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Soraka Build Guide by GracelingOfDeath

Soraka The Ultimate Support

Soraka The Ultimate Support

Updated on May 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GracelingOfDeath Build Guide By GracelingOfDeath 4,372 Views 0 Comments
4,372 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GracelingOfDeath Soraka Build Guide By GracelingOfDeath Updated on May 19, 2012
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Hello this is GracelingOfDeath here c: I've been a long time fan of supports. One of my all time favorite supports is Soraka. With her GIGANTIC heals and her mana replenish PLUS a long lasting silence. If you want to know how to save your team while loading up on gold an assists(maybe even a kill or 2!(dont ks >:c)) then follow my guide :D
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Pros & Cons

* Squishy
* Large CD on heals early game
* May get picked on for playing a 450 champ(pshhhhh... >:c)
* Focused
* Cant use Infuse on yourself anymore :c

* Starcall is spammable
* silences
* pretty nice range
* global heal Wish
* mana replenish Infuse
* She has a HORN :D
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For runes, these are my standard runes for any AP. They may change as I go along but for now its pretty basic.
Let's move on... c:
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For masteries i take the standard 9-0-21
Not much else to say xD
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Skill Sequence& Ability Usage

Okay for the skill sequence it's pretty self explanatory.

This is Soraka's passive. This is pretty neat against an AP heavy team. Just a little aura for magic resist c: Its pretty good. :D

Starcall So your first ability, Starcall, is pretty amazing.
TIP: try an lane with an AP(or abilities scale with AP), mana user. Such as Nocturne or Cassiopeia
Doing this will allow your Starcall to have full effect. Since Starcall reduces the targets effected magic resist, it will allow for more damage from your AP teammates c:
Starcall is also AMAZING for farming. Due to its low CD and AoE radius, your golden c: but... if your teammate is in need of farm, allow him/her to take the waves. Another brilliant thing about this ability is that you will not need to face check the bushes c: if the bush is within your radius, the Starcall icon will light up.

Astral Blessing
Okay guys. This heal. Is. Amazing. Okay not only does it heal, but it give you bonus armor for 5 seconds. Which is very helpful against and AD heavy team. A bad thing is that the cooldown in early game is huge(20 and some odd seconds) so be aware of that and make sure your laning partner is aware too. But with the massive CDR we get from this build is helpful.

Alrighty guys. This ability rocks my socks. Recently, poor Soraka got nerfed. This nerf nerfed her ability to give mana to her self(aw man :'c) but it buffed the amount that she gives to allies!(YAY! :'D)
BUT.. that's not all folks! It is NO COST and silences an enemy champion for up to 2.5 seconds late game! :D and it deals massive magic damage. That is all.

So. Soraka's ultimate. This one's pretty crazy guys. You know over on the left side of the screen where you see all of your teammates wonderful faces? Well when you're Soraka, you'll learn to look there more often. because once you see a teammate get low *SHHHWIING* saved! :D
Then you get praised and life is happy c:
Also... pop on of these in a winning team fight and hello 5 assists! :D

That's all folks!
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For items, I go for the best aura items possible.
The items are pretty self explanatory past there....

I hope you liked my build, GL&HF fellow League-er's :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GracelingOfDeath
GracelingOfDeath Soraka Guide
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Soraka The Ultimate Support

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