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Malphite Build Guide by R.J.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author R.J.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

R.J. Last updated on July 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is for all of you out there who like Malphite, but want to be a beast with him in normal 5v5 playing. This build has helped me a lot, just don't get discouraged if it takes a while to get it, or if you just don't complete it during game.

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Progression of Abilities

The progression really does not matter in this build. I always start with Seismic Shard, though, because it gives you a ranged attack that allows you to harass the opponent, without getting too close and getting killed right off the bat. I do recommend getting Seismic Shard fully leveled up before worrying about Ground Slam and Brutal Strikes, though. Also, level up your ultimate whenever you can. It is your second most vital move, the first being Seismic Shard.

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Yep, that's right folks. Ionic Spark is the item I use. and guess what? It works. 110 extra attack on your fourth attack, plus it gives you attack speed. Now, I also do not recommend saving up for each of these items. build them when possible. I would get the items that are the cheapest and give you health and/or armor. And, yes, I know I have Thornmail Armor at the end, which would give you seven items (which is impossible for those of you playing at home) but the Thornmail Armor replaces Doran's Shield. I would Replace it at the end, after you've built the rest of it, that way you only take a small hit to your health and armor between the exchange.

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Mastery Page

There's a bunch of ways that you could set up your Mastery Page for this build. Just do it in a way that works for how you play as Malphite. I'm very much forward, and jump right into a battle, so I prefer to build mainly offense, with a little utility and defense, but if you set up your rune page correctly, your mastery page could be set up anyway that helps you.

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Summoner Spells

I recommend Surge and Clarity for Malphite, for various reasons. If you've ever played Malphite, then you know that you tend to run out of mana fairly quickly, and rather than wasting your money on a bunch of mana potions and items that give extra mana, I recommend Clarity. Yes, there is a long cool down, and you may run out of mana even with clarity, but it usually gives you enough of an edge on the opponent that they run out before you. Also, it helps early game if you use Seismic Shard to harass opponents. Surge really gives you an edge, because Malphite is a tank, and so he needs to be able to take out a few turrets, which is a piece of cake with Surge, especially if you combine it with brutal strikes. Surge also gives you an edge when fighting people who are a higher level, and when they have more health. Not only does it increase attack damage, it also improves attack speed, which is critical for Malphite.

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I chose the runes I did, because I feel that a Malphite with a 10% critical chance is helpful in a battle, because one in ten hits will be critical (in theory). Attack speed is important as well, and can determine whether or not you take out a turret before your minions die, and whether or not you kill the opponent who ganked you when you have half health. The Critical Damage is optional, I think that if you're going to improve you're critical chance, the damage should be pretty high as well, but feel free to dedicate that part to something more useful to you.

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Last Words

I am not sure if this will include the extras granted by Warmog's Armor, but my health is usually in the 4,000 and above range by the time I finish it, and gain the additional health.