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League of Legends Build Guide Author eXXidus

Soraka full Support

eXXidus Last updated on February 24, 2011
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First of all i just like to say: Soraka is amazing, she is favourite of all champs and will always be. If ur searching for a support champion (and really SUPPORT ONLY) then ur right here!

Soraka is the most fail champion if u got no team, which u can support ... so prepare for a loose in low elo / normal games if u pick her without a team

But im on 1550 elo now and won up to now with soraka every game i made since the new patch (+80 def buf on heal)

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I made lost of games with her trying out many different ways of my Runebuilds and there are only 2 that are worth being on a SORAKA!

Marks: Magic Penetration - Reds are kinda useless on her, but still Magic Pen is the most viable Rune for her on Marks. Its kinda nice that ur silence makes a bit more dmg and in l8 game u penetrate the enemies magic res with ur starfall even more

Seals: FLat Defense! Why def? Because ur a Support - ur wether supposed to kill nor supposed to run out of mana (because of ur mana refresh) so its the best to go for tankyness

Glyph: Cooldown Reduction 4tw! With cdr runes and ur items u reach very fast ur max cd and can heal and silence almost everytime

Quints: And there we go ... as Soraka u should play as a babysitter, which means first of all ur never alone! And as a babysitter u DONT last hit - Most of my games i got about 10 creep kills or some more when the game last longer and i get some last hits in the end with my starfall. So there are 2 Quints that are good for u 1) Gold / sec - that u dont lack out of money because u shouldnt get Minionkills as long as a carry is with u on ur lane 2) Experience that u can fast lvl up even with babysitting someone all the time

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And to come to ur masteries.

In my opinion there is only 1 good way (for a pure support soraka) to make ur masteries and this is 0-21-9

The dmg reduction / def / mr / dodge / health is 100% what ur soraka is in need of give it to her :)

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Skill Sequence

I made 2 Different skill-sequences depending on ur enemies. Because of i made the Guide for Support Soraka only i didnt make a 3rd one for - Soraka Solo lane - Because i think this is just a waste of n1 support (even if some High elo player do it - or play sora as a ad carry ... i just hate to pick her out of her support role)

first: prio infuse - heal - ulti - starfall

Infuse in prio over heal? why u ask? this is very much depending on a) ur lanepartner b) the enemies team.

If u got a lane partner which is in very hard need of mana u can think about infuse over heal.
Or if the enemies cast very much u can do it also.

Starfall is not needed in the begin so i always start it at lvl 12 (here will start the most full teamfights where ur -mr can help very much)

second: heal - infuse - ulti - starfall

if the enemies got u under pressure by harassing very well and cc´ing ur team its recommended to max heal as fast as possible to make sure ur lane will not die.

Also if the enemies got a very badass jungler like trundle / udyr / shaco which have very high movespeed / invis / stun abilities for a gank its recommended that u dont refuse to skill ur heal fast.

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So now to one of the Main parts for Soraka!

Start with a Manipulator which gives u mass mana and make ur team stay very long on lane until u have to go back first.

The first time u go back u should have money for at least boots and 1 ward (i prefer going back if i got the money for boots + 3 wards so i go and place 2 wards for my mid lane and 1 for my bot lane + drag control

After this i build kindlegem (item for my soul shroud and nice cdr for begin)

Then watch out (if wards are in need buy them u dont need ur money). If u got money to fix ur Soul Shroud do this and from this point on i mostly concentrate on Wards - so everytime i go back to base from now i take a minimum of 3 wards with me and place them on nice spots (drag, enemies blue, baron, enemies red)

My 2nd item i build is most of the time mr boots because ur very vulnerable for ccs with Soraka.

3rd Item Heart of Gold, which gives u nice income over time (and u dont last hit so its very useful) - depending on enemies (if we need much movespeed / movespeed boosts - for chasing or running away - i go shurelyas before this item)

then if i got the money i buy the parts missing for Randuins (which makes ur soraka nice tanky with a imba active (just dont forget to use it in teamfights) - if u dont play with actives forget about randuins and better get Shurelyas instead.

The next items are 100% depending on ur enemies / teammates:

1) Starks: If ur team does quite good (and consists out of much dps) and dont need more support than they allready get Starks is the best option for u to build for the nice aura

2) Legion: The enemies are much based on AP and / or the one that is annoying ur team is a caster - Legion is ur item!

3) Shurelya: Ur team cant reach the enemies team, because they are weak - but fast
Ur enemies got some very high burst dmg but low dps u need it to run away until all burst is done

4) Frozen Heart: Ur most of the times the main target and the enemies got hard dps - So talk this item and slow them down to no attackspeed :)

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Summoner Spells

There is not much to say then:

1) CV
2) Flash

This are the most useful spells .. Flash to get out of the teamfight if they focus u (or get away from ganks)

And CV - ur the support (and hopefully the only) so take cv for ur team with u ... it helps so much, prevent from getting ganked, helps on start covering blue buff / red buff

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Ranked Play

Soraka is my Mainchamp on Ranked games since the new Patch because the +80 def heal is just IMBA

I upload every of my games on here a list of some sora games, but if u watch my profile there u can just klick the games and im sure u find some sora games:

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Pros / Cons


  • U are an amazing Support champion, with the best Heal ingame
  • U got the best heal and in addition it gives the one that got healed +80 def (lvl 5)
  • U can silence the strong casting targets in ur opponents team and make them useless
  • U are for sure one of the best babysitter for any ad carry, because u need very less farm
  • WIth a Sora in team the enemies team is warded usually

  • Ur very weak in the early game, so if the enemies got a ashe + stun play very defensive else u can be very fast a 1 hitter :)
  • u dont farm much (which is not really a con because u let ur carry farm)
  • if ur alone - ur lost ... u cant defend a tower alone vs 2 or even against 1 its hard
  • if ur team do nothing - prepare for a loose because u cant carry it

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Creeping / Jungling

Dont do it! jungling on Sora suxx more than everything else.

Creeping - As said many times before ur not supposed to get creep kills (my standard in soraka games is about 10-30 creep kills in lategame)

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Team Work

Well teamwork - this is the only part Soraka is here for! :)

in a Teamfight u only know 2 positions!

1) enemies || ur team || u in the back

2) enemies |u|ur team

hehe now the explanation to this 2 positions:


Ur whole team is in front of u and ur as wide in the back as possible (that u still can heal and make nice pressure

This position is very helpful and recommended for the early and mid game because ur not really tanky at this time of game


u bait the enemies team by letting them think ur alone and they just kill u very fast and run away then. Ur team has to be very near and u have to spam ur starfall to stack up the mr reduces on ur enemies.

This position is very nice for lategame when u finished some of ur tanky items (randuins prefered) so ur not that squishy to die in 1 sec or 1 stun.

so u harass the enemies with starfall to reduce their mr and make them loose some life - in the moment where they stun / cc u ur team has to come and u use ur randuins and flash behind ur team. If they stop harassing u everything is perfect - if they dont - its much more than perfect .. so just heal urself and try to life as long as possible. Always make sure before u die to use ur ultimate which buffs ur team very hard.

If u baited them and they get u down (most of the times) ur carry or ur team killed 1 enemy too, which makes the combat really easy (4v4 - 1 team has missing sora - 1 team has missing carry / tank / dps and ur team also got ulti heal which means they are in a good shape usually)