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Cho'Gath Build Guide by MrGodzilla


By MrGodzilla | Updated on June 1, 2015

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Breifly: This is the guide for you who want to burst out of the fog of war, team in tow, with insane speed, smiting and feasting on a chosen carry as they scramble to get away, wreck havoc on the enemy team, deactivating any turret that stand in the way of your glorious charge.
If that sounds good to you, I suggest you try out this build!

You can find some tips for tricks for the train-sequence right below here. After that, there is a more comprehensive guide if you feel like doing some more reading on it.
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How to CHO CHO

Assuming you have your core items, here are some tips other than those mentioned later in the guide about HOW you actually pull this off.

1. Passengers

First of all, make sure you have at least two allies who will benefit from your speed boost around. The best thing about trains is that they take a lot of passengers though, so if you can, have everybody present.

However, you might also use the speed boost when chasing down a low health target alone, provided you know you can kill them and not die afterwards.

2. How to actually do it

Activation order:
Ult > Righteous Glory > Heal > Chilling Smite > Ohmwreacker

Actual order, chonologically in the game:
Rigtheous Glory + Heal > Ult + Smite > Ohmwreacker

A good technique for landing the basic sequence is to first hold your mouse over the enemy champion whom you want to feel the brunt of the train-smack. Press R, which will trigger your Feast on that target as soon as you are in range, no matter where you hover your mouse afterwards, as long as you don't active any other basic ability. Item activation's and Summoner's are fine though, and will not interrupt your "queued up" ult. That's why you activate your Righteous Glory (and Heal, if you feel like it) next, CHO CHO-ING you straight to their carry. Fire off Chilling Smite, slowing them and making landing Rupture a breeze. Scream in the face of their mage and then activate Ohmwreacker if you need to.

3. General Tips

Try to hit as many people with your Righteous Glory "shockwave" as possible. The same goes for your spells, even if you are targeting their carry.

When you have Ohmwreacker, run down a lane past their turrets (even if they are destroyed) to gain an additional 30% speed boost.

Try to soak as much damage as possible but still get out alive. This only matters if your team is dealing damage to their team while you receive said damage.
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Early Game

Farm the jungle as much as possible, and try to get as big as possible. If any lane is pushed in and in distress, shove the creeps away from the turret with your spells or gank from behind. You have more than enough cc to pull this off, but be careful since your Heal is your only escape tool if you mess it up. In general, the objective is to keep your lanes living through the laning phase, but it's also very important to farm up to your first core items.
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Mid Game

Once you get a hold of Righteous Glory, you finally see the first puff of smoke from your mighty engine. This item enables your entire play style as the CHO CHO-ING TRAIN'GATH. The whole point of the mid game is catching people off guard by boosting up on them and silencing them, then chunking their HP and keeping them in place with R and Q. You can do this every 60 seconds as you keep building your core items and farming in the meantime. Many of these picks result in easy dragons, especially if you can last-hit a champ with your ult. The ult will then go on a much shorter cooldown, allowing you to gather up your team and "smite" drag for 1600 hp, leaving no chance for anyone to steal it.

When you add the Ohmwrecker to the mix, you can choose a lane, bring 2+ allies there, and START YOUR ENGINE. Your allies (passengers) will be sent straight into the enemy turret with you as a battering ram. Your job is to deactivate the turret and CC anyone defending it, allowing your passengers to kill both. If you run straight down the lane, and use Heal as you start to gain speed in conjunction with Ohmwrecker's passive, Point Runner, which just like heal gives you a 30% speed boost, you will hit a split second before your allies, allowing you to soke up any damage and cc with your passive tenacity and HP from your ult.

In essence, you should CHO CHO around with your passengers in mid game, focusing on dragons until you get your Ohmwrecker, when you start killing turrets instead. Oftentimes, having a massive screaming train roar around the Rift will usually grant you great map control. Further this control with a Sweeper.
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Late Game

CHO CHO straight into their towers when they ain't looking. Your allies get a free ticket if they make sure they are close enough. Grab any dragon or baron you can with your Smite+Ult combo, this applies for enemy champions as well. Rinse and repeat until their Nexus shards literally spell "Victory" in the air.
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Thanks for Reading

I hope you enjoyed this short and blocky guide, I know it's not perfect but hopefully it get's my point across. It's my first guide here, made the account because I found the build very different and engaging to play! Try it out with different build variations, it's hella fun!


MrGodzilla, EU West.
League of Legends Build Guide Author MrGodzilla
MrGodzilla Cho'Gath Guide

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