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Soraka Build Guide by Dittors

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dittors

Soraka MID!

Dittors Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Soraka is for mid!
Did you understand me? Mid. Not on lanes. Based on that:

1. Her ultimate will give the team a chance to kill in level 3 or 4, while she's already on level 6. And it will give Soraka some assistances.
2. On lanes, most of the times, the TWO enemies will focus Soraka only, forcing her and her ally to play defensively. It will not happen against only one Champion. But take care about junglers, leastwise having Shurelya's Reveil. Even in that case, don't buy wards until you have Shurelya's, because it will take time until you can return to your turret.
3. The most important: Soraka is a support Char, so she can't fight mid, right? NO! Please, trust me when I say MID is the right place for support chars. Soraka CAN kill (with a build like this) and being the same distance of top and bottom lane she can assist her friends more easily.

In the next Chapters I will explain other particularities of my choses on this strategy and some of my conclusions about Soraka. I think I don't have to say you that this guide is for Summoner's Rift. I'm talking about MID since the title.

Intro PS: Please, don't call me crazy, but I dreamed with her sometimes...

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Fight! So heal...

I'm not insecure about that "Soraka CAN kill" thing, but all the fight will be based on healing (which needs mana) and you will use the three first abilities focused on making the enemy knows that you're not a fragile and kinda useless support. For that reason, be sure that Infuse will be used precisely when its cooldown is over. This is the main thing you must have on our mind: all the actions of Soraka depends on Infuse. We will talk more about it later.

Well... You may say I'm confused... The fight is based on healing and Infuse is the main ability? WTF? Ok, pay attention: in most cases, unless the other team is so open minded than us, your enemy cannot heal itself (they uses lots of potions when fighting against me...) and you can. So do it!

Imagine you're fighting Twisted Fate or Gang Plank (ok, I know, he has a little heal, but I'm not yet confused). I love to fight those Chars on mid...
Use Starcall to kill all the enemy's minions, let him fight against yours, silence him, do it several times, and what you will see is an angry guy with half or quarter life, attacking a person who uses Astral Blessing (heal) and recovers health all the time. And now is time! Starfall again, retreat, Starfall, retreat, another Infuse, Wish (ultimate), Starfall, Starfall... And he runs, you chase, Infuse (to silence or to give yourself more mana), you're near the turret, and NOW HE THINKS HEEES THA HERO!! ... Your HEAL spell saves you from death... but not him.
Ok, I know this is not too simple, but that's the way. Just use your three heals in that sequence and be sure that the spell is the last, because when you use HEAL, it will reduce to 50% all the heals you receive, than "our strategy" will not work properly.

I must say that in the moment you were killing Gang Plank, after using your ultimate, you'll see some "ty" messages from your allies. If it doesn't happens, you all were not sufficient "connected".

Trolls speaking: "Soraka is a support, she fights at the teamfight only..." Ok, guys, soon there will be a SPECIAL chapter for Team Fight below. Be patient.

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Infuse + Cooldown Reduction

Infuse is the main ability of Soraka. Just for one reason: it gives mana without spending anything. And all the other abilities is based on it, even Astral Blessing. For that reason, you can be always full life (or almost).
This ability gives mana for Soraka, for her allies, or silences and does magic damage on enemies. All you have to do is waiting for its cooldown to use it again. Then, reduced cooldown is the way of success!

Look at the runes, masteries and items on that guide and you will see: forty percent of cooldown reduction. It could be even more, but to have a better balanced build, I thought it would be better.

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In Summoner's Rift, TELEPORT makes the difference. And at the first 10 minutes it will be essential! As you could see above, the combination of Infuse and Astral Blessing will be your guarantee of full health and full mana. Keep it on mind too: use TELEPORT only when extremely needed, it's your trump. It will help you defending your turret, by the way, you will see that Soraka is so good for defense. But don't be too much defensive! Remember that you're not only a fragile support! Don't let the enemy think you're afraid on him, even if you are.

HEAL can be used to kill, when you are alone, as we seen before, but is so useful on team fight. If you know how to use, after other healing abilities, you'll help your team to survive on the exact time they need.
But that time, do not expect their gratitude. Other thing that you must know is that a support will be always a support, the Char whom everybody blames on, even if you do all they need. If an ally dies and you had spent all your abilities to save him, don't be surprised about some "heal? ..." messages. And they think your heals has no cooldown too. Just mantain your mind open again, take a deep breath and stay being the ******* support you are made to be. LOL
Sometimes, some itens or enemy's abilities blocks yours abilities, but not your spells... HEAL will be useful!