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Morgana Build Guide by Reebdoog

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reebdoog

Super Morgana

Reebdoog Last updated on November 28, 2011
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*Under Construction*

This guide is temporarily under construction so it looks unfinished. I should hopefully be done with it within a week or two. Thanks for looking!!

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Super Morgana!

Hi thanks for looking at my Super Morgana build! I do this build because Morgana is an amazing DPS and that's how she should be built! My build focuses heavily on AP damage and the ability to escape hairy situations unscathed. Morgana's worst enemy is AD. Her shield does not block this damage so the obvious solution is having a way to get away from it easily.

Starting Out

I like to take mid whenever I can because you level faster and are usually laned against a squishy champion which makes farming easy. I start with a Dorans Ring because the extra mana regen and ap are priceless levels 1-6. I pick dark binding for my first ability. Its a great harassment tool in mid. I let them get comfortable and come out from their minions and hit em with a dark binding to scare them back. I get tormented soil next and further the harassment. After a minute of having tormented soil, they cant stand me anymore. By level 3 im pushing at their turret harassing like crazy. Sometimes able to kill them by this point depending on how unskilled they are. I keep doing this up until level 6, when I start looking for a way to go B and start my boots.

Early Mid Game

At this point I've got my boots built, killed mid maybe once or twice and am pushing hard on their turret. Morgana can easily kill someone at their turret given enough time with no interruptions. Either they will die or their turret will die. You can easily take out the first turret of the game like this. Once you get that turret pushed over, immediately go help one of the other lanes. Get them pushed to the enemy turret so they can get it pushed over. Killing some jungle minions at this point is necessary as your first few items are expensive. Take a stop back at mid and push it out to the next turret and go B. Get your will of the ancients going. This item is necessary in this build as it increases your lifesteal to the max! You can stay on the map much longer now. Start your rabadons by getting the needlessly large rod first.

Mid Game

By this time you should have at least all 3 of their outer turrets pushed over. Your team is in full swing, jungling and pushing out lanes. Depending on the skill of the other team, the game could be over in another 15 minutes or another 40. But if you are always in the right place at the right time, (ie. right up in the middle of team fights ulting) your team will decimate. Morgana is excellent in the harassment department. Waiting for the right time to throw your dark binding can make or break a fight. Hitting a squishy carry with a dark binding can tremendously change the outcome of a fight to your favor. When your in full steam and both teams are in each others grills, jump in and ult. Follow around the one with the lowest health and finish them off after your ult stuns. Id say one or two kills and another 2 assists is the average from an ult.

End Game

Morgana is a beast in end game. Your in their base whacking down their turrets and you see the first fool rush in. Stun them and they are toast. Keep Tormented Soil up at the two turrets next to their nexus and wipe out their minions and anyone standing there. Keep your lowest health teammates shielded and enemies stunned and you are victorious!

Explanation About Item Choice

So I got questioned about the items and the reasons I buy them. Ill go over each item in order that I buy them and tell you why so it isn't confusing.

Best Strategy

As we all know, Morgana is an OP champion, but she is still squishy and dies easily. All of the steps I take with my build insure her survivability. Flash is a staple. You can get out of most situations like this: You get ganked and are jumped by 3 or 4 champions. Flash over a wall if you are close to one and run away. If its not that easy, flash as far away from them as possible, shield immediately and if one is on your tail, quick cast a dark binding to their face and run away. Its actually easier then it sounds once you get the feel for morgana.
Like I said earlier, Morgana is squishy still. Being ranged you can sit back in team fights and stun the fools who get close enough for your team to annihilate. Just sit back and throw in stuns, they will absolutely despise you. Once you feel like your team has engaged enough for it to be safe for you to go in, get right up in the middle of them, shield, and ult. If they start running away, toss a soil to slow them and do crazy damage. Once your ult stuns them all help your team finish off the survivors.
Morgana is a pimp on solo lanes. You can push 2 people back to their turrets, pick them off one by one over and over until their turret is pushed over. What I like to do is play little games with them and its especially fun if the person is an obvious noob and feeds you. I will let them push out a little and get comfortable and brave and then kill them with 3 spells. They never expect it but you can really only do this once unless they don't catch on very fast. I whittle down their health slowly by hitting them with soil on their minions. Do this over and over til they have about half life. Then let them push out a little and get comfortable. Hold your spells until your able to get a stun on them. Stun em, soil under them, run in and ult and theyre dead. Sometimes you'll be able to do that 2 or 3 times before you get ganked. And they have no choice but to sit there and take your punishment til their teammate comes to help. And usually if its a jungler, you are more powerful than him as well. Just keep an eye on your minimap at all times and be ready to be ganked at all times and you will survive.

Guide Disclaimer

This guide isn't a one size fits all guide. You have to get used to the build and understand how it works and why it works before it will be useful to you. You have to be on your toes with this build because AD champions will wipe you out and wipe you out fast! On the other hand, you wipe out other AP champs because of your shield and you must take advantage of it. Morgana can kill almost any ap champ 1v1 because of her shield. Use it wisely. Also don't knock this build until you have tried it. I regularly go with 0 deaths because I play defensive. Learn to play defensively and you will get a ton more kills. Have fun with this build and let me know how it turns out for you all!!! Thanks for reading :D

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How Morgana Works

Morgana's Inner Workings

She is still a squishy champ. You must always remember that. Her worst enemy is AD. The only way she can block this is armor or simply not getting hit by it. Her strong point is her amazing ability to kill enemies. With a heavy amount of AP, Morgana can be unstoppable!


Morgana's Passive

Soul Siphon

Morgana is granted (10/20/30%) Spell Vamp.
As Morgana levels, she gains natural spell vamp. This gets amplified as her ability power goes up, so it is definitely an OP passive.

Dark Binding

Fires a bolt of dark energy towards a target location, binding the first unit hit to the ground for 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds and dealing 80/135/190/245/300(+90% of ability power) magic damage.
This is her stun. A very powerful spell. This stuns the target for a short amount of time and does an incredible amount of damage. If you have a lot of AP it packs a serious punch. One thing to note is it only stuns them in place, it does not take away their ability to hit back so take care.

Tormented Soil

Curses a large area of the ground. Enemies on it are dealt 25/40/55/70/85(+20% of ability power) magic damage each second and lose 4/5/6/7/8 magic resistance. Lasts 5 seconds.
This is her AOE spell. It is super effective for farming minions and getting last hits. It feels like it does burst damage when it first hits the ground and occasionally gets you the last hit on an enemy. Use this in the middle of team fights and get an assist on anyone who walks through it!

Black Shield

Places a shield around target friendly champion, absorbing the next 95/160/225/290/355(+70% of ability power) magic damage the unit would take. While active, Black Shield prevents the application of all disables. Lasts 5 seconds or until the shield has been depleted.
This is Morgana's little trick up her sleeve. So your poking around in mid farming the minions, keeping a steady eye on the minimap. All of a sudden Fiddlesticks decides to jump out of nowhere at you, ult and all. Black Shield! Run out of ult, turn around, dark binding, tormented soil, run in cuz his ult is done and ult. Follow him til he gets stunned. Dark binding again if he hasn't died already and finish him off.

Soul Shackles

Deals 175/250/325(+80% of ability power) magic damage to nearby champions and slows their movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds. Additionally, if Morgana stays within 600 range of the targets for the full 3 seconds, they are dealt the same magic damage again and become stunned for 1.5 seconds.
Ahhh. Morgana's bread and butter. Your getting into a big team fight and they are pushing on you. Make sure you have enough teammates to fight and let one of them initiate. If they are hesitating, wait for one of the squishier enemies to get close enough and stun them with dark binding. If its successful, your teammates will engage the fight and usually it will erupt into a large battle. Get a Tormented Soil in on the busiest part of the fight. Wait until one or two enemies get low in health and jump in the middle of the fight and ult. Follow the enemies with the lowest health and when your ult is done it will deal damage and stun them. If they don't die hit them again with a dark binding and finish em off. This tactic will separate them from each other making them vulnerable. The key to getting quad kills and penta kills is making sure all of the enemies are about halfway on health. Once you ult they're done for!

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Item Choice (Core Items)

Doran's Ring

Doran's is a great item to start with. The masteries and runes I use go hand in hand with it because this build makes Morgana strong in early game which enables you to own your lane, it enables you to be less mana efficient making you able to unload on enemies without having to worry about mana, and lastly gives you the advantage of having more AP. The build I use starts you with 489 health without dorans ring which really isnt bad but being a solo lane champion, you will have less chances to go back and buy so being able to sustain yourself til at least level 6 is important.

Sorcerer's Shoes

I like to pick the Sorcerer's Shoes as the core Shoe item because Morgana can escape snares and stuns with her shield. I will have alternatives listed with an explanation when you "might" need them, but otherwise these are the main shoes I choose.

Will Of The Ancients

Now this may be a controversial item to many to get on Morgana but the benefits for early-mid game you get with this outweighs not getting it. Now yes you do have natural lifesteal with Morgana's passive, but it is almost non-effective in fights until you are past mid game. If you have a will of the ancients EARLY, you get the very nice AP boost and insane spell vamp. One tormented soil at level 11 with a WotA will give you a ton of life back. Now remember it also gives an ap bonus aura to nearby friendly champions. So say you get ganked mid by the jungler and you are having a hard time retreating. You toss a tormented soil on minions and get insane spell vamp, returning life every second while your dark binding him and shielding to get away. You basically won that gank and they are mad. The key with getting a WotA is you will NOT keep it all game. It is ONLY good until after you get your archangels. So feel free to sell this AFTER you get your archangels, cuz the archangels gives a big enough boost to support your spell vamp dirty habits :)

Rabadon's Deathcap

This is obvious. I always buy the large rod first because at one moment your hitting them pretty hard and after u get the rod its like your unstoppable and they get truly scared of you. Rabadons will increase your damage output FAST. NEVER skip this item, EVER.

Archangels Staff

Now, another controversial item. People would say, why in the hell would you get that so late you dont need mana that late in game! HAHAHA is what I say. I do get it for mana but not for the reason you think. It gives a bonus to ability power, 3% of your mana gets converted to ability power. Morgana naturally gets alot of mana over time with this build. At the point you get this you still have PLENTY of time to gain on the mana it gives you. And at this point after buying this, you can sell your WotA because you will have a big enough boost to your Ap for natural lifesteal to do enough to keep you alive.


Zhonyas Hourglass/ Abyssal Scepter

You get one of these items basically for the huge AP boost. Zhonyas comes with 100AP and 50 Armor and you would get this if the enemy team was AD heavy. And you would get Abyssal Scepter if they are AP heavy.

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Greater Mark of Insight x9

These help you start with magic penetration in case you get laned against anyone with magic resist.

Greater Seal of Replenishment x9

Greater Seal of Replenishment
These will give you mana regen and combined with Doran's Ring allows you to lane longer without having to B. And with your passive giving you back health with all magic damage dealt, you become wrecking ball.