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Pantheon Build Guide by Super Kami

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Super Kami

Super Kami's Mantheon (U/C)

Super Kami Last updated on January 2, 2013
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Pantheon, or Mantheon, is probably one of the most diverse AD Champions in the League right now. He has an amazing kit with just the right mix to allow him to be played in any lane, including jungle. Really, you can build him to fit any AD role, but I find that he lasts the longest and does the most as an Beefy AD Caster. That means you have to stack the attack damage, the health, and the armor penetration.

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Pros / Cons

+ Chicks dig the Mantheon.
+ Diverse AD Champions.
+ OP Passive. 'Nough said.
- Mana hungry early game.
- No conventional escape skill.

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The Mantheon

His Theme song. While you listen, read below. Find out why the Mantheon is one of the greatest champions to ever grace the Fields.

  • What exactly can Mantheon do?
    The question is not what he can do, but what he cannot do. Need a tank? He can tank. Need someone to obliterate the opposition? He can do that to. Because of his kit, he can literally do any role within a team.... any role. He has the CC to support and lock down. He has the poking ability and burst capability to destroy one on one lanes. He can even jungle. If you're looking for the most diverse AD champion in the League, you've found him.
  • So you're saying Mantheon can even ADC? He's listed as an assassin and a melee. Putting him anywhere but top lane is suicide. In fact, doing any lane besides top is stupid.
    You, my friend, are a drone. You have succumbed to the mold. The masses would have you believe you must follow a cookie-cutter lane system known as 'Meta'. But you know what? You're in control of Mantheon. F**k the 'Meta'. Where you not just paying attention? Mantheon. Does. Everything. Going up against a ranged, poke his *** with your Spear Shot. They wanna harass you? They gotta burn an attack because of you're passive. Make then pay for trying to stand against your might. They trying to run away? Pounce on them. Hit them so hard with your shield that you give them a mini-concussion.
  • Ok. Let's say you're right. Let's say I believe you for a minute. Why the beefiness? Why not just out right build for attack damage and crit?
    Because you are Mantheon. Summoners around the globe fear your might, and for good reason. Thus, you will be focused. Build the health, and laugh at their meager attempts at your life while you destroy them.

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  • After attacking or casting spells four times, you gain a buff. This buff is a 'F You!' to every champion, turret, and siege minion within the League. This buff says 'Ha! Attack me? Just try it!'. By far one of the most life-saving, fight-wining, and underestimated passive in the game, Mantheon blocks any attack that deals more than forty points of damage to him.

    Note that this does not prevent any on-hit effects the blocked attack may possess. (Like blocking an Ezreal's Mystic Shot, but still being slowed due to Trinity Force's slowing proc.))

  • This is the bane of everyone going against Mantheon. This is a melee champion's ranged poke. Yes. That's right. Mantheon is the ranged poke spoken about earlier. On top of this, is does a hell of a lot of damage, especially when benefiting from a high armor penetration count and it's base cool down which is low. The only downside is that it costs a lot of mana, which may leave an unaware Mantheon starving for mana.

  • This can turn the tide of a fight, promise a kill from a gank, or save your life. The stun serves two purposes: preventing an enemy champion from doing anything, whether it be run away or attack, and resets your Aegis Protection. That means you can potentially block two attacks back to back if used in a smart manner.

  • See that passive buff you gain from this skill? This will make your enemies tremble at your feet and make the haters rage. This is a highly underestimated buff that not only procs off your regular attacks, but also your Spear Shot. Know what that means? Your Spear Shot just became the Harbinger of Death for the opposing team. That's right. F**k Darius and his Noxian Guillotine. You just became the baddest Motherf**ker in the game. The only reason you get this after Aegis of Zeonia is because you need that stun for multiple purposes as quickly as you can, but without sacrificing your damage output.