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Soraka General Guide by Dennis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dennis

Soraka - The OP Healer

Dennis Last updated on July 24, 2011
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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1

This is my guide on the best Healing soraka i have used a few guides in my time playing soraka so this is just about every one of the guides i have used into one with alot of changes from orthers.

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Skill Sequence

The average squishy (including Soraka) has 30MGR. This boosts it to 46 which is the difference between 23% reduction to 32% reduction. Your passive gives 10% magic damage reduction to your immediate party-- broken.

With an unlimited target cap, this spell can dish out farming dps to rival non-support classes. In team battles, it can hit invisible targets and the debuff it provides is usually always worth tagging someone with if it isn't potentially worth your life. As well, fifty simultaneous sparkly explosions may cause enough chaos to disorganize the enemy party. Disorganized enemies are dead enemies.

Once you get Lich Bane, you can really start contributing some dps to the party. But do so with caution and with your mind on your REAL purpose.

Astral Blessing
1:1 AP ratio heal with an armor buff. Unfair beyond reason. Your job is to keep the party moving forward. Making Blessing as efficient as possible helps, but remember that your job goes FAR beyond simple healing. Even after the recent nerf in healing, expect this spell to QUICKLY jump into the 400 to 600 healing range and beyond.

250 damage silence OR unlimited mana-mode for your party. THIS is the real reason Soraka is so often banned in draft-pick. Laning with Ezrael, for instance means Ez will be able to fire off high damage skillshots without ever needing to stop. However, laning with a manaless champ means you can use it to silence and harass. No matter who you lane with, this should ABSOLUTELY be your number one skill.

Global heal. This CAN save a party member from being slaughtered from across the map, but I think that it can sometimes have a better use simply keeping the party full-up when it will provide maximum healing. Use your judgement to decide; if you are doing good, use it when you see at least 3 of your 5 missing some health, if you aren't doing so hot, save it for emergencies when burst-healing is required.

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Since Soraka is SO MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD, you really have your pick here. This is my personal build for her, but in NO way is it the best. I will tell you why I choose what I choose, but it is a suggestion at best.

Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Celerity. you can use Greater Glyph of Clarity here but i pref to have to Cd for the fast healing cooldown it provides.

Seals: Greater Seal of Clarity. Combined with the glyphs, you won't have to use Infuse on yourself except for early game... possibly. This means you can use Infuse to keep your party at full mana or even kill/assist. Even if you decide Celerity glyphs, I would definitely say take the Clarity seals.

Quints: Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
. Flat HP is universally good. It will help survive early ganks and is just good in general. 3 Greater Fort provide nearly 100 hp. That is an extra 25%. They are outclassed by the per level hit point quints later on, but you shouldn't need hit points later on. This is to protect you early game.

Marks: Honestly, my Soraka just has leftover marks from my other characters. If I really cared, I would either go Greater Mark of Insight or Greater Mark of Force. The problem I have with Force is that at lvl 18 you get less than 20 extra AP. That's marginally laughable. Insight isn't that much better especially since you aren't really supposed to do damage. Like I said, I have leftovers (including a few tier 2 crit chance runes!) on Soraka and they work just fine because she's broken and deserves to be banned.

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Your core build is pitifully small, but ludicrously effective. It consists of the following:

Boots of Mobility
Mejai's Soulstealer
Glacial Shroud
Total Cost: 3910

Yeah, that's it. If you get anything on top of that, it is totally superfluous. In my average game, I make between 5 and 7k, giving most of my potential gold in last-hits to my carry/tank lanemate who is actually dependent on items. Honestly, every now and again, I end with just the boots and the soulstealer... Anyway, here is why I choose what I choose.

Boots of Mobility gives a godly amount of movement speed when "out of combat." Healing and Infuse do not put you "in combat." This allows you to escape when you need to, harass when you need to, and always be faster than those who will want to kill and/or ban you forever.

Glacial Shroud gives CDR, Armor, and Mana. It's solid and it's cheap. Shroud, Elixir, and Masteries will cap your CDR. Capping CDR awesome and ban-inspiring. Bang for Buck, I think the shroud is an amazing item for Soraka.

Mejai's Soulstealer. I know what you are thinking... snowball items suck for someone who doesn't get kills. Wrong. You get stacks on assists, and let me assure you, you will get plenty of those. Soon as you break 5 stacks with Mejai's, it is better AP/gold than any AP item out there. It scales with your assists, so you don't have to go to base and you don't have to pay more money for more healing.


Lich Bane is a solid upgrade for Sheen and Mejai's will only make it better. Soraka is constantly casting, so expect to be doing solid and unexpected DPS once you get it. Banana tosses hitting for 200-300 after a 200 or so damage AoE Starcall IS normal and will make people focus-fire and/or ban you.

Elixir of Brilliance is broken. It adds 65 Ability Power and 10% cooldowns for 300G. How can you beat that? Combined with your Shroud AND your masteries, that maxes your cooldown reduction which means more heals and Infuses which means more bans. Once you have lichbane, the 65 AP along with a modest 10-15 stacks on Mejai's will put you OVER 600 healing.

If you SERIOUSLY have more money...

Zhonya's Ring... once you get this, the round should end. The additional healing provided by it and your Mejai's will turn your tank into an unstoppable, tower-trashing fool. The active will mean that you can bait a little and survive long enough for your team to kill everyone should you get focus fired.

FINAL build should be... no, really, if you have MORE money than this, you are not doing it right. With this much healing, damage, cdr, and survivability, no one should die... EVER. Also, if YOU have this much money, even Tristana will have picked up a Guardian Angel just to finish the round off-- basically, I'm trying to say you should never actually have to buy Zhonya's.


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