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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Balle

Soraka the killing support!

Balle Last updated on March 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I´m getting tired of these builds which either provide you with a support build, or a damage (nuke) build. My build will provide you with a little of each! This is the best way to play soraka, becasue you can get kills, without dropping sweat, and you can support your team like no one else can :)

I will guide you to be the ultimate supporting damage dealer, this is a unique build becasue people think she can only go support, but that´s only half the truth.. Soraka can do A LOT of damage, and easily get some kills ;) Soooooooo lets get started shall we! :D

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Now for my masteries :)

First i have taken 9 in offence.. This will provide you with a litte ekstra ability power, some cooldown reduction and some magic penetratrion! Good things to start with ;)

Then i take 21 in utility, and don´t get me wrong there are a lot of ways to do masteries but this is the best way i think. You can choose between to ways that you can spend your 21 masterie points in utility.. The first one is that you take the ekstra mana regen, and the other is that you take the ekstra experience you get :)

I have tried ones that you go 9 in offence (The same as those above), and then 9 in defence insted! This can ONLY be done if you go for full support without any intentions of getting kills.. You wont get much damage, but you will be a very evil support, which is harder to kill! :)

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Skill Sequence

Now this is a hard one. You have to see what you need the most! If it´s damage, health or mana..? You have to pick for yourself, but this have worked excellent for me! ;)

Between the lvls 1-11, where you get you secong skill in your ult, you want to go for "starcall" as quickly as possible! This will provide you with some great damage and farming abilities. After this you want to take two skills in heal and two in infuse, which will give you the health and mana you need to stay in lane forever. After lvl 11 you have to go for your infuse becasue this is a great for dealing damage and getting mana as well!

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i have taken ghost and exhaust.. I think this is some very usefull spells for soraka becasue of the way that she´s made, and here is why! ^^

Ghost: Soraka is a champion with no slow, no stun and no speed-boost what so ever, therefore ghost will provide soraka the speed to get away from chasing champions, chasing and enemy for a kill or rushing to the aid of your teammates.

Exhaust: Even though soraka can do a lot of damage and heal herself all the time, she still recieves really much damage. Therefore exhaust will be great for helping soraka getting away or maybe getting a kill! Ones i went 1 vs 1 against olaf with better items than me, and becasue i used smite on him and knew how to counter, i killed him and walked out of there with full health. Soraka is not a difficult champion to play if you want to go full support, but if you want to get kills as well (WITHOUT KILL STEALING!) you have to be a skilled as well!

There´s prob a lot of spells soraka can use, but if you want to change one of these spells, you have to change with exhaust! Ghost is way to priceless for soraka, and she really needs it to get a good game! But if you want to change, there is another spell i have tried, which worked extremely well, it was clairvoyance. This allowed my teammates to see the enemy all the time! This way they avoid being ganked, but it also allowed my teammates to get some easy kill because the enemy didn´t know that we could see them ;) You can take this if you don´t want exhaust, is a better spell for your team while exhaust is mostly good for you :D

But something you NEVER have to take is heal and clarity.. That´s just useless as hell for soraka, so NEVER NEVER NEVER!! :D

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Now people think that soraka isn´t a good farmer becasue she´s full support, so she dosn´t do any damage right? WRONG! :D Soraka can without a problem kill an entire minionwave within 5 sec MAX! Her starcall hits everything in range and does a good deal of damage, and with the 1-2 sec cooldown you can you it all the time and easily get some easy earned gold!