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Soraka Build Guide by ThundraBolt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThundraBolt

Soraka(Extensive Guide on The games best healer)

ThundraBolt Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well to be honest the reason I have decided to make this guide is from the bad name people who cannot play Soraka give her and the constant
"Don't play soraka"
Me - "why"
"Because she sucks"
Me - *sigh* "You just havn't seen anyone play her the right way"

I may be a little condensending on anyone that plays her differently but honestly when someone buys two philo stones and gets an absolutely dreadfully low amount of ap items, assuring me it's a good build. Then during the team fight cant keep anyone alive with those little 300 heals she has throwing around. I just know they are not a good soraka if at level 5 they already have a point in starcall -.-

Well putting all that behind us. This is a new era for sorakas' where others will see your picture in the loading screen, and pee alil.

p.s. i apologize for the lack of pictures i'm new to creating guides (but not new to soraka) and will probably add them in, in the future.

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So all the runes, save seals, are AP, simply to tie down as much AP possible for the late game. Soraka is a snowball champion. So the longer the game goes on the stronger she becomes, AP runes will just ensure she is that much of a stronger healer.

Seal of clarity : These give a good amount of mana regen per 5 and a very small amount of AP. Sure you could just pack in more AP but with out mana to fuel your heals, your just another 300gold for anyone that wants to target you. And besides, with this extra mana regen towards late game, you won't have to use your infuse on your self, and can instead give anivia a constant flow of mana and dominate team fights.

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This is a pretty obvious choice for soraka. Which is why i do not get it when people dont choose these. most people don't even max out both sorcery and intelligence which is the best part of this mastery build. I'm sure that with what ever build soraka could use that she will hit the 40% cdr cap. But she wont dont that early game. With both of these maxed out, she STARTS the game out with nearly 10% cdr.

Also some people might not put greed in there or might take swiftness away and max out expanded mind. The truth is that those two are too important to get rid of. greed will account for around 800gold by level 18 and that could be a blasting rod, which is another 39 points to your heal, or could be just enough to buy that rabadons cap and get it's nice unique of 30% more ap. Swiftness is a must on soraka, since she has a low base movement speed, she will need the extra speed to run away from enemy champions and keep up with her friendly one's. And let's face it, expanded mind on soraka isn't all that good. 5% isn't that much early game, since the majority of your mana will come from your infuse. During late game, her mana regen will be enough most of the time, any other times infuse will be more than enough to keep soraka going.

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Early game Items / Skill Sequence / Laning Attitude

This is where my frustration peeks, when other soraka's simply make me wish i had chosen her first.
you will want to get that quick 20 ap first, for some extra potency for your heals which are very weak early game, and that mana pot for the "mana drought" that soraka will experience some where between levels 1-7. She gets the man hungery time from the skill sequence or from a overly-cocky lane partner. Either their lane partner gets hit so much during level 1, with out her infuse, you will need the pot to keep your idiot partner alive. Now if you started off with a semi-sensible lane partner that is getting harassed normally, by , lets say caitlyn's piltover peacemaker, then you will be healing constantly and be keeping up consistenly, with your infuse. IT"S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT USE YOUR INFUSE ON YOUR LANE PARTNER DURING THE VERY EARLY GAME UNLESS THEN NEED IT TO FINISH OFF AN ENEMY, if you do this you won't have enough mana to save your partner's sorry but when they overextend and get focused.
Health > Mana. Even with doing this around level 7 your will be very low on mana and unable to constantly heal your partner. You see, during the beginning of the game your heal's mana cost is kept up by your infuse, each time you level up heal, makes it cost more mana, but the next level you level up your infuse to compensate, However when you hit level 6 you will get your ult, which then leaves your infuse a level behind, then when you hit level 7 you can then level up your heal becuse at level 6 you didn't choose health two times in a row. so your infuse is two levels behind your heal's mana cost. you could, choose to , at level 7 select infuse, but then your heal wll be a level behind caitlyn's piltover peace maker, and she will be dealing more damage then you can heal and your lane partner will be running at her only to get hit by alistar and expect you to make him/her invicible with all your heals, because they don't realize that your heals have a cool down and that you should be able to compensate for their stupidity. so instead of letting your team mate die and suffer for his own mistake, your ganna be the bigger person and make up for it, because soraka IS that good. you use your mana pot, level up heal at level 7 and vwala, your shaco now has enough health to get away and caitlyn is sitting there taking damage from his poison while shaco runs home to get healed up my mama soraka.

Some people think that you should put a point in starcall in there for last hits or a couple pots to add some damage to the damage pool thats ganna be dished out by your team. I think that anyone who does this is mentally disabled, and cannot help but choose builds that will ultimately make your team fail. For one your a support, not a dps, leave the last hits for tryndamere or malzahar, 35 gp is better used by a carry than a dps, the majority of your gold will come from assists and kage's pick. One might think that if you have the money you can better heal and there fore your carry can get more kills. well the truth is that with lotsa last hits, your carry can buy an item like nashor's tooth, leting him do more damage, you could buy an item like morello's evil tome, in a team fight, you could heal you carry and let the fight go on longer, letting you enemy team have more time to run away or regroup, or your carry could have the extra damage, kill your enemies faster, take less damage because their running more than attacking, you DONT HAVE to heal as much and your carry is now stronger than ever with those kills, all because you took the sacrifice of last hits, and no one even know...yep the life of a soraka is lonely and unoticed, but you know that the nub xin zhao on his brothers account wouldn't of gotten those many kills with out your heals, despite all his gloating about him self, the next game he plays with out you he will think they all must be hackers.

Now for everyone that thinks that starcall is ganna help your team. Lets be real for a second. it does 180 damage, maxed out, your carry xin zhao does 180 two times a second with his auto attack and attack speed. you could run up into the team fight to get enemies in range of your starcall, hit them for 180 ,run, then get focsued and killed because you extended to far and xin zhao didn't get his heal he was counting on and died because you were too focused on not getting stunned by Udyr becasue hitting him with 180 was soooo important. now your carry is dead, your dead and the rest of your team gets picked off all beacause getting star call in there was THAT important...enough said.

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Mid - Late game Items

Rabadon's cap and Morello's evil tome will provide huge amounts of ap and cdr. these might seem expensive but if your following this guide, you should have enough assists to complete this build or a surrender at 20 minutes. spirit's visage, will make up for the extreme squishyness late game, if it lasts this long. by now they will notice you only have 2000 health and with you dead your team will fail. With spirit's visage, you'll become a mini tank for a while, adding a 15% self health bonus, you can heal your self for 800 + 15% = 920 + 400 (heal summoner spell)+15% = 1380 + 1200 (ult) +15% = 2760 + 2000 (your health) 4760 damage you can take while your carries finish people off. (ONLY IF YOUR GETTING FOCUSED ALREADY SHOULD YOU EVEN THINK OF TANKING ANY DAMAGE WHAT SO EVER) please don't be another idiot soraka who is ganna stack mana regen, no get any ap and barely heal for anything...your can do so much better than that.

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Summoner Spells

This is also where I do a "Nub check" when seeing other sorakas. When they pick flash or clarity, I look away in dispare. Sure a escape mechanism is good but their are so much better things you could use. If your playing right , not extending and not being a deusch bag to you team, they should be there to protect you and you wont need to flash away. Instead you should use clairvoyance to really fill in that support roll your doing. keep the map awareness up and you will save your team's life in more ways than heals.
Don't pick clarity, infuse will more than make up for that if your worried about you lane partner, dont be. If malz or cait need mana, you could throw some infuses their way if u have mana to spend, but their mana is their problem your ganna keep them alive not hold their hand and play for them. you do your job, they do theirs.

Heal : the absolute best summoner spell for soraka. I honestly dont know why i dont see this more, its has a variety of uses on soraka. 1. it'll add a good 200 heal on your lane partner early game if they are stupid enough to face check a bush (this shouldn't happen if you use clarity on the bush, but it might happen if you overestimate your partner and use clarity on the other lane's bushes trying to provide some help across the map). Not only will it heal your team mates for an extra 200, but it'll heal you for 400 if you get focused. It's the main reason why i encourage the other team to "come at me" and watch in humor as they attempt furiously to kill me faster than i can heal my self. Don't be afraid to use this, even on your lane partner. any hesitation could be the difference between life and death. For all those worried about the heal negate that comes after using the spell, it only affects the caster, not all those healed by it. Remember to use this AFTER your ult, it has a longer cd, and you want to safe heal for when you get focused, since it heals you for more than it heals your partner.

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Soraka Skillz

These are two skills that really good Soraka players use and you absolutely must learn if you want to be able to completely demoralize the enemy team into thinking that anything they throw at your team you can negate.

1. Use the hot keys. F1-F5 can be used for quicker and more precise heals and imbue. F1 heals your self and subsequently F2 heals whose ever portrait is below yours and so on. The hardest part is it changes every game so learn your lane partners first then in your heart memorize the mid and the tank. they will be who you will be healing the most, as the game goes by be sure to learn all 5 portraits so you might see their health bar, see the champion and click the key with out looking at the order of portrait.

2. Health Live feed: when you click on a portrait of your team mate your get an insta-feed on their health. (this is important because the portraits can lag a good amount. So you can get a live feed of the mid's health when you hit level 6 and either keep your enemy from getting a kill or turn a fight a round and get an assist from across the map. Note: if your lane partner is about to die, don't save your ult for the mid lane, its just as good to save your lane partner as its is to save who ever is mid.

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Other heals and why Soraka's is the best for what we are building

**This chapter is taken from the mobafire build _Soraka broken heal (under construction)_ I believe that they explain this excellently and this is an important point to be made.**

Different heals and why Soraka has the best one for what we're building

Astrial Blessing (Soraka) : Restores 60/120/180/240/300 (+90% of ability power) health and grants 20/35/50/65/80 bonus armor for 4 seconds.
Cooldown 10 seconds | Cost 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 / 170 mana | Range 650

primal surge (nidalee): Heals an ally champion for 60/90/120/150/180 (+125% of ability power) and grants them a 20/30/40/50/60% attack speed for 7 seconds.
Cooldown 10 seconds | Cost 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 mana | Range 600

triumphant Roar (alistar): Instantly restore 60/90/120/150/180 (+40% of ability power) health to himself and half of that value to surrounding allied units. Cooldown ticks down by 2 seconds each time a nearby enemy unit dies.
Cooldown 12 seconds | Cost 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 mana | Range 200

heavenly wave (karma) : Karma sends forth hidden blades from her fans, dealing (70/110/150/190/230/270) (+(0.6 per ability power point)) magic damage to units in a cone in front of her.
Mantra Bonus: In addition to dealing damage to enemies, Heavenly Wave will also heal allies in the cone for (35/55/75/95/115/135) plus 5% (+(0.2 per ability power point)%) of their missing Health.
Cooldown 6 seconds | Cost 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 mana | Range 500

Monsoon (janna) : Janna knocks surrounding enemies back and channels healing winds, restoring 90/130/170 (+0.175) health to nearby allies each second for 4 seconds.
Cooldown 120 seconds | Cost 200 / 275 / 350 mana | Range 828.5

aria of preservance (sona) : Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Aria of Perseverance, increasing nearby allied champions Armor and Magic Resist by (8/11/14/17/20).

Activation: Sona sends out healing melodies, healing Sona and the most wounded nearby allied champion by (35/70/105/140/175) (+(0.35 per ability power point))
Cooldown 7 seconds | Cost 75 mana | Range 1000

imbue (taric) : Taric brings forth earthen energy to heal a nearby ally and himself for 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+90% of ability power). If Taric heals only himself, the heal will be 40% more effective. Melee attacks on enemies decrease this spell's cooldown by 2 seconds per hit.
Cooldown 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 16 seconds | Cost 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 mana | Range 625

divine blessing (kayle) : Blesses an allied champion, healing them for (65/100/135/170/205) (+(0.5 per ability power point)) health and increasing their movement speed by (12)% for 10 seconds.
Cooldown 10 seconds | Cost 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 mana | Range 1000

The above list is a mention of the heals in the game. While Nidalee's heal has the highest AP ratio around, and gives a teammate a temporary boost in attack speed, it's aimed to help teammates kill other enemies, not survive. Soraka's heal gives bonus armor, which is extremely helpful for tower diving. Nidalee's is useful for pushing or killing targets faster. It's really up to you to decide which heal is better, but this Soraka guide is aimed to maximize AP to keep your teammates alive and create some sense of hysteria on the other team when they realize they can't kill your teammates.
Sona's heal may give them HP back and have a lower CD and give them armor and magic resist, but Soraka gives a higher amount and gives them more armor. Sorry, at rank 5 Sona's aura gives 4 more magic resist than Soraka's passive.
Kayle's heal gives movement speed, which is helpful too, but for someone who's already slowed, it may not help that much at all. Also, her AP ratio is considerably lower than Soraka's.
Taric has a similar heal in stats, and can pump them out faster if he's actually attacking minions, but his doesn't give any buff bonus.
Karma can't heal at a cyclic rate like the rest of them. She actually has to wait for a Mantra charge. This kind of puts her out of the healer race.
The CD on Janna's ult is just too high to be of a constant use.
Alistar's heal is halved for everyone within the tiny 200 range. It's rather ineffective for saving teammates from impending doom if the enemy team jumps on them.

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Play style

Soraka's play style isn't too different from other support champions besides the fact she is solely healer and not a damager and very squishy. You need to know that if your playing in a high elo your ganna be a target of shut down very frequently and need to play defensively. the order of going into a team fight should be 1.tank 2.melee dps tank 4.range dps 5. Soraka You need to stay behind everyone and make getting to use not worth the damage they will take. Your very subseptable to getting shut down due to mejai's and you need to be aware of this. You #1 priority should be to keep the team alive but if you know they all ganna die despite you heals, run, its better to save stacks on your mejai's (unless your carry has meja's or other stacks as well, like leblanc, then its better to sacrifice your self {if you can} to safe her.) Your main job in a team fight is keep your carry and whole team alive, while your team deals damage to the other team your team is getting healed up so by 2 minutes of fighting you team is all healed up and the enemy needs to go back and heal. At that time, you help push tower. It's very important to note that even though you can do a little damage you should NOT attakck a tower. If the other team has a invis like twitch or evelyn, or they all come to coutner attack you will be targeted first by their cc's and you will not have your team to hide behind, you dont do too much damage with you Auto attk anyway, its better to save your stacks than do 50 more damage to a tower.

INFUSE! This can be a mighty spell in the hands of the right person. Knowing how to silence and balance the mana consumption of your heals. certain people can be silenced at key points then be dominated upon by your team. Like tryndamere. Some people don't know just how powerful you are against this fool. When he uses his ult, just before the ult wares off your silence him. For the duration of the silence he cannot self heal or get away with his spin. Even an auto attack from you will kill him. Others include teemo, to keep him from sprinting away, or nidalee from jumping away, especially heros with flash or flash like abilities, (kassadin). You could completely destroy somone's ultimate yb destroying the cahnnel, like nunu or ezreal. These are all people who you want to save a silence for.

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Karthus - "Muhahaha *ult* Soraka - "Nope" *ult* Karthus - *Q

This is the absolutely MOST fun person to play against as Soraka. Your Ult completely decimates his. The only down side is you NEED to save your ultimate for when he uses his. so no more saving mid, because as soon as you use your ult to just barely let ashe get away, karthus will use his. Always save your ultimate for when you see that little purple stream of light above your head. Now, you can't ult when you die. and usually you will use your ultimate to save your life, but one might be hesitant to do so if your saving it for karthus. Because you cannot use your ult when dead, you should go ahead and use it anyway. it might save a freind from karthus later on or it might save you just enough, just be aware that when your ult has the same cd as karthus's so when your ult is up , so is his and you know what to expect. hopefully by the end karthus will be raging and you will be laughing.

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Pretty much know your squishy, your a healer not a damager, and you can be extremely valuable to your team. However despite what riot has said soraka is not easy to play if you play her right, shes pretty hard and requires a lot of skill and discernment. But im sure if you follow this guide closely and use your common sense you team will sending you tons of friend invs by the end of the match.