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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by superbardock

Super Majin-Mundo

Super Majin-Mundo

Updated on March 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author superbardock Build Guide By superbardock 6,943 Views 4 Comments
6,943 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author superbardock Dr. Mundo Build Guide By superbardock Updated on March 13, 2012
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M&M as I like to call it...

Hello everyone and welcome to my EXTREMELY TROLL Mega-Mundo/Majin-Mundo build. If you are all about getting the highest possible KD on either team (which is still possible with this build) all of the time then you might want to consider PWNDO build instead- his build is the best overall hands down. However. If what you desire is a creature that just doesn't ****ING die, then this build is for you. WARNING- Following this exact build to completion in any game may have the following side effects-
1)You may become immortal.
2)You may be unable to preform team tasks due to the fact that you will be living under the enemy fountain laser.
3)You may suddenly find that you ARE a replacement for the fountain at your base.
4)You may develop a serious, spontaneous, uncontrollable laugh that comes and goes every time you bust into a team fight during any league of legends match.
5)You WILL become a cocky prick that tanks out the three man "Xin" "Tryn" and "Yi" team, even without the use of a thorn mail. (Although seriously if this condition occurs, please ignore my troll build and swap a warmogs for a friggin thornmail)
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PRO's/Con's(there are none of the latter but still.)

Alright. So you want to be totally indestructible even while chasing down three opponents into their turret by yourself? No problem, you'll be doing it by fifteen minutes in if you have any sort of cleaver aim.
The key to this build (As you may or may not have noticed) Lies in Mundo's natural strong points- Speed and regeneration rather than reinforcing something like attack damage or ability power. Upon completion of this build Mundo's health regeneration (without his ult) is something close to about three hundred and fifty two health per five seconds- meaning that while running away from the horrible gank you just barely survived, you will find yourself back at full health before you even reach the safety of your outer turret...
This means an unmatched amount of presence in lane that no other champion can match, not swain, not tryn, no one. With his ultimate on (upon build completion) Your Mundo WILL be regenerating a little more than six hundred health PER second due to his passive, all three warmogs, the FON and the boost they will all receive due to the spirit visage. Obviously I don't know any champion that can sustain over five hundred damage per second- except tryndamere. But I wouldn't worry too much because you'll be faster than he is and unlike you, he isn't immortal for twelve seconds =) (undying rage can suck my balls).
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We can Build him... we have the technology.

Alright, so the first thing that your going to want to do is start off any game with the cleaver. DO NOT, EVER- EVER start with anything else. I like the flames as much as anyone, but they aren't anywhere near as good as the cleaver, and they cost quite a bit more. In threes I recommend you follow the above Item Guide to the LETTER, in fives- you may also substitute the regen pendant for the Doran's shield for added survivability (your runes should be sufficient in most cases however.) In the summoners rift, (and I know this sounds crazy) if you don't have any team mate that needs the blue buff at start, take it- Mundo can practically solo it with smite if you use the cleaver repeatedly and the extreme cool-down helps early game, especially once you hit level six.. .your ult will ALWAYS be there for you. Now, Once you DO have your ult- realize that you are obligated.. no, you should be compelled to gank as much as possible. The only people that should ever escape are Ahri, Shaco, and Yi- other than that the world is your plaything. I've found that Mundo is best played aggressively at all times to maximize his potential in lane and, believe it or not he works well with others. Once you've got the cash it's time to head back and pick up one half of your build all in one item- Mercury treads.
I cannot possibly express how important it is to get those boots in particular. The only other possible substitution is sorcerers boots- but IF you can, take the treads.
I will explain my reasoning in a simple formula.
There will always be crowd control... slows, stuns, exhausts, poisons, suppresses, taunted ETC. This mundo build maximizes it's damage by being able to run circles around opponents from start to finish, and it's over all damage output is not high so it is overwhelmingly important to keep them in arms reach AT ALL TIMES. The tenacity from the treads will make a five second slow a 3 second slow...or it will make rammus's taunt wear off early so you can continue to chase the squishiest of the team! Now! Here is the beauty behind this entire thing... people say the treads don't make enough difference in reducing crowd control on their own and tenacity doesn't stack. True.... But I'll tell you what it does stack with- MUNDO!! his flames of badassness also reduce incoming debuff's of any kind by (correct me if I am wrong) 30% at level 5..and it STACKS with the treads. Not enough? There is a mastery that reduces de-buff time that ALSO stacks... in comparison, that rammus taunt is lasting less than a second when your fully built with the flames on. He CANNOT be stopped.

Now. Once you've got your treads and your unstoppable, it will be time to immediately move on to the other half of the build- unkillableness. (not a word? Bite me.) Mundo doesn't have mana of any kind which is totally bad ***, the only downside is that his moves still cost something... namely, his health. This being the case, your going to want a series of items that can completely null out the cost of your moves- his passive isn't nearly enough on it's own but one single item can instantly make him a garen (meaning all of his moves cost nothing.. not that he will be gay and spin all day.) That item is the force of nature. Not only does it provide the highest Regen of any singular item in the game, but it also offers tankability in the form of magic resist (screw you crowd control) and! IF that wasn't enough for you.. how about another speed boost to add to his already naturally high movement speed, his boots, and his ult! (And ghost if you've got it)

Sorry! I forgot to mention.. Uh, technically it would be wise of you to build the visage BEFORE the FON simply because it is a nice bonus to cooldown, it gives health, and it helps sky-rocket your "meh" Ult (at level six the ult isn't THAT cool). This is the part of the build that I am most critisized for because I could/should add an Atmas's impaler. Well too bad. As I said in the very beginning, this build is totally troll, and unlike Atmas-Mundo, M&M DOESN'T DIE. This is because the "fifteen percent" That people don't think is much- applies to all aspects of this Mundo Build. His passive- 15%. His Ult-15%. The three warmogs for a combined total of 135 health regen per five seconds-+15%. And the FON, both the unique passive and the +40 health regen per five seconds get a 15% boost respectively... It might not seem like much, but when your sitting in a bush end game with less than 400 health remaining, and suddenly you look like your standing in your fountain? Believe me... it's impressive to your team and absolutely horrifying to your enemies.

Now! On with the Finales Funkeln!.... no? Not one person got my league joke? SCREW YOU ALL HARDER THAN TRYN SCREWS 'most champions' END GAME.
Anywho- the last three items in this build are ALL the same. Warmogs. Warmogs. Warmogs. Now. Let me explain my thinking behind this. MOST Mundo builds call for two warmogs followed by his trump item, be it an atmas, an infinity edge, a rabadon's death cap... whatever the case may be. But remember kids, those mundo's don't survive EVERYTHING like you will. In addition to this, I have discovered that the third warmog is like a permanent cushion against the one item that makes tanks go insane- the madred's bloodrazor. While it does inflict a percentage (which sucks for us.) That percentage vs the ability of mundo to heal is just not enough, unless the person using it is shred kog (because his barrage also inflicts a percentage, in which case your pretty much screwed unless you take him out quickly... not hard given how squishy he is). In the end, even without your ult, you can heal just about half of the "magic" damage the razor would heal, oh..and this goes back to my point about the FON and the treads, both mag resist- making that item, his one weakness- disappear.... Like superman should he suddenly be able to snort kryptonite without consequence. Anyway! I find that health is the best way to tank- it is versatile, meaning it doesn't matter if it's AP or AD you're dealing with, and the warmogs compliment Mundo's health regen extremely well. Besides, who doesn't want a character is just below seven thousand health end game? That is godly and unheard of.
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I still have some editing on the video to do, but I promise I have one on the way of a fiver versus one to show you just how unstoppable this mundo really is. He doesn't get to kill anything that doesn't commit to him, but he will NEVER die. A simple three second bush juke with this build will have you coming back at your opponents like you just got there.

By the way, I don't know if I said it enough but this is a TROLL build that provides the highest possible survivability in the league, I have no doubt that this Mundo is unkillable by anything other than five tryndamere's fully built who perfectly execute a bush gank on me... and even then I might make it =D Anyone who thinks otherwise is more than welcome to find me within the league as "Forte Exe" I will definitely scare you with this Mundo.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment or make a suggestion below. Please don't troll me though XD
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