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Fizz General Guide by Soulbert

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soulbert

Soulberts AP Fizz guide~

Soulbert Last updated on October 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, and throughout this guide I'm going to emphasize that the item selection isn't at all the set build you should use. There's absolutely no game that's the same every time. One game you might face a lot of ad. The next might be against a lot of AP. I'll be sure to tell you what I would do against AP and AD.

If you downvote or upvote this guide, please say why :3. Feel free to ask questions about anything in this guide or just in general. I would be more than willing to answer it :).

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9x Greater Mark of Insight. Good for early game and giving a little bit extra damage against squishy's (ap and ad carries).
9x Greater Seal of Resilience. Fizz is really squishy early game as well as anybody else, but I take these because Fizz to get the minion kills at the start is a melee (for all those who didn't know). If you don't have these you're ultra squishy and you use your health potions up really fast w/o them. Just more sustain in lane and they work well with his passive
9x Greater Glyph of Force More AP~
9x Greater Quintessence of Force. More AP...don't need to say more.

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offensive masteries: They all help at different points of the game. The attack damage helps get minion kills early on. The early ap gives a little more poking ability on who you're laning against. Cdr for more spamming. I think the rest is self-explanable.

Defensive masteries: These are pretty flexible on if you want to put these 8 points into utility too. But I put these into defense because early on it's a little harder to play aggressive with Fizz.

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Ok for this part there's a set item order I try to get before I start getting items on who i'm facing.

Starting: Boots, 3 health pots
Why? Fizz is extremely slow and it would be much harder to avoid getting auto attacked after you kill minions. It's also way easier to dodge skill shots w/o boots. The health potions help you sustain in lane even against the most annoying heroes.

First recall: Ideally you want to be able to get Kage's Lucky Pick and Blasting Wand. But if you go back and are able to get Kage's Lucky Pick, don't panick that you can't get the blasting wand..If you're only 200-300 gold away from it and are out of health pots, buy a few if you think you need them.

Why? Some people will no doubt ask why I get Kage's Lucky Pick and Blasting Wand BEFORE I get my upgraded boots. Here's a simple way to put it: When you're that early in the game, 65 extra AP would help you more than 20% magic penetration when killing targets. Also as Fizz you have GREAT escape capability with Playful/trickster and Ghost (or flash if you pick it) and you don't need the extra movement speed to get out of a bad situation.

Second Recall: At this point, you would hope to get 2-3 kills no matter what lane you're in. The items ideally would be Needlessly Large Rod and Sorcerers Boots, but if you only have enough gold to get one of them, go with Needlessly Large Rod over the boots (because of reasons stated above).

Third recall: Rabadons and Sorcerers boots. At this point you should be pretty fed and around 5-7 kills (maybe more). If you are around 10 kills you should be able to get a blasting wand after your rabadons and start building your lich bane.

Next items: If you don't get your blasting wand right after your rabadons, get it before your Sheen. Then proceed to get your lich bane.

After your Lich Bane, the items you get are based on what you're facing. Sometimes I get Void Staff right after Lich Bane. Other times I get Guardians Angel (depending on if your team has taken out 2 or 3 of their turrets). Other reasons why I get Guardians Angel are on how many people on your team are actually getting kills and are dealing damage. If as Fizz you are getting most of the kills, you really want Guardians Angel because the other team WILL focus you during team fights. It makes you less squishy, and you get a free revive. You can also chase people down who are low on health w/o dying in the process. For everybody who's played monopoly, this is your "get out of jail free" card. :3

In the scenarios where the other team is really tanky and it's highly unlikely they'll be able to spike you down really fast during team fights, get Void Staff. You get extra AP and 40% magic penetration. The 40% magic penetration is really strong late game when the enemy tanks and/or offtanks when they've built a lot of magic resistance. I'm not saying at all during team fights you should focus their tanks. You should ALWAYS try to kill the enemy AP and AD carries.

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Skill Sequence

Seastone trident: Upgrade this to 5 FIRST. The passive effect isn't the part that makes it op. During the time you've activated it, the on hit-effects you put on enemies (minions, champs, etc) are extremely helpful in killing enemies. One of the things it puts on enemies is Grievous Wound which reduces their healing by 50% during the 5 seconds it's on them. The other on-hit effect is has is it deals a certain amount of magic damage each second it's on them. Simply put: When you get your AP up into the 200-400 range, during the time Seastone Trident is on a enemy, you could be dealing 100-300 magic damage a second. No I'm not kidding you. It's a very op skill that can take down nearly everybody.
Urchin Strike: Upgrade this to 5 SECOND. Ok. You think Seastone trident is OP by itself. But once I tell you about Urchin Strike, you'll see why I love Fizz. At one point during a match, I told my team that I needed red buff. They didn't think I needed it...But I insisted. Urchin Strike is really unique in that it applies the on hit effects of all the buffs you have on yourself. So if you activate Seastone trident and then use Urchin Strike on a target, it would apply the Grivous Wound and magic damage per second from Seastone trident. If you happen to have red buff on yourself when you use Urchin Strike you also apply the burning onto the target for a little more damage on the target. Yes, Urchin Strike is awesome. :3
Chum The Waters: Max this THIRD. This is the only skill shot Fizz has..and it packs quite a punch. The only ultimate where a fish flies at a enemy Champ and latches onto it. After it has latched onto a champ it slows them, and 1.5 seconds afterward a SHARK flies out of the ground and knocks them up dealing loads of damage to the target and then slowing them by 50% at lvl 1, 60% at lvl 2, and 70% at lvl 3. This is a really good way to catch people who are running away, or just by getting the jump on a champ that's all by itself in a lane.
Playful/Trickster: Max this last. The only reason I get it when I reach lvl 3 is it's a great way to get free harrassment on enemy champs in lane. Using Seastone and Urchin Strike then using Playful/trickster to avoid getting harrased back. Another use it has is if you get turret dived, after you initially use Playful, DON'T USE TRICKSTER. JUST LET IT RUN OUT. If you do that, you slow the person who's turret diving you and you're most likely able to get the kill on them with help from the turret.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: I use it because it reduces the healing done on a target by 50% and that it chains well with the on-hit effects of Seastone trident. What I mean by that it chains well is that after you initially put Seastone trident on a target and you put ignite on that same target after Seastone trident wears off, you continue to deal damage per second to it as well as reducing the healing done on it. I take it because sometimes the combo of Seastone->Urchin Strike doesn't completely finish them off and ignite finishes them off for the kill.
Ghost: This summoner skill has saved my life on more than 1 occasion because of the speed boost. Some people will ask: why not take Flash? Well Fizz already has a built-in Flash in Playful/Trickster so the increased speed boost helps more (most times). Another thing I have yet to say is that Fizz is a naturally slow champion. Even after getting your upgraded boots Fizz is slower then most champs and can be chased down. Having Ghost can make sure you can get out if the rest of your team dies during a team fight.

If you find that different summoner skills work better then these 2 feel free to comment :3.

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Upgraded playful/trickster at lvl 8 instead of Urchin Strike to help push minions faster.


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