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League of Legends Build Guide Author Magnus Mediere

soraka...the annoying one

Magnus Mediere Last updated on August 29, 2010
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this soraka build has been edited and COMPLETELY remade from when i first posted it up.

ok, the first thing that people say wtf to when they see this build is the nashor's tooth. yet, i know its an attack speed item, and soraka is not a dps. HOWEVER, dont focus on the damned attack speed. it gives you 25% cooldown reduction, AND ap in ONE item. thats the core reason behind Nashor's tooth. the attack speed is just an extra that does help in taking down turrets.

now, this build is based off 2 facts. 1. the more often you can cast your heals, the better. 2. your heals have amazing ap ratios, which means getting higher ranks in it is nice, but its not absolutely neccessary if you have enough ap to back it up.

summoner spells
the reason i chose heal and ghost is very simple, survivability. if people try to focus you, you pop your heal, ghost, and run around while your team works them. in fact, this is part of why this soraka build is so annoying. you have 3 heal spells. unless they burst you extremely fast, they will have a very hard time killing you fast enough through all your healing ability without your team hurting them badly first.

talent spec
the spec i built up is built in an obvious manner. building up the attack tree to get the ap, and the cooldown reduction. then all utility to keep up mana regen, faster ghost, more cooldown reduction, and summoner spell cooldown reduction. you want to grab utility mastery so you can grab and keep that blue golem buff as much as possible to keep your mana regen up even higher. and i also put 1 point into the defense tree to get the 30 second cooldown reduction on teh summoner heal, which helps a lot since that spell gets you out of a lot of sticky situations. with both the imp summoner heal, and presence of the master, the cooldown for summoner heal is pretty short.

item build

so you start off with boots of swiftness so that its a lot harder for people to gank you, and you get infuse to 1. harass, and 2. mana battery your laning partner.

once you start laning, dont expect to go back for a very long time, 90% of the time when i play soraka, by the time i go back to buy for the first time, i have enough for nashor's tooth straight up.

your third item after your boots and nashor's is rylai's for added suvivability and ap. soraka, even without hp, unless shes stunned to high hell, is extremely hard to kill. on top of that, your starcall now slightly slows enemies on top of reducing their magic resist.

after that, your next 3 items are obvious why you get it, stack that ap so your healing allies to full from nothing with wish.

team fights

ok, so your role in a team fight is obviously to keep everyone going. however, this doesn't mean you cant help a little with the damage. starcall is a GREAT aoe support, especially since it reduces enemies' magic resists, and once you have rylai's, it slows them down a little. unless they are focusing you, its great to run around with your boots of switness and spam starcall while healing everybody. its a 1.8 second cooldown, and it hits EVERYONE in range at the same time. even if your doing only 100 damage to everyone, in a team fight, 500 damage per starcall overall. and if theres enemy minions around, it helps even more to clear out those minions.

always keep in mind that your ult is instantanious, if someones about to die and you can reach them with your heal, sometimes its still better to pop wish to save them cause astral blessing is slightly slower since you still have to click them. and with this build, wish is a VERY short cooldown.

and dont forget your summoner heal, it's core purpose is to get yourself out of sticky situations, however, popping wish AND summoner heal on your party is a great refresh button. i actually macroed it into my keyboard to do both if i hit one button. that combo can completely turn a team fight around in a split second. going from a quarter health on most of you to full suddenly.


first skill you want is infuse. its a free harass, and its great for mana batterying your laning partner. heal rank 1 at lvl 1 only heals for 80 anyways.

i start by getting all 3 skills first usually, but the main ideal is to get infuse to rank 3 fast, so you and your partner can spamm your skills easily.
getting wish at every possible chance is a given, it's soraka's bread and butter.

now, the thing people question me on a lot is the fact that i level starcall pretty hard. the reason for this is cause, its an AMAZING farming ability. and with full cooldown reduction, its a 1.8 second cooldown. spam spam spam away and make lots of gold. people are on crack if they think soraka cannot farm.

the other thing people question me on is not leveling up astral blessing like crazy. as i said before, its a 1-1 ap ratio spell. honestly, a lot of it's strength is going to come from your ap. the higher ranks of it only increase the amount of healing you do with it, which you're already doing with ap. yes, it helps to have it a little stronger, but levling up infuse early game helps a ton for harassment and ganking, and leveling up starcall fast lets you farm better, thereby letting you get more ap for your heals.

alternative items
now, if your up against a heavy AD team, forget about the ap you get from nashor's tooth, get a frozen heart instead. they will have a very hard time killing you.