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League of Legends Build Guide Author bsteins

sorka what more is there to say

bsteins Last updated on January 23, 2011
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this is my first build so please let me know what you think.

i have been playing sorka for some time now and everytime i join a game and pick sorka i hear my team yelling "oh no not an other noob sorka" so i assume that some people out there have no clue how to support their team in fights or try to play sorka as a dps champ.

with this build i will try to help some of you out with this amazing support champ.

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i love the ruby crystal first more hp means you wont have to focus on healing yourself as much.

you will want to try and rush RoA after you get your boots. once you get your boots of mobility you should be able to run around that map and help out that lane that isn't doing that great they will also let you out run a lot of champs.

aegis is just a great all around item health armor and magic res for you and armor and magic res for your allies.

after that its pretty much up to you what to want to buy i like abyssal scepter for the extra ap and the aura helps out all your teams casters. but an other good choice would be soul shroud( i havent try this item out yet normaly the game ends before i finish scepter).

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summoner spells

i love fortify. you have no clue how many time i have been chased past the tower by people thinking that they can get a easy kill off me them i just pop this spell and enjoy watching them try to get away from the tower. you can also use this move to save tower you are no where near or save your teammate and get easy assists from across the map if your foes are not expecting it.

now for ghost, who doesnt love more movement speed. being able to get away from some foe that just walked out of the bushes and is going for your head or to get you up to your teammate to toss an astral blessing his way saving him from a gank and them run away staying out of the range of your foes.

i have seen a couple builds on here that use heal and while i can see its usefulness i find its debuff too much of a draw back. it would pretty much be your "oh s**t button" once you use it your healing is pretty much shot.

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for runes i go ap/lvl marks, mana reg/lvl seals, cdr glyphs, and hp quints.

i take the ap/lvl marks because you want your heals to heal for the most they can and the ap/lvl will help you do that.

i know some of you might not think sorka needs the mana reg seals and in all honestly she doesnt but by having them it lets you use infuse less on yourself and more to poke your foes early game or to keep your lane mates mana up.

cdr glyphs well what more do you want me to say here.

i take the hp quints because if ur foes are any good at all you will be focused and with the extra hp and your heal you should be able to at least have a chance to flee.

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i wait to lvl starcall last because lets face it if your using it to farm creeps you are taking creep kills away from your lane mate and im pretty sure that they could use the gold more then you. this is also the reason i take greed as a mastery this should help you get gold and keep you from taking gold from the heros that really need it.

as for astral blessing and infuse those are pretty much up to you on what order to take them. i take infuse first if laning with a champ that uses mana and astral blessing if im not. if your lane is getting harassed a lot astral blessing can keep you and your mate there and if your not getting harassed infuse lets you do some harassing yourself or give your lanemate mana so they can harass.
-also in team fights its your job to keep your team alive. if your tanks are doing their job you shouldnt have to heal anyone but them but we all know that isnt always the case. you should focus on healing who ever the foes are attacking even if that person isnt a tank.

as always get ult when you can and keep your eyes on other lanes so you can use it to save your friends.

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ending thoughts

i have been using this build and it has worked for me a lot in ranked and nonranked games, i havent really played a lot of ranked games but so far i have won 80% of them.

this build should make it so you have plenty of hp, armor, and magic res, so when your foes decide to focus you they will find you to be a pain to kill and hopefully your team will be able to take some of them out before they rip you a new one and hey lets face it if the foes are attacking you that means that your carries are safe to bring on the pain.

also it is your job to keep or team living so even if you die in the process. it is better for you to die then one of your carries because you shouldnt have any kills and your carries should at least have a killing spree going on so by letting your foes kill you and saving your carry you will keep the foes from getting that nice extra gold.

so get out their and show everyone what a real support champ can do.

please post your comments and let me know what you think i will try to revise and will take any advise you can give.