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League of Legends Build Guide Author Supernatural Cow

*Stun* Expletive, /uninstall.

Supernatural Cow Last updated on December 14, 2010
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Note: Before reading, please note that I am only beginning in the LoL scene and that this is my first guide. However, having that said, I have made it my biggest priority to contribute to the thoughts and ideas of character building, and I hope that this build will be yet another step to you pwning with Eve.

Okay, so first off, Eve is an assassin through and through, she is that one "lucky bastard" that manages to kill you when health is low for once. To the untrained eye, Evelyn is everywhere, and to the trained ones, she's always in the right place at the right time. However, obviously, you aren't up to this kind of level with Eve and is probably the reason why you are reading my guide, right? Well, let me start by listing the pros and the cons of playing with her:

Awesome burst attack damage - This means that even at an early stage in the game, you are capable of doing some of the most amounts of damage in the game in a short and terrifying burst, which will usually leave your enemies wondering what just happened to them.

Multi purpose stealth - This is basically the ability that causes everyone to try Evelyn out and get the chance to play an OP champ, but this is wrong, and what they don't realise, is that very soon, Eve's weakness to detection is too much for them to handle. Shadow walk is a multi purpose ability, in that, not only do you get to run around the map surprising everyone with her suddenly appearing self, but you get to add to the suspense with a stun. This works wonders with not only beginner enemies who don't know to go for stealth detection, when suddenly they're surprised with a stunning death (Haha, first pun for the day ^_^), but also for the more experienced players, who, despite the fact that they can see you, will usually under-estimate you and just call you useless that your still using shadow walk. That is their mistake, and most of the time, their weakness. Quite a lot, they will over estimate you, running up to you thinking that you're easy to take because your so squishy. However, to their pitiful disappointment, they will be wrong, when they are greeted with a stun, a ravage, and an arsenal of useful items (see below for item lists); this is where my favourite description for Evelyn comes in: *Stun, expletive /uninstall.

Excellent synergy with various items - As will be explained later, Evelyn is a really good match with many passive on-hit items such as Rageblade and Lich Bane, because of her need to kill enemies before they can kill her - i.e. after the 2 or something seconds that stun wears off :).

Good early game harrassment skills - When I play Eve, I don't like to think of her as a stealth character, instead, more of an instant nuker. If you think about it, whenever somebody watches Eve go invisible, they almost always instantly think she's up to something. This is the same feeling as when Veigar pops his stun and then immediately after, Dark Matter. The only difference is, Eve has to get right into the thick of it and then quickly run back out, however, that's not usually a problem because after a harrass they're generally close enough to death that they won't chase, and when they do, after a bit of kiting, stealth should be back, and regardless of eve's health, has another 2 seconds to deal damage. This is all ofcourse, if the enemy hasn't gotten vision wards yet. If they have, you probably should not think like that, but instead think like a Master Yi with stuns - squishy, invulnerable for 2 seconds, and ridiculous damage. However, after straying off topic for a while, my point is (yes, I do have one :P ) that Evelyn is a great silent torture champion, because the enemy will never know what you are doing before it happens, again, unless ofcourse they have vision, in which you might not wanna go for mid :P

Survivability - Yeah, Eve isn't going to be your ticket if you want to take the brunt of the fighting on your shoulders. She's a quick in-and-out girl and cannot successfully be used for tanking - not even evasion tanking. (Mind you, that has come to mind every now and then :P )

Map Awareness - This is not really a con, rather a necessity. You HAVE to have good map awareness when playing. You have to be able to spot a gank a mile away, know when they will retreat, when they will warp back to base, and when they are attempting to take the Nashor - oh yes, a fun ganking opportunity, AND an easily slain Nashor - etc, etc.

Hard to play early game - When I first started playing Evelyn, I hated beginning the games, because I would always be horrible at working with such low damage. Yes, this is a problem, but, when all of the above pro's are considered, and you have the map covered, your screen will constantly be saying 'lleeeegendary! with all of your last-second-before-warp kills and kills in front of monsters - this is also a great way to get buffs, is if you stalk a jungler (i.e Warwick) around until he has almost taken a golem or such thing, and then ks (kill steal) it from him, then stealth away. This is a favourite technique of mine, and works quite well even against detection wards because they are usually just placed in lanes.

Map awareness, but in a different way - This kind of attaches to the Pro's, in that Eve is good at early harrassment. While this is very true, you cannot just run into the fray and bash away a bit, otherwise you'll find yourself taking more damage than they are, and you'll have done their job for them. No, as a professional Evelyn, you have to make the fight come to you. A successful Eve is a person who coaxes the enemy into thinking they're winning, or safe (Note the nasty right-before-they-warp-back-to-base kill), and then give them a good teaching of the phrase "Never let down your guard". An example of this, is the Turret Gank. Now, you might be wondering, "Uh, wth does that do/mean?" but, it's quite simple. Let the enemy think that they are in the lead, by luring them to your turret - while in stealth mode - so that they can attempt to take it out, and then right in front of them, you pop out, smashing stuns upon ravages upon hate spikes upon stuns right across their skull until they are beat down dead. It's not that this is an incredibly useful strategy, but it's just that this way, they have to come up to you, where you are in the advantageous spot: right under your own turret. This is useful for "quick kills to pay the bills" (lol, I saw that somewhere and laughed so hard) as well as teaching them a lesson in "my way or the highway". Note, that this strategy is really good for quick ganks, as you can lure the enemy to your turret, surprise them, and then make them run off in fear that if they hit you, they'll die by your turret, and then get them finished off by a team mate waiting at the retreat path. Pure pwnage 0_o .

Okaaaaay. I think that for a first guide, I might have gone a bit overboard with the rambling on and made it a bit more complicated than it really is, but do bear with me :)

Now, onto the Make or Break-ness of any successful champion: item builds.

Item builds are especially important in LoL, as even the most thought-out strategies can turn to a big, hot, steaming pile of fail if you haven't got the right gear to match. The following list will describe what I usually get and how I use them. However, note that each game differs from the last, and their is no concrete build, I just look at random items at the beginning of the game and pick the ones I like or think look the best - bad habit, I know :P )

Okay, well the beginning of the game is the most important part, and so depending on what I'm up against, I like to spec accordingly. If I see more than 2 squishy characters, I like to get boots of speed, a health pot, and a mana potIf I see a majority of tanks/ hybrid tanks, or it is 3v3, I like to go for Doran's ring and two health pots. Note, my game plan still varies after this initial step, because when I think the enemy has vision wards, and Evelyn, a Twitch, or a Teemo, I like to get Oracle's Elixirsooner rather than later, and I tend to play a bit more on the defensive, so that I don't have to waste more money on detection. Also note, that if i'm going mid, I buy Boots of Swiftnessinstead of Boots of Mobility, and I generally get them a lot sooner. However, for nooby teams, this, as well as the detection can be a waste of money (Thus the skill of map awareness).

After I have sorted out the nitty gritty, I like to quickly get some cheap ganks that are only ever available to Evelyn for money(but never, EVER, ks, for you should never think that you need the kills more than they do, for that is another aspect to playing the squishy: teamwork. Which, I am no good at, and will not attempt to post a guide about :P )

After I have my beginning stuff, I like to stay on the field for as long as a possible, but not to overstay my welcome without my sufficient items (There does come a time where you'd get gold faster if you gave killing a break and got those items). Usually, my welcome expires at about 2500 gold, which is just enough for a Guinsoo's Rageblade. After that, the game has kind of moved into the mid half of the game, and I just keep grinding the ganks untill I get my Lich Bane, which is basically my bread and butter to short and sweet kills. By now, I am running around killing squishies on my own (Note, Annie, in all her cuteness, is not to be under-estimated, for she is almost always covered by reinforcements). I also tend to it that I help my team mates take the tanks, and every now and then I will pop my constantly available Hate and Spite to take out a tower or two with some minions.

Now, for the next few items, we will be needing AP, so right before we dig into them, we will need to get some. A perfectly cheap and Evelyn-friendly item would Mejai's Soulstealer. At first, it doesn't seem to do all that much, but with a bit of practice, you will get to 20 stacks in no time. Now, I don't wanna do the math, but sooner or later, our AP will be more than sufficient enough for our next two items:

Next on my list, I want to deal more damage, so I'm going to go for the Deathfire Grasp, and if you can afford both (I usually can), I get the Hextech Gunbladeas well. This adds two extra finishers, that both have a longer range than Ravage... excellent for hitting foes just out of your range (Stupid Yi...). This item combo also works well together because of Lich Bane, in that, your next attack after your spell (yes, DFG and Hextech both count as spells,) does an extra 100% of your ability power... Remember how sweet those stacks of kills were on the Mejai's? Yeah, well, now they get even sweeter. Not only are you now well rounded in stuns, throws, normal attacks and spells, but with our previously bought Rageblade, each of these used will further increase our attack speed - more chance to cram in hits -, as well as our AP - As if the fast attacking wasn't enough. This now creates a nice and hybrid Evelyn that can do well even up against really big magic resistence (Which is what most enemies of Eve expect).

Now your finishing up your game, getting aggro nerd ragers ranting on about how OP Evelyn is, and watching everyone commit suicide to gank you. This doesn't always happen, but on more than one occassion, I've gotten it. So here the choices open up again. You can either get Rylai's Crystal Sceptre- which is good for running out of ganks. Or, you can feel that you are fine with your survivability and you are still too good for them, and just get some more uber AP pwnage, a.k.a the Zhonyas.

Well, that kinda raps up my splurge of 2 cents, I hope I could help. If you ever need any help with Evelyn, or any other character for that matter, or even if you just wanna catch up and play a game, you can send me an IM, or invite Supernatural Cow .

Also, feel free to give me a hand in my theory developing, and maybe help me with a few practice tests or whatnot - stupid Riot and their two player practice matches... -, or even maybe help me with some better ideas ^_^

...Oh yea, I forgot to comment on the Rune and Masteries choices xP
Uhm, it's kinda self-explanatory, I just picked what looked useful to my build. I went for a lot of magic penetration for more damage to help early on, and a bit of cool down reduction, to help with the speed of my spamming ^.^ .

Haha, one more P.S, does anyone think maybe adding Infinty Edgeto the build could help? I know that it won't stack with Lich Bane, but maybe it could act as a second trick up the sleeve? I noticed that the cooldown on IE is less than the Lich, so maybe I could just spam both amidst the Hate Spikes? Lol, just another topic for discussion on the comments below >____<