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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Tristana Build Guide by QuexFehftir

Straight Crit Tristana

Straight Crit Tristana

Updated on June 30, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author QuexFehftir Build Guide By QuexFehftir 2 4 8,232 Views 4 Comments
2 4 8,232 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author QuexFehftir Tristana Build Guide By QuexFehftir Updated on June 30, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



This guide is about Tristana of course. Talk about one fun champ to play. A bit bland through mid game, early is almost always a nice challenge and late is where you make or break the game. She is one rocking little DPS carry, this guide is most certainly not about AP Trist, god bless her little soul. Anyway, read on!
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Sliding this in here as something to keep in mind. LAST HIT EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN! Really can't stress this enough. Getting your items too slowly can really break you late game.
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Pros / Cons

Pros :
;- One of the strongest late game carries.
;- Pretty strong early game in lane phase against most other champions.
;- Comes with 2 escape/positioning skills and anti heal.

Cons :
;- Rather low skill burst in the later phases of the game.
;- Mid game is rather bland until you pick up your first Phantom Dancer.
;- This character is MUCH based around farming, get good at this. At least as an AD carry.
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Fairly standard masteries for a ranged AD carry. 21 for the overall damage increases. The 9 in Utility for some extra bonuses. Quite easy to make slight edits for Ghost instead of Teleport, or maybe Perseverance if you take neither.
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Skill Sequence

Stands pretty much as follows.

;- Starting with Rocket gives you an early escape just in case.
;- Building up both Explosive Shot and Rocket Jump to 3 along with your Ult really adds some heavy skill burst for a lane when matched up with Ignite.
;- Rapid Fire could probably wait a little later but this should be around the time you at least have a few AD items to start pushing out a little bit of auto attack deeps after blowing your skills in a team fight, or to push some minions for a tower.
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;- This part seems to be a little different from most. PERSONALLY, it seems more useful to me to be able to have a chance at a crit when trying to push out those initial lane kills than have a bit more solid dps. So I prefer to focus mainly on crit as opposed to armor penetration, up to the point for 100% crit rate with Infinity Edge / Phantom Dancer x2. A single auto-attack crit in the lane will easily secure the kill for your Jump/Explosive/Ignite/Buster combo.

;- The rest are quite simply for lane dominance. All the HP5 can really cover up a bad play or two on your part, or stifle a gank since you will more than likely be starting with fairly high HP all the time. It also makes trading blows much easier against your lane opponents as you can regen the health back so quickly.

;- Also yes late game, pen will very slightly outdo crit on runes vs lowly armored opponents. I made a little chart showing the differences. This might seems a little undetailed but for anyone who's really interested, it should be understandable. This pertains simply to this build. ;;;

This chart is slightly edited.. will update it fully in the future due to a slight build swap.

266 dmg - build stats = 85 crit, 40% penetration
dmg max=665 diff = 399; 3.99 per crit
base dmg = 605

100 armor = 50%
200 armor = 66.6%
300 armor = 75%

60 armor = 37.5%
120 armor = 54.5%
180 armor = 64.2%

armor pen runes
vs crit runes
armorpen= 24.93pen
crit = 100%crit, 1.66 armor pen ; dmg = 665

35.07 armor = 25.9% = 448.3 dmg
36.8%w/pen = 420.2 dmg
95.07 armor = 48.7% = 310.3 dmg
54.1%w/pen = 305.2 dmg
155.07 armor = 60.7% = 237.7 dmg
64%w/pen = 239.4 dmg
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;- So here is the focus point for a character like Tristana. Your major bread and butter, with many takes on how it should be done. This one is simply mine.

Start ; Regrowth Pendant and Health Potion - I can't explain enough my own personal focus on the lane dominance issue. This can easily make or break the morale of you and your opponent's team. DO NOT FEED. All the HP healing will help you keep away from that.

First time back ; Doran's Blade/Boots of Speed/Doran's Blade - This is the point where you got a little farm in, maybe a kill or two if your enemy allowed. Pick up Doran's Blade first, followed by the Boots of Speed and then another Doran's Blade. The blade takes first priority simply because the extra power will help you with harassing and make your last hits easier, along with the tad bit of lifesteal and extra health to help you push a bit easier and survive ganks. The boots help with positioning and god forbid running back to the lane if they actually manage to get you back there. The second blade is much for the same reasons as the first, as high health really helps a lot.

;- Next on the list is likely B.F. Sword. If you come up short for this, you can always get Pickaxe as well, then get this later. This really helps with your last hitting and harassing with pot shots.

;- Feel free to pick up the Berserker's Greaves any time you wish after the 2nd Doran's Blade. I normally like to have either the Pickaxe or B.F. Sword first, but either way usually turns out all right.

;- Next is finishing up your Infinity Edge. Get either the Pickaxe or B.F. Sword you didn't get earlier and save the Cloak for last. This is a huge damage increase, and really the point you can start relying on your Q in team fights to push out some damage for killing other champions.

;- Next step is to build a Zeal, followed by the Cloak and then Phantom Dancer itself. This item will all around start to really push your DPS. Crits start to come really steady, the attack speed bonus is very nice, and the movement speed is always a nice bonus to boot. Simply rinse and repeat until you pick up your second Phantom Dancer.

;- Usually nearing the end of the game, you will be able to pick up the Last Whisper. This thing starts to make a huge difference as armor will be built up a bit, and more AD will push your crits even further. Normally this is a better choice before Madred's because you will actually be able to finish this item before the game ends. Doing so with Madred's is not always so easy.

;- Last is Madred's Bloodrazor. With the HP% you can even start effectively going after tanks. It's not GREAT, but much better than anything you could do before. This will push your aspd very slightly past cap with Rapid Fire up. And as always the extra AD will continually push the damage even higher.
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Summoner Spells

Normally I would recommend Teleport/Ignite for Solo Queue, or Flash/Ignite for premades.

;- Ignite becomes a fair given in almost any game after you start using it and get the hang of it. Damage and sealing the kills is what this is about.

;- Teleport can make up somewhat for lack of team coordination in solo queue, mainly with holding a turret when a stray push comes in and no one is nearby. Also great for quick b's in the lane phase.

;- Flash is a great step for either offense or defense. Key to finish up a chase, or get yourself out of one. This along with Rocket Jump can really get you out of harm's way.
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;- For the most part this likely won't be too much for you. If you have your lane pushed up to their tower and don't feel safe pushing, don't be afraid to Rocket Jump into the set of 4 wraith looking mobs near your tower. This is easy once you have both Doran's Swords. An easy 70 gold that will probably leave you with only a little less health, and done before their creeps even make their way back to your tower. - This is almost totally void if you have a jungler on your team.

;- Also notable for later on team fights, farm the red buff whenever you can. The slow on this will easily help you finish off runners in a chase and set off with some extra damage.
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Team Work

;- In the lane phase, you can really load in the damage in a 2v2 situation. Use this to your advantage whenever possible, especially after level 6 with Buster Shot. Knocking the enemies towards your tower/ally can have great results when used properly.

;- Mid game really focus on the farming, but check out team fights if you got anything near yourself. Teleport is always quite handy for this.

;- Late game, especially after the 30/35 minute mark, hang around in the back of your team and auto attack away dealing the big damage to everyone but the tank, unless no one else is in range. Be wary for stuns/disables, as those are a sign that someone is on the way to kill you. Try to take shots at the enemy carries or those with lower armor/hp that you can chew through relatively quickly.
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This in a nutshell is another ranged AD carry build for Tristana. For the most part, this build is simply based around solid damage, and not something like a Bloodthirster that will get you in trouble if you die. It offers very solid damage, along with bonus move speed from the Phantom Dancers. Try it out and kick some ***!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author QuexFehftir
QuexFehftir Tristana Guide
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Straight Crit Tristana

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