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Soraka Build Guide by sahrab

Soraka the unitard

Soraka the unitard

Updated on April 15, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author sahrab Build Guide By sahrab 1,533 Views 0 Comments
1,533 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author sahrab Soraka Build Guide By sahrab Updated on April 15, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal



Soraka in a range support champion that specializes in heals and is great in team fights due to her heals and silence spell and all team heal spell

and in my build i well me focusing on AP soraka and her rule as a support


Starcall : this is your main farming abillities it can guranate you several last hits

Astral Blessing : Your main support abillty it can heal someone and give him bonus armour

Infuse : Your secondary support skill its good if your laned with a mana based champion because it can reduce the cost of mana pots and its a great initiator skill because it can silence champions

Wish : This is you major healing spell it comes handy in team fights because it heals the whole team and it can be used to get assists across the map (if you want to waste your ulti on an assist) and just a caution reminder if you have heal and use wish then the it well e reduced to half
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In my rune page i well be focusing on CD reduction to get the most of sorakas abillities because she isnt that mana hungry even if you spam Q every 2 seconds
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On the masteries i well be focusing on CD reduction for obvious reasons stated above and AP for early game advantage and increased ward vision if your going to be a warder but you can take the point from wards and put it in another place if you dont want to ward and Gold per sec because you might not get early assists or your farming goes bad and it should give you a small boost to get your final build faster
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I focused on items that reduce CD and AP and for people thinking they need more mana i included a manamune which later can be switched for an item of your choice maybe a mejai if your getting fed on assists ?
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Skill sequence

I focused mainly on W and E because i thought that lvling Q last would be the best because your not a dps mainly and its still a viable spell even at lvl one
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Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Nice farming spell Doesnt have an escape spell
can turn team battles Not very mobile
not super squishy Low tier champion so people will probally dodge que
mana effecient
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Exhaust : it depends on you if you want to give the extra edge in team battles but its not that viable

Ghost : its ok because soraka is a bad escaper so it can help in sticky situations

Heal : i find it excellent due to sorakas role and with wish can turn a fight upside down

Revive : pointless

Smite : very good for jungle soraka <_<

Surge : just no

Cleanse : just buy banshee's veil

Clarity : soraka isnt that mana hungry just get manamune

Ignite : pointless

Flash : instead of ghost can help with the low mobility issue

promote : fail

Teleport : its meh

Clairvoyance : just buy a ward
League of Legends Build Guide Author sahrab
sahrab Soraka Guide
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Soraka the unitard

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