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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AeroXZ

Soraka Support Build

AeroXZ Last updated on October 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Soraka Support Build Guide

1. Introduction
2. Pros and Cons
2a. Pros
2b. Cons
3. Build Information
3a. Summoner Abilities
3b. Masteries
3c. Runes
4. Skills
5. Items
6. Gameplay


1. Introduction

Soraka : The Starchild

Soraka's support in any game can be greatly appreciated. She has a 'Q' large AoE spell for late game farming, a 'W' powerful heal with a 9 second armor buff, a 'E' no costing mana spell either giving mana to others or herself or a strong damaging and long lasting silence, and her 'R' is a full map allied champion heal. She can keep targets alive and pushing for a long time by providing several heals and mana to people who require it. You can also throw out her 'E' spell to silence a heavy AP power enemy champion. Soraka is targeted early if possible, but if she stays in the back healing when needed, she usually doesn't get caught. Overall, Soraka is an awesome support character when played right.


2. Pros and Cons

2a. Pros

1. 'W' Heal spell is a 1:1 ratio on AP, and can heal a lot, while also providing a 9 second armor buff.
2. 'E' Mana spell can provide people you're laning with or during a team fight that valuable bit of mana needed, while also being able to keep her mana up as well.
3. 'E' Mana spell also counts as an enemy damaging and silence effect. If cast upon a heavy AP user, it can allow your team an easy kill.
4. 'Q' Damage spell can provide you with a very powerful pushing ability and a great gold farm.
5. 'R' Ultimate Heal can be used across the map to save allies, or also during a team fight to make it harder for your enemies.
6. Soraka can bait low HP allies to pull enemies out, while still keeping them alive and safe, and possibly achieving you a kill from a greedy enemy.

2b. Cons

1. Can be very slow and caught easily.
2. Usually targeted first in a team fight or in ganks.
3. Horrible alone, and relies on others.
4. Very squishy.
5. Can be hard to make gold without many damaging spells early on.


3. Build Information

3a. Summoner Abilities

The two summoner abilities that you're going to want to take with support Soraka is Heal and Clarity. Clarity is a great spell when your MP is just running too low and you need to throw out more heals. Not to mention it can help a team mate throw out more of their spells without needing to 'E' them as much. Heal may seem like a bad choice, but end game it's extremely useful. In a team fight you can slowly heal certain targets of interest, but when the whole fight goes down, using Heal and 'R' Wish together can easily heal over 1,000 damage. With low cool downs on both from your masteries, you can use them quite frequently.

3b. Masteries

Soraka's mastery placement would be straight down Utility and Offense, with one into Defense for 'Mender's Faith'.

3b1. Utility

You'll be putting 21 points into the Utility tree. The increased health and mana regeneration is very useful. The little bit of extra speed is key because Soraka is quite a slow champion and will be targeted frequently. From here I take 2 points into 'Awareness' over 2 points into 'Utility Master'. 'Utility Master' would be best coupled with the Blue Golem buff, but seeing as end game you'll have max CD reduction and barely run out of mana, it's pointless. The two points into 'Awareness' will help you level up just a little bit quicker, which can easily mean the difference between life and death. Lastly, the CD reduction and summoner ability reduction is the most useful of all the masteries she can get. This allows for more 'Clarity''s and more 'Heal''s to come out.

3b2. Offense

You will only be putting 8 points into the Offense tree, mainly for the CD reduction. You'd pick up 3 Archmage's Savvy to help with AP a little bit, and then the 4 CD Reduction will be key to max out CD%. With this CD, the CD reduction from the Utility Tree, and the two CD items, that will give you the max of 40% CD, which will set your 'W' spell to heal every 6 seconds, and your 'E' mana spell to be usable every 9 seconds.

3b3. Defense

There will only be 1 point in this tree and it is for 'Mender's Faith'. The 30 second CD reduction stacked with the 15% CD Reduction from 'Presence of the Master' allows for several uses of 'Heal' in a game.

3c. Runes

For runes just get flat CD reduction. End game running out of mana is usually not a problem. Being able to cast a heal every 6 seconds and give mana/silence and damage an enemy every 9 seconds is a lot more important. Without some of the runes and specified items you will not get the full CD% reduction. You may go a little over towards the end of the game, with say a blue buff or different items, but the more CD% reduction you have to begin with the better you are off at reducing the amount of times you or your lane partner get successfully ganked. If something like this happened then that will set you horribly back.


4. Skills

Soraka has 4 spells, that I'll go indepth with. Her 'Q' ability, named "Star Call", is an AoE Damaging and also Magic Resistance reducing attack. The magic resistance reduction can stack on quite a lot, and can make a big difference towards the end, but versus champions it usually doesn't do much until end game. You can use this to farm minions, but you must also wait until the end of the game for it to be effective and still have mana to heal. It's priority is very low. The next spell is her 'W' ability, named "Astral Blessing". This is your most important spell! It allows you to heal a target allied champion, minion, or summons (e.g. Heimerdinger's turrets, Mordekaiser's ghosts, etc.). It also bestows a Defense buff for 9 seconds upon cast. Her 'E' ability, named "Infuse" is a very important spell early game and end game as well. Getting it early provides a medium-long range harass spell, and also allows you to keep your or your lane partners MP up. Towards the end of the game it can be used as a vital silence on AP heavy characters. Her 'R' ability, named "Wish", is her bread and butter heal. It heals all champions on your team, including yourself, for quite a lot. The AP Ratio for this spell is 1.3 heals per 1 AP. This means that this spell can heal a whole lot towards the end of the game, and can very easily save lives.


5. Items

The first item you'll want to start out with is a 'Sapphire Crystal'. It provides a good boost of mana allowing you to heal yourself and allies while still infusing yourself to keep up a good mana count. From here, it's a great idea to get a 'Catalyst the Protector' early, but have enough money to also grab a 'Boots of Speed'. It provides a good amount of HP and SP restored on top of just normally leveling, not also counting your healing and Infuse. This allows you to lane for a very long time while not dying as well. After you obtain a large enough sum of gold to purchase a 'Rod of Ages', go back and grab it quickly. The longer you have it, the better it gets for you. Grabbing your 'Boots of Swiftness' helps you run in to heal more quickly, and also to run away in sticky situations. At this point you've got your basic healing Soraka. From here I like to grab a 'Deathfire Grasp' for it's ability power, mana regen, and mainly the 15% CD. Not to mention it has a Use ability, that can be nice in a team fight on a tank. I suggest starting with the 'Kage's Luck Pick' over the 'Fiendish Codex', seeing as the pick regenerates gold over time. If you need to, though, you can grab the 'Fiendish Codex' first. From here, you can grab a quick 'Spirit Visage'. By now team fights should be starting left and right, and you'll be targeted quite a lot. Once you have the 'Spirit Visage', you get more HP, mag res, and also maxed CD, and a good bit of extra heals on yourself for sticky situations. If the game ends up being a very long game, you can build into a 'Zhonya's Ring' for the extreme AP boost for better heals, stronger grasp, stronger Infuse, and stronger Starcall. Plus, the Use ability allows a 2 second invulnerability, which can come in handy. If your game is lasting for an extremely long time, build up a 'Will of the Ancients' to help you gain even more AP, but also to buff up your allies as well.


6. Gameplay

You'd first start out with the said items above. Grab a 'Sapphire Crystal' and run to your lane. Put one point into heal and just hit minions, healing up yourself or your lane partner when needed. If you two are smart, you won't need a lot of healing early, and this allows you to keep using your 'Infuse' to harass like crazy. Once you get enough gold to grab a 'Catalyst of Protector' and 'Boots of Speed', head back at a good time, when one of your enemies are down, or your minions are pushed into their tower, to pick it up. Once you have it, quickly run back to your lane. You should be able to lane for a long time at this point with all the HP and MP restored from the catalyst. Use your best judgment when to pick up a 'Rod of Ages' and 'Boots of Swiftness', either at the same time or one by one. Once you have these two, your survivability becomes a lot higher, and your usefulness as a healer is also quite higher. Make sure to join team fights whenever possible. You won't be doing much in a lane by yourself, as opposed to saving your team mates life in a team fight. Always be with your team mates. After some pushing and team fights, start creating a 'Deathfire Grasp'. This will help you throw more heals and infuses out, and not to mention the Use effect can be a nice item to use on a silly enemy who's all by his lonesome for a quick gank. At this point the game should be mainly based off of team fights. Now is a great time to pick up the 'Spirit Visage'. With this, you'll have max CD, have more HP and Mag res for surviving, and all your heals on yourself will be a lot more effective. This makes it a lot harder for the enemy team to target you when you can heal out most of the damage dealt, if not stunned. Not to mention it works if someone else has the 'Heal' summoner ability, or has a healing skill in general. This is around when the game finishes. If the game is surprisingly long, try to grab a 'Zhonya's Ring'. This will severely increase your heals, and also help your survivability. If the game is still going, grab a 'Will of the Ancients' just for the team buff, and loads of more AP.

-You're a healer, so don't try to act like a hero and 1v1 Champs.
-Don't forget Infuse is an attack. Great for early harassing and also late silencing.
-Deathfire Grasp is mainly for attackers, but throw it out to high HP foes when they're too close to you or within range, but don't chase people to hit them with it, otherwise it may prove fatal.
-Bait your team mates early game. You can easily out heal most damage done. Doing this can get greedy people to tower dive, and usually end up dying.
-Wish works on the whole map. Make sure to watch your team mates. A quick 'Wish' at the last second can make the difference between who lives and who dies.
-Your heal is also an armor buff. Just because no one needs a heal doesn't mean no one couldn't use an armor buff.
-Towards mid-late game, you can use Star Call as an effective way to get rid of minions. You rarely use it, but don't forget it's there.
-In a team fight, try to be close enough for your summoner ability 'Heal' to be in range. Using 'Heal' and 'Wish' at around the same time makes it a lot harder to kill your team, especially when you're constantly using your own heal skill on the more injured.
-Use your 'Clarity' often. The CD will be low, and you or your lane partner may need that mana a lot.
-Don't worry about getting buffs. The Blue Golem Buff would only give you mana regen in the end, but you won't really run out of mana anyways. The Red Lizard Buff is meant for attacking characters, which makes it useless on Soraka.
-Always be weary of the map, and your enemies. You're a high priority target, so you need to take extreme cautions.
-Don't be afraid to run in the middle of the fight to save a team mate. That one saved team mate can disorientate the opposing team's plans and possibly get them killed for it.
-Remember! Your heals can heal summons just as well! (e.g. Malzahar's Void Walker, Heimerdinger's Turrets, etc.)
-If you're in the middle of a fight, and you see a high ability user, cast 'Infuse' on him. That'll throw his game off which will possibly get him killed.
-Always stay close to your team mates, and always stay a safe distance from unchecked bushes, otherwise you can possibly be taken out quickly.
-NEVER initiate. Ever.

All of this is just tips on how to play Soraka. You can change the items, runes, masteries, or summoner abilities to fit your play style. Use your best judgment on all situations and you should finish out on top with several assists, low/no deaths, possibly a kill or two, and a won game. I hope this guide was able to help you better understand how to play a Support Build Soraka! Please Rate and Comment, and give your feed back so other people can understand more how a great Support Build Soraka is played. Thank you for your time in reading this guide, and I hope it helps you out!