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League of Legends Build Guide Author Myamsar2

Soraka, The Queen Of Heal ( Patch 6.11 )

Myamsar2 Last updated on June 13, 2016
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Table of Contents
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Hello dear summoners ! My name is Myamsar2 and this is my champion guide to Soraka, The Startchild. Soraka is amazing champion, who focuses on healing , booting up her backline and teamfighting. The ammount of presure she can cause with her kit is ( if played correctly ) is ridicilously high. The fact is that she is very underrated because many people don't play her on Rift. I have very good knowledge on her and I thought I can share it to you. I'm playing in Platinum 5 ( where I got thanks to Soraka ) and I have 100K champion points on her. out of my 98% ranked games I've played her and I can say she is very strong right now. I will try my best to guide you how to play this amazing and lovely champion - and hopefully you will love her too ! <3

Guys This is my first guide - I never made it before and I don't know how to upload images, put screenshots and so on but I'll edit my guide later I promise. But other then that, let's get started :D <3

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Pros / Cons


- Best healer in the game
- Amazing Sustain in lane
- Amazing Teamfighter
- Great Kiting potencial
- Global ultimate which can turn tables in your favour
- Has AOE silence - extremely powerfull spell if you place it correctly in teamfights


- Pretty immobile if she can't manage to land her Q
- W doesn't heal as much withour her Rejuvenation that Q provides
- W drains her own heal which can be dangerous in prolonged teamfights
- Requires decent knowledge to play
- Her E- Equinox has long cooldown and if you miss it or place incorrectly, you will have hard time escaping if engaged upon
- Has a horn on her head

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You should focuse on picking Ap , MR and Armor Runes. Glyphs and Quints. Health regeneration is also must - have, as it increases Soraka's survability in teamfights. However, despite her passive-style laning phase, she can also be very strong poker, exellent kiter and ever initiator ( if she decides to go tanky, of course ). In this scenario you can pick standard rune pages as with all mages but be mindful when doing this as it can effect badly on your sustain , especially if you're bot with your ADC :) :)


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