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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zombiezlayer

Soraka - OMG why wont you die! (Update)

Zombiezlayer Last updated on September 24, 2010
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Hey, and welcome! =)

This is my Soraka build, been playing Soraka alot the last months. You can do well with this build, but all depends how you play, Soraka is a champ you have to play really defensive with. This is my first build! So be kind, and I hope you guys have a good time with it! LEAVE CRITICISM IF YOU HAVE IT! I appreciate any feedback i can get. Thanks! =)

Forgive me for my bad English but i will never get a hang on it lolz.

- Best Healer ingame
- Free mana
- Silencer
- Good passive aura
- Starcall reduce MR from others
- Easy to get assists (ulti)

- Squishy
- Gets targeted in teamfights
- Weak attack spells
- Worst farmer early game


Starcall: Strikes nearby enemy units for 60/90/120/150/180 (+25 of AP) magic damage and reduces their Magic Resistance by 8 for 8 seconds This effect stacks up to 20 times.

All depends when i get this one, but after lvl 5 i get rank 1, only to lasthit mobs to get some Ca$h. It's hard like hell to get money with Soraka =/

Astral Blessing: Restores 80/135/190/245/300 (+100% of AP) health and grants 35 bonus armor for 9 seconds.

Main spell for Soraka, and when you get all the items this one gonna heal for 600 - 700 HP and 5 sec CD. The best thing is that when cast it will grant your target 35+ armor. Not bad if you meet nasty melee.

Infuse Best spell in the game. If cast on ally it will restor 250 mana on rank 5. And if you use it on a enemy it will silence them for 3 sec and deal 250 dmg great harras spell when you have rank 2 or 3. I try to save this one in the teamfights to silence enemies like Annie or Fiddle. Lucky you got Clarity ;)

Wish Instantly restores 250/400/550 (+130% of AP) health to all allied champions. This is tha ****! Really nice insta heal, and it heal EVERYONE on the map. I use to tell my team mates to ping the map before they engage the enemy so i am prepare to use it so i can get the assisst and get one more stack in Mejai's.

Summoner Spells

Great spell for soraka and her partner! I always use this spell when i play soraka whatever what. Great to have when you laning with Anvia or simular mana thirsty champs if you have Insight (recommended).

People say this one is only for noobs... WRONG!!! This one helps alot through the whole game. When you dont have CRD and little AP this one can be a lifesaver early game. And late game its even better, Wish + Heal can get the whole team up to full HP in 1 sec. (Maybe not the tanks, but the rest of the team)

Summoner Spells you might get

Overall a nice spell to get away fast, or chase down fleeing champs, but thats it. I never use it and will probl never pick this one for Soraka.

Same here, nice get away spell for Soraka, prefer ghost instead of Flash. If you never played Soraka i recommend to get this one instead of heal. And if you dont want to have Boots of Mobility, i say ghost is a must.

Its REALLY hard to get gold with Soraka, and if you feel its hard to last hit mobs this can help. But dont forget to get Plentiful Bounty if you choose Smite

All around nice spell, helps you get around the map to your team mates who are either ganking or getting ganked.

Never used this one, but if you know when to use it go for it instead of heal.

Summoner Spells to stay away from!

Buy sightward instead.

No, you will never engage the enemy so you dont need it and will never use it.

Let the tanks get this one.

Useless spell lolz

Nice spell but you will not need it.

If you want kills then go ahead, but you are a support champ so no! I use to pick it if the opposit team have Taric, Nidalee or Kayle and no one else take it.

Core Item Build
Prefer this boots instead of Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads. If you play right in teamfights, and stay away you will never be stuned or engaged, and make it easy to switch lane for a sec and heal up your mates if they are low on health and mana then get back to the old lane. The best part is, when you heal you dont enter combat. So if you never attack, the opposit team will never catch you.

This is the best item you can get early game for soraka in my opinion(if you dont die to much), does not cost much and help you get more poweful heals for the team. And when u get 20 stacks you get 15% CDR. If you use your Ulti at the right time you will get full stack in no time, then everyone will try to kill you haha.

You dont want to be all Squishy, this item give you some health, CRD and manaregen for you and your team mates

Never use to buy this item but after the latest Release Notes (22 sep - 2010) i think its worth it. More health and mana, and the last 10% CRD you badly need to hit 40%. And its a great support aura for your allies!

Late Game Items
Ok, what you buy here is all up to you! Im gonna put in some suggestions what you can buy depending on situation. I usual buy Archangel's Staff and Zhonya's Ring if i fell i have control over my team and/or the other team never catch me, and to get some more mana and alot more AP for the heals. You will probl never reach to this point with soraka but you never know ;)

If we take one example here. If any stunner (Sion, Annie etc) hides in the bush in teamfights just to kill you, and succed ever time I suggest to buy this. If you get stun its over, for you and the team. God to have if it's a heavy caster team.

Dont think i have to tell you guys what this item does =P Its good to have if you get focus alot, or worst you die to much.

You gotta love this one if you have many AP user on your team. And you get some nice MR. Use to pick this one instead of Archangle's Staff when we have 2 or more AP users.

If its a heavy melee team i pick this iteam instead of Soul-Shroud. Reduce the attack speed of nearby enemies and give you plenty of armor. And when you toss a heal on your self you will have 208 armor, not to bad =)

All i can say when you play Soraka is, play it cool and stay behind your friends and never go alone and you will do fine! =)

Ok, i think it's all =) If you think something are missing please leave a comment so i can fix it. Would appreciate all feedback i can get =)

Cya on the battlefield! ;)