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Garen Build Guide by Zodeoz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zodeoz

Spin to kill (ad build)

Zodeoz Last updated on December 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is not perfect but its a build with special items for Garen.
I am not the best Garen player but I know how he works and I tested dps and tank.
I bring the result of my search and my tests on Garen. I was inpired by PlentaKill - LoL I Do is Spin (DJ Khaled - All I Do is Win LoL Parody) on youtube its a pretty good song and its original. I will not explain how to play Garen (its easy) but I will explain the choice of items, runes because its not always easy to choose. You will spin spin spin and place wards, oh yeah and kill everybody."The most effective way to kill an opponent is to slice through the man next to him."
Garen, on front line strategy.

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Atma's impaler can be replace by Stark's fervor if you need more dps.
Frozen mallet can be replace by Executioner's Calling.
Executioner's Calling Decent item, only get it if they have Mundo/healers.
Stark's Fervor If no one else built this, it's a good item on him. Someone should build this every game usually.The dodge will be delete soon...You can replace tabi ninja by mercury's treads. Dont shearch fight until you have your Youmuu's ghostblade.Oh yeah and an important thing WARDS !!! Ward help really because you want to tower dive and with wards you can see the jungler if you want to tower dive.

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Unique Skills

The choice of item by the player is important... I dont do a one way guide. Nobody takes Stark's fervor with Garen but its a good item for him. I love Garen dps because of his amazing spin in early game, I maximize it (incredible damage).

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Summoner Spells

I take ghost and ignite but Ghost and exhaust its good too.
If you take ignite, at level six to 18, if you can keep your ignite to finish somebody after your ultimate. Sometime you rage because a champion enemy back with one Life point.

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If you control the enemy, spin in the minions but if you dont control the lane dont do it. You can burst the minions by using your spin and your W to take less damage. Farming is the secret of Garen if you solo top, if you are more high level than the guy at top you can charge(not vs any champion).

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Lane choice

If there is a jungler in the other team and one in your team, go solo top if you can. Go bot if there is no jungler on the both side. You can go with a low health champion bot you are dps but you can take a lot of damage. Go with a support(you do damage for two) its will help you, more minions kill and you will probably have 90 percents of your lane at early game. The starting lane will change your game. A Sonna or a Soraka, its cool but you want a Janna its pretty helpful to tower dive in early game and Janna control the enemy (tornado, speed boost and others). If your support takes CV better be on Skype, TS, Mumble or others, you will need to ask what you want to your support.

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Pros / Cons

Pros:Tower dive is easy, Off tank natural(dont need stuff), team figth with Garen dont really need a focus, Easy to finish enemy with Q and ulti, Good at all moment of the game
Con:If no tank in your team you will do the job, if not feed the game is difficult (item cost a lot), solo top can be funny or really bad.

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The partner if you bot

A Sonna or a Soraka, its cool but you want a Janna its pretty helpful to tower dive in early game and Janna control the enemy (tornado, speed boost and others). If your support takes CV you better be on Skype, TS, Mumble or others, you will need to need to ask what you want to your support. CV in the bush and if your support take a lot wards, forget your wards(you need money). Be with a friend to bot, because with a pick up its really bad (you need a helpful partner).

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The solo top

If you want to solo top its good but go in draft and ban solo top tank/offtank same as Nasus. You want a little low hp champion top its really funny to tower dive. You want a gank sometime but not a lot(you want exp and kill).