damage to assist in team fights, sprinkling in a tiny bit of survivability and a LOT of utility to keep your team fighting until the other team surrenders or has been defeated. It is designed, in essence, to 'carry' a team by flying through the battlefield buffing and supporting to allow your team to overwhelm the enemy for a swift victory.

A prime focus in this build is early game, for the early game we got mana regen and AP runes, with flat health runes for survivability. The object of the early game is to harass the other members of your lane into the ground. You want them to fear coming near the creeps while staying out of danger yourself. With mana regen and superior AP you are able to spam your Q while autoattacking the champions to ensure they will not come near your creeps, denying them valuable XP and gold while your lanemate lives a long and happy farming life.

It is important to note that for maximum harass, brush control is a must. If you're able to get to the brush before them, you'll most likely be able to keep it as long as you are in lane. From the brush you can pop out, Q, autoattack once and go back into the brush before the creeps or enemy champions have a chance to retaliate. Early game that health is precious and they WILL stay back from the creeps or die. This is an excellent way to 'zone' the enemy. Zoning is keeping the enemy champion away from the XP range of creep on creep kills, completely denying them.

One mistake I see a lot of people do in pubs is autoattacking creeps. There are some advantages to this if you're a heavy push lane and looking to take a tower extremely early. However, with this build this is NOT what you are looking to do. What you want to score are last hits without pushing the lane. To do this, simply let your creeps do the work while you take the last hit, and the gold. This allows the creeps to remain in one spot for much longer while you still get the equal amount of farm as you would if you were auto attacking. The benefits of this are the enemy can be zoned if you do your job as a Sona, they will be back at their tower while your lane mate is farming their creeps without pushing the lane. If done correctly, they will be drained of XP and gold so far behind that it is definitely possible to gain 3 levels on your enemies before laning phase is over.

In team fights, your role as Sona is pure support. You boost your team with auras, using your E to chase or run for better position and spamming your W and Q to keep your enemies low and your team in good health. Your ult is used when the enemy team has been bottlenecked from either chasing or running, or used as a survivability tool to keep you alive. You should note, you are EXTREMELY squishy, and you will die if you are focused. You have to use your speed to your advantage. Sona is amazing at escapes and she is more than capable of ranging the enemy team while still supporting her own. The key here is to ensure that the enemy team can not reach you while your team destroys them. If they go on someone on your team, your support + your teammates should take the advantage. If they go for you, your speed + your teammates will decimate them. This is key to a successful Sona, and how in a way she can 'carry' her team to victory.


Alright, on to the item build.

First off, you will want to start with a Doran's Ring and a health potion.
Doran's Ring is a very good and cheap item to begin with and it allows you to stay in lane longer, harass harder, survive more easily and not have to worry about mana.
Doran's Ring + Mana regen runes + Clarity = you will never run out of mana and can harass endlessly early game, which is how Sona dominates a lane and allows her partner to farm.

I've seen a few Sonas' use Mana Manipulator as a starting item. All I can say to this is "no, no, no!" Not only is it a useless item with this setup, but it doesn't build into ANYTHING in this build besides Soul Shroud, which is an item that will come in so late in the game its not even worth buying Mana Manipulator. Doran's Ring does everything Mana Manipulator will do for you, and better.

The next item you will build is your boots1. These are essential early game because them coupled with your E make you hella fast, and if you need to escape ghost tops it off.

IF YOU ARE DOING EXTREMELY WELL, Aegis of the Legion will come next. By doing extremely well I mean getting mad assists from farming your lane or somehow getting last hits. If you are not doing well, Boots of Swiftness will be your choice before Aegis. Boots of Swiftness are Fantastic on Sona and allow her to do her job that much more effectively. It allows her to scout, bait, and dart around team fights supporting her team and weakening the enemy.

The next item you will be getting is the new item, Shurelya's Revelrie. I cannot explain how awesome this item is for Sona. It makes her support amazing in chasing, ganking, escaping, even just getting better position. This allows her to make up for any mistakes the player may have made in positioning and helps patch up any mistakes her team has made. This item is a MUST in any Sona build in my opinion.

The next items are mostly preference. I tend to go for AP items to give me a little bang in my heals and damage. Generally I would take Rylai's over Zhonyas because the survivability coupled with the slow is amazing for what Sona does, being supporting her team.

Most of the time, you will not make it this far, due to the fact that games normally won't last that long if you and your team are doing your job properly. There is also the fact that you are the ward ***** of the game. You buy wards constantly and place them everywhere for superior map control. Buying wards also means you are a counterwarder, so its your job to destroy the enemy wards with your own vision wards.

In most cases, Soul Shroud is NOT recommended. Yes the CDR is nice, and even the mp5 is nice, HOWEVER I don't find it practical on Sona except as an extremely late game luxury item. Your auras + Aegis does amazing for the team, and other items serve Sona much better than Soul Shroud.


Ghost, Clarity. 'Nuff said.

There's not a whole lot I can say in this section. This is what I use, and what I have found to be the best. A lot of people say "noob why not go clairvoyance??" And I'll tell you. If you play Sona correctly you won't need Clairvoyance, between runes and general map awareness you will not be caught in a spot where you will find a use for Clairvoyance. You can try it, but I'm almost positive with my build if you are constantly buying wards like you should be that Clairvoyance will get dusty in your summoner's spell book. Ghost is phenomenal for chasing and escaping, and moving around team fights. Ghost, Boots of Swiftness, and your E skill allow you to move basically anywhere on the map quickly and efficiently. In a sense you're like a giant stringpiano ambulance.