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Soraka Build Guide by Leproxx

Soraka - The Horific midlle...

Soraka - The Horific midlle...

Updated on April 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Leproxx Build Guide By Leproxx 1,922 Views 0 Comments
1,922 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Leproxx Soraka Build Guide By Leproxx Updated on April 19, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hi, first I'm not English, sorry but i wont do a perfect build...
But I'll say some astuces for you ;).
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So, I hoppe you understand why I take Magic penetration in mark...
In Seal, I think the HP per level runes are the best on AP mid, not you ?

Well, we enter in the subject of the runes :)
The CDR in Glyph can be really good on Soraka, for harass with her Q, but you still take a Morello's Evil Tome; Maybe yes, maybe not, as you wish :]
The Resistance Magic per level runes are good for the first tmie you play Soraka, and pretty good versus some abusive caster AP mid...
In resume, you can shuffle the 2 Glyph, or tak 1 of them ;]
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Pros / Cons

Pros. : Cons. :
Funny to play ! :D. Some player will flame you :(.
Free E skill. I don't find more... :/
Can't be kill in a gank with heals.
Fast farmer.
Free harass with E skill.
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How to easy own the mid ?

You have a free E silence, when you can use it, do it ! When you are level 3, you can start to harass and farm with your Q.

Don't be scared about gankers, silence them, and that's all, you're alive, flash when you have 300 hp, or heal you BEFORE the ignite, verry important !

Remember, your heal boost your resistances ! And, at the level 6, yu have a brutal heal ! Use it before taking an Ignite !
So you can easy own anyone mid in 1v1 ;] .
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Skill Sequence

Always do your Q before your E, cause the ennemy will get lower Magic Res. ;]
Don't forget to silence some important char :
- Katarine with she ultimate.
- Nunu's ultimate.
- When Fiddlesticks charge his ultimate.
- Malzahar's ultimate.
- Maybe Caitlyn when you can.
- Ezreal, if you can, and if you are hyper reactive ;p .
- Janna when she do her ultimate, or just before.
- Karthus, if his alive when he use his ultimate ;]
- Lux, same for Ezreal, if you are lucky and really hyper active.
- Master Yi, when he do his Meditation.
- Miss Fortune's ultimate.
- I don't know if Morgana use she ultimate, if your silence cancel... But maybe she'll do his shield... Be lucky ;] .
- When Rammus taunt one of your allies, maybe that work...
- Shen, for cancel his ultimate ;D .
- Skarner, i don't know if, when his grabing some one, you can canle it with your silence...
- Tryndamere, when he's at 500 HP, he'll not enable to use his ult ;] .
- Twisted Fate : When his trying to go out with his ultimate.
- Urgot : When he's charging his ultimate.
- Warwick : When he's doing his ultimate on your allie.
- Wu Kong : When he's doing his ultimate.
- Xerath : When he's doing his E, for cancel it, maybe, i've never tried :/ .
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Farm with Soraka ? So funny, 2 Q and you have clear the wave of minions ;D.
I deducted Soraka is a good pusher. :]
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Your job in the team.

In a team fight, you're objective is silence the AP caster, or the champion who got an ultimate can be horrible in your team (Like Brand / Fiddlesticks and other).
Try to heal your allies, but don't forgot to heal you to, cause you're not totally a support ;].
Ennemy will some tim efocus you ! You are verry strong with your Q ! And you're reducting the Magic Resistance of your ennemies, so be really carreful.
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Other items.

You can take the Abyssal first, if your ennemy mid made verry strong damage :).
You can take some support objects, per haps you make some seriously dmage, but you stay a support, so Frozen Hearth or Randuin's Omen...
For the rest, I've never test another items, ut there the VIABLE items :
Archangel' Staff, maybe a Lich Bane, can be verry funny ^^ ; Morello's Evil Tome for more CD on your Q :) , Rod of Age, and the last, the Will of the Ancients, yea I know she got a heal ^.^'
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Ranked Games, Yes or No ?

I'm not sure Soraka is good for ranked, but actually, I will try just after make this build, or 1 day after.... Anyway, i don't think she's good in ranked... :/
But you can do ranked for have some fun ;] .

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