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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeonGrayKnight

Soraka ~ A Walking Contradiction

NeonGrayKnight Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Foreword: After creating my last Soraka build Soraka the AP Healer I realized I was having trouble getting the gold necessary to buy the items in that list. This build is a result of that realization.

~~ Key ~~
Clair - Use the Clairvoyance Spell
Sheen/Lich - Auto Attacking while under the Sheen/Lich Bane buff
Big One - The larger version of the lane minions that other come every third wave
Golem/Lizard - the larger jungle minions that imbue a buff when killed.


Soraka's Passive. It raises her and all nearby allies MR by 16 making them very resistant to caster's early game. A decent passive, not the greatest but not too bad either, not much else to say about it.

Soraka's Farming Skill. It lowers the MR of every target by 8. that may not sound like much but it stacks up to 20 times for a maximum reduction of 160 MR! Personally I'd prefer it to stack only 8 times with a 15 MR reduction but now I'm just ranting. Either way this is your go to move to eliminate minion waves, Starcalling the little minions whilst smacking the big one with sheen's proc and infusing them you can knock out a whole wave in under 15 seconds at low levels and in 2-3 casts of Starcall at higher levels. Cast it often in team fights to help your casters take out the baddies.

~Astral Blessing~
Soraka's Main Heal. This skill is what singlehandedly makes Soraka worthwhile. Endgame you should be healing for around 725 and raising their armor by 35 causing them to take less damage.

Soraka's "E" skill. Infuse is one of my favorite skills in LoL. Giving Soraka and her teammates essentially unlimited mana, harassing, decent damage AND a silence all rolled up in one nice and neat package. Cast it wisely and often.

Soraka's Ultimate. Wish heals every ally one the map regardless of relation to Soraka for 200/320/440 health with 0 AP. End game it should be healing for around 950 HP which is a rather massive heal. Thanks to the rather severe nerfs to Wish you need to be very wise when casting it to get maximum effect from it.

P.S. I cannot help myself...Before the nerf and with this build Wish would have healed for 1400HP. FOURTEEN HUNDRED!!! I can never forgive Riot for what they have done...

As I said in my Soraka the AP Healer build, what spells you take are really personal preference. I like to take Smite and Clairvoyance for Gold Income and Map Awareness. In my honest opinion, Clairvoyance is the most underestimated Summoner spell, it doesn't give you speed, damage, healing, mobility or mana nor does it slow, attack or protect. So what makes it useful? Because it gives you the most dangerous weapon of all: Knowledge. Know where your enemies are and where are they hiding and you stop the gank outright. Using it on bushes where you KNOW the enemy is, allows you to target them, giving you the advantage. Using it ahead of a fleeing enemy let's you see where they turn along with allowing your allies to target them in bushes.

Smite I take for Gold Income and Lane Control. Pure and Simple. Smite recharges just in time to kill the Big Ones when they come around. Starcall, Infuse and then Smite the Big One and you have not only killed him in around 3 seconds, but usually without him firing a shot. Not only does this give your minions a great numbers advantage it also nets you 40 gold in a very short amount of time. Smite also helps when farming Golem, Lizard, Dragon and Baron for their buffs, along with being able to quickly down Heimer, Mort, Annie and Malzahar's "Pets" as Smite's description calls them.

But again this is just my personal preference, I've taken Teleport, Ignite, Clarity, Cleanse and Exhaust and have had success with each.

I go 9/0/21 With the CD Reduction from Runes and Masteries I can start the game with 18% CD reduction, Getting Golem and then Frozen Shield allows you to have maximum CD Reduction for the majority of the game, and the 15% Magic Pen allows your Starcall and Infuse to hit just a smidge harder. In Utility Meditation and Greed allow me to be a more efficient healer allowing me to cast more infuses on teammates while still being able to cast Astral Blessing.

~~Item Order~~
Start with a Amplifying Tome and head to your lane. Hold out until you get 1300 gold before porting back. Then complete your Sheen and get Boots of Speed. I can hear you saying "WHAT NEON?!?!? SHEEN ON A HEALER? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!?!?!?!" Hear me out now... once you get Starcall your Sheen will be up almost constantly meaning that you are reliably doing 180% of your Attack Damage. It may not be much, but it helps not only last hitting minions but to ward off enemy champs who may be trying to finish off your lane buddy. Hit you buddy with a heal, Sheen the weaker chaser, Infuse the chaser and Sheen him again. I guarantee you they'll be so surprised at the amount of damage you popped off in that short a time they'll turn back.
Next build your Tear of the Goddess, you should be able to get both a Blasting Rod and the Tear if your lane has done well. If not, finish your Boots of Swiftness after your tear so you can move in and out of the firing line to help your lane buddy and silence guys with your Infuse. Now finish your Archangel's Staff. If you are casting Heals, Infuses and Starcalls like you should be, you should have around 120 AP from Archangel's passive and Sheen. Now construct your Lich Bane, you can get Zhonya's first if you so choose but after your get Lich you'll be hitting for a little less then 300 damage on almost every auto attack. No you're no Teemo but 300 damage right after a 400 damage Infuse stings a HELL of a lot on squishies LIKE Teemo. If the game continues on much longer, get a Zhonya's Ring and then a Frozen Shield. The 99 Armor combined with the 20 Attack Speed reduction will make Melee carries hit you a good bit softer allowing you time to heal and your allies to knock them down. And the Mana will play off of Archangel's which in turn will play off of Zhonya's giving you just a smidge more AP. Finally if the game STILL will not end get a Rylai's Frozen Scepter the extra HP will let you be a good bit tougher, the Slow will allow you keep enemies under a constant slow thanks to Starcall and Infuse and the 80 AP just adds to your already substantial AP pool.


~Early Game~
Once you get to your turret Clair the bushes near the opposite turret and move forward accordingly. You are playing a passive game at this point, Infuse and Heal yourself and your teammate, and last hit minions. Once you get a few points in Infuse you can start harassing your opponents with your silence and letting your partner get a few good hits in. Cast Starcall as often as you can while leaving mana for a emergency Blessing. Remember while a single Starcall may not look like much, it is hitting all six(or seven) minions and maybe even a Champion. Once you hit level 6 make sure you click over to the other lanes occasionally, checking to see if any of your teammates need a quick heal. Not only can Wish stop a enemy kill, it can also lead to a kill for your team, which in turn leads to a assist for you and much needed gold. On MIAs remember to Clair the ravine looking for them, if your team knows where the ganker is going to be, they can quickly pull a gank of their own.

~Mid Game~
By now you should have your Sheen, Boots of Swiftness and your Archangel's Staff. Go take out Golem for the buff. Time your casts in-between your auto attacks so as to have every attack buffed by your Sheen. It may take you a good 20-30 seconds the first time you kill the Golem but just heal through the damage and you will be fine. Now the most effective way to go at this point is to simply know when to attack your enemies and when to help your allies, if the enemy has a caster, shut him up with Infuse, Sheen him and then pull back, letting you allies have a whack at him, remember you don't need as much gold as they do. so let them have the kills, and be happy with assists. Sacrifice is the name of the game here, If you play smart, assist them with farming Lizard, Golem and Champ kills they WILL become loyal to you and in turn protect you when you are being harassed. Also remember while I have tried to make this build have a substantial offensive side, you are still a support character. You should ALWAYS have a partner nearby unless your getting Golem or moving towards one of your partners.

~Late Game~
By now you should have Lich Bane, Zhonya's and maybe Frozen Shield. Your auto attacks and infuse should both hitting up near the 500 range. And you should be healing for upwards of 700 with Astral Blessing and 1000 with Wish. At this point, you shouldn't have a need to ever Infuse yourself. With the massive amount of Mana from Archangel's and maybe Frozen shield along with your great regen you should be able to cast non-stop for a long time before starting feel the effects of your mana drain. Just keep healing, infusing , starcalling and pushing lanes until you reach victory!


~ Use Wish right before a enemy is slain for a free assist. The more gold comes in, the more heals come out.

~ While Starcall can hit a unlimited number of targets, it has a relatively small effective range. make sure you get in range of as many minions and/or champs as you can.

~ Healing a ally with Astral Blessing gives them a good amount of bonus armor, cast Blessing on them before they engage enemies to lengthen the amount of time before they will need another heal.

~ Always top off a ally's Mana Bar with Infuse in-between conflict. Remember a single level 5 Infuse on Kayle can then turn into a Ult, Righteous Fury AND a heal of her own!

~ Wish is more effective the more allies you have that are hurt, always cast Astral Blessing when only a single ally needs a heal before resorting to Wish.