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Soraka Build Guide by Jimtaktak9

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimtaktak9

Soraka - Ultra Support

Jimtaktak9 Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first build on Mobafire and i would really like to help people learn how to play a SUPPORT champion. This build focuses on how to play a supporter champ in ranked games and how to help your team properly in order you can win the game

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+ Big amount of healing
+ She has got silence which helps in many cases (interrupt Warwick's ultimate)
+ Has a global healing ultimate which can help a teammate who got ganked in the other side of the map
+ Her Ultimate heals the whole team
+ Her passive is an aura which provides her teammates 16 Magic resistance
(Works great with Aegis of the Legion)
+ Not a very item dependent champion

- Lacks of surirvability TOO much. No escape mechanism like Janna (Howling gale) or Sona (Crescendo)
- Extremely squishy without runes and items
- Long cooldowns
- Often Focused

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In my opinion runes should focus on health, mobility and cooldown reduction. That's why i recomment the following runes.

Greater Mark of Fortitude: These marks provide you some health in order not to be too squishy in early game.
Greater Seal of Vitality: It really helps you not to remain a squishy champion in mid and late game.
Greater Glyph of Focus: Soraka has long cooldowns on her abilities and these runes will help her use her abilities more often.
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: Makes you move quite faster which means that you can roam around the map if anyone needs help or something or roam in your lane from your first levels.
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: You are gonna grab 2 of these which provide you with52 bonus health from lvl 1. Helpful for soraka, they keep her away from being squishy like hell.

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Starting items:
3x, 2xand 1xwhich will be later promoted into.
These should be the starting items, the 3 wards help you in dragon control, will prevent ganks happen and will let you have brush control in your lane.

Early Game Items:
You will have to buy some standard bootsin order you can move faster, A Philosopher's Stonewhich regenarates 18 health per 5seconds as well as 8 mana per 5seconds which means that you will be able to stay longer in your lane and a Heart of Goldwhich generates 5 gold per 10seconds. Soraka NEEDS this item because she does not slain minions. She lets her partner get the last hits in order to let them buy their stuff quicklier.

Mid Game Items:
Soraka must should get now Ionian Bootsin order to reduce her abilities's cooldowns OR Mercury's Treads. Mercury's Treats should be baught ONLY if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control (Slows, Taunts, Stuns). Champions like Alistar or Annie won't be able to have Soraka stunned for a long time now. After the boots are done you should go for a Kindlegemwhich will be later promoted into Shurelya's Reverie

Late Game Items:
You should now complete Shurelya's Reverie, Aegis of the Legionand Randuin's Omen. These items will provide you survivability, (especially Aegis of the Legion) and have perfect aura effects which help your team in a lot of ways.

Optional Items
If the enemy team has an AD champion which dominates you should go for a Randuin's Omenas early as possible. If the enemy team has got an AP champion which is unstoppable you should buy a Banshee's Veilas fast as you can in order to prevend one of his abilities. If you are getting focused buy players with a lot of crowd control like Alistar or Swain you should buy a Quicksilver Sash. This item is common to Summoner Spell: Cleansewhich means that you will be able to get away by usingand then.

You will have to buy a lot of wardsduring the game in order you will have map control and get an Oraclein order you can counter the enemy wards

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My Masteries are quite standard for being supporter. I put 9points in defence and 21points in utility, focusing on bonus magic resistance and armor, money generation, mana regeneration, increasing the amount of experience you gain and summoner spells and abilities cooldown reduction. These masteries recover soraka's weaknesses. For example soraka does not get last hits on minions so that's why you put a point into Greed(Generates 1 gold per 10seconds). Another example is soraka's long cooldowns, that's why you put 3points in Intelligence(Reduces your champion's cooldowns by 6%). These masteries provide also an upgradedand

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...Skill Sequence

As a supporter, soraka should firstly maximize Astral Blessing, in order you can heal your teammates as much as possible. Secondly you should maximize Infusein order you can recover your teammates' mana pool. Ashe is an example of a low mana and health-pool champion. Soraka can recover half of her health and mana-pool by just using Astral Blessing and Infuse only twice! The last skill you should maximize is Starcallbecause soraka does not need farming or Enemy harrassing. Soraka's masteries and skill order should focus on defence and not on offence. She is a Support champion. If your partner in lane cannot farm that well and your tower keeps getting preasure you should put some points in Starcall.

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...Summoner Spells

Soraka's main Spells:These are the main Support spells. Flash can be useful in many cases, for example if you get ganked my 2-3 enemy units you just flash away and useon yourself. Another example is when a teammate needs help and you are out of range, you use Flash to get in range and then you heal him (). Clairvoyance is a spammable Spell because it has got a low cooldown. You use this to reveal an areia of the minimap. If you use this on the enemy jungle you will may reveal the enemy jungler which means that you can gank him if possible. Clairvoyance can be also used to check if there are any enemy units in a brush.

Optinal Spells for Soraka:
Ghost: Ghost is an alternative spell of flash, it might help you to get away if you get ganked or get in range right on time to save an ally champion.
Heal: Heal is a spell for new players to soraka. If they are afraid of dying to much or getting focused and Astral Blessing is not enough for saving their life then they should pick Heal.
Teleport: Teleport is very useful in changing lane if any ally needs help in another lane or getting right back in your lane right after you have recalled. Useful for a supporter.
Cleanse: Cleanse can be a helpful spell for players that are getting focused by enemy champions who have a lot of crowd control like Alistar.
Clarity: Clarity is another spell for new players to Soraka. It recovers a very big amount of mana and half of this amount is given to nearby ally champions as well. This will be useful if your lane partner is a champion with a low mana-pool like Malphite.

Spells that Soraka should NOT get:
Rally: Just No!
Revive: This spell might help you getting right back to your lane immediately after dying but still no.
Smite: This spell is not useful for Soraka. Soraka is not a jungler and does not need farming.

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...General Tips

As a supporter, soraka should lane with a Ranged DPS carry likeorin bottom lane. Soraka's role is not to let her partner die and let him get all the last hits on creeps. This will help her teammate to stay in lane for a very long time and get a very big amount of gold by last hitting which will lead in helping them buying their stuff a lot more quickly.

Soraka's main goal is to put wards around the map in order to let you and your team have map control. This means that you can see if the enemy is going to kill Dragon or Baron Nashor or trying to steal Your team's buffs like Lizard. By putting wards around the map you will be able to gank a lot easier because you will know where the enemy champions are. Soraka must also but an Oracle Lixir in mid game in order to destroy the enemy wards around the map. As a support champion, Soraka should NOT look for getting kills. She must let the kills for her allies.

Teamfights: Soraka excels at teamfights because of her GREAT ultimate: Wish (). Soraka's goal is to stay behind the tank and heal her teammates by this priority:
Carries Dps/Ap > Offtanks > Herself > Tank.
Soraka must use her ultimate when her teammates have about 50%-60% of maximum health in order to let them stay and fight for longer time. Soraka's ultimate has a big chance of helping her team win a teamfight. You will have to play VERY SAFE as soraka because she lacks a lot of survivability.

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I hope you enjoyed my build and you found it useful. I'd like you to first read the guide/build and then comment and rate. For any Tips or Advices do not hesitate to PM me or comment in my build. Thank you for your patience :)