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Build Guide by Slamaga

Soraka the AP Tank!

By Slamaga | Updated on May 27, 2011

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I tried this build for Soraka to surprise the ennemies. The build is a pure AP Tank Soraka. Weird at the first sight but it works very well when it is well done. I won many games with this build, specially in treeline 3 vs 3 game. Let's take a look at this build.

AP is the main thing to look at. AP helps your heal (W) to be more effective! Same thing for your starcall (Q) (your way to farm minions). Mana regen and Mana are importants, but the items will cover this part as well as the infuse spell.

Health will be the major problem all the way long, try to focus on 1 vs 1 killing or team support. Ganking is death for Soraka. Put this in your mind. Always!
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The only thing you have to consider is AP. Marks, Seals, Glyphs and Quintescense of force are what you need.
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Soraka needs AP, cooldown reduction and all the masteries that can help her to be effective by herself.
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Get the tear of the goddess as soon as possible. Stack a lot of mana in it by using abilities.

Get the ionian boots of lucidity to rapidly use starcall and health and mana regen abilities (W and E)

Gather enough money to buy Rabadon's deathcap. It boosts AP so much!

Archangel's staff right after boosts your AP to 350. Continue to stack mana to combo mana / AP.

Lich's bane will grant you to be the supreme killer. Every ability you do boost your attack damage with your AP which should be over 600! So say goodbye to all the big tanks! ;)

Just to be sure you can rush everyone without being afraid of your health, buy warmog's armor. Kill, kill and kill again and your health should go over 3000 and your health regen should be high too!
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Skill Sequence

Concentrate yourself into farming minions and spot the opportunities to kill ennemies. Starcall should help you to get the first kill. Go in the front and shoot Starcall. Go back and farm minions. Redo these two steps again and again and watch out for your health!!!

If everything goes well, do as described below. If not, consider your (W) heal spell so you can survive longer, get more XP and more money.

Healing spells (W) should be consider at level 7 or 8 to regen yourself faster and charge more often and faster.

At level 10, Starcall spell should be maxed.

At level 12 or 13, Infuse spell should be maxed.

At this point, you can counter all mage harrasment. Do the combo Starcall-Infuse-Starcall-Starcall. Attack at the same time. AND THE 1ST RULE OF ALL : WATCH YOUR HEALTH!!!

Your ultimate should be taken at level 6, 11 and 16. This is your ""guardian angel"" as well for your teammates. You will survive as long as your teammates survive. So watch out for your teammates life too! ;)

At level 18, you should be able to heal everybody so much and deal a lot of damage and also control your ennemie's actions.
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Summoner Spells

I take Teleport to always be to the places where I'm needed.

I take Heal just to piss my ennemies off. They think they'll kill you but you'll always be healed.
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Pros / Cons

Pros :
- Has a lot of autonomy
- Starcall is super effective to kill minions and earn money
- Super effective when well-built

Cons :
-Low health!!!
-Needs a turret to kill ennemies sometimes
League of Legends Build Guide Author Slamaga
Slamaga Guide

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Soraka the AP Tank!