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League of Legends Build Guide Author meerkatz13

Soraka Saves Us All

meerkatz13 Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Hi all!

First I have to tell you that this is my first attempt to write a build.
I decided to do so because I started to play with Soraka but I couldn't find a build that had it all. ;)
All in all the builds were good but sometimes items were missing or something was strange with the runes.
So if there are more of you who think the same, I hope I can help you with my build!

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For me Soraka is a support character.

    she can heal
    she can restore mana
    she can heal (over the whole map)
    she can push minions
    she can heal

Unfortunately nearly noone plays with her. (I still don't know what is worse, that she has no kills or that her first skin is so ugly. :P )

Well regarding the Pro's and Con's she really isn't that attractive, but at least she's a challenge to play!

Pro's and Con's
If you have a good teams you have a high chance of winning
she nearly never dies if you play careful
she can score loads of assists ( Ultimate!!! )

she is very squishy
she is extremely slow!
you'll often be targeted, because you're squishy AND a healer!
As she nearly never kills, it's hard to farm money.

But don't let these Con's impress yourself. Give her a chance and you'll earn a lot of wins, assists, fun, and friends! ;)
If winning is more important to you than kills, and if you love to drive your opponents crazy ( OMG she just never dies!!! ), then Soraka is the right character for you!

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As you can see I used only AP runes.
Some of you might think: "WTF?! That's ******* ********! You have to minimize your Cooldowns and anyway, how do you want to survive without mana runes?"

But listen: With these runes you get +80 AP al lvl 18. That means your Astral Blessing restores 380 health! (+ 425 AP from your items = 800 health!!!)

And even if you'd use only CDR runes, that would give you 20% CDR...

If you want to split it up between these two, you'll get +30 AP and 15% CDR at lvl 18. If that's better for you, use that.
But I think the 40% CDR from your items is enough. Anyway, there is a cap at 40% CDR!!!

I personally never got mana troubles with this build, but if you do so, you should maybe think about taking mana runes aswell...

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Just skip through this.
Items give you enough CDR, so I decided to spend most points for AP and defence --> we dont want to die that often!!! ;)

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As Soraka is not much of a killer, it's sometimes hard to farm money.
So it's better to buy several cheap items than one expensive one!
I think Fiendish Codex is good to start with because it gives you what you need: AP and CDR

I decided to mostly use items which support your team instead of those which degrade the opponent team, because most of the times you won't come close enough to your opponent's champions, and if you do it's often... bad! ^^

If you feel a little bit more advanced at playing Soraka, and if you think it could be a good game for you, you could also try to purchase Mejai's Soulstealer at the beginning, because it gives you 1 stack per assist. And when it has 20 stacks you even get +15% CDR!!!

List of other good items for Soraka:

Deathfire Grasp
Shurelya's Reverie
Frozen Heart
The Brutalizer
Rabadon's Deathcap

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Skills and Sequence

I think there's not much to explain here.
Astral Blessing is your main skill. ( It not only heals but it gives your allied champion +35 armor for 9 seconds at lvl 18!)
Starcall is only needed later. Ca. at lvl 8 you'll find yourself asking for it to kill minions and push the line. But don't wait too long with it cause you'll need the moneyyy!!! ;)
Infuse is clear. Mana regen!
But don't forget: You can also silence your opponents for 3 seconds and cause 250 magic damage (+60% AP) at lvl 18!
And Wish! Your Ultimate. It instantly heals yourself and all your allies over the whole map! So come on, save as many lives as you can!
And as a little bonus: If someone you recently healed with Wish kills an opponent, you get an assist! How great is that? ;)

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Summoner Spells

I chose Heal and Teleport because I want to support my team. And with Teleport I can be where I am needed in no time.
And Heal to be able to heal in a really difficult situation!
I read through other guides: The debuff from Heal ONLY affects other Summoner's Heal!!!

P.S.: I thought about taking Promote with me just to push a line when your alone. I don't know how strong this spell is... Hae to try that out! ^^

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Ok. I think now you're ready to support your team!

Let's go through it again:

Never walk alone! You are a supporter!

Play carefully, don't rush!

You help your teammates best if you don't die!

Always purchase items in parts, so your abilities get better continously!

Use your Ultimate wisely, especially at in early game!

Use Infuse When it's ready, It's for free, don't forget!

Well, I hoped you liked it. Please comment and rate and tell me when you find something that I could do better! Thank you!