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League of Legends Build Guide Author iSuccessful

Super Nuking Twitch

iSuccessful Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys. This is my first build ever on Mobafire so please dont troll me or anything. I've played twitch ever since the 1st day i got him. Yes i bought the bundle but it was worth it. Now they nerfed the **** out of twitch hes pretty hard to play. So i tried going AP and i found that Twitch's expunge can do hella damage.

I put no runes because i feel they are not necessary for twitch and i wanna collect all the champions before i get any runes but ill just put the ones that i think are good for twitch.

Good things about twitch:
Great ganker
Good damage dealer
Good escape mechanisms
Nice scouter
Good at 1 v 1

Bad things about twitch D:
Slow at early game
Always targeted first
Killed easily if other team has an oracle


Early Game Twitch can do any lane. Try to last hit minions for gold and dont start killing champions in your lane till u get your spray N pray. Make sure to destroy wards if they plant any or else you will be useless.
Mid Game By now u should have malady and boots of imobility and maybe a giants belt. Now heres is where all the ganking starts and scouting. Scout around dragon and buffs and call mia whenever someone is missing. Calling MIA will save your team! Everytime i play a game there is that 1 person that doesnt and i flip a tit on that guy.
Late Game Now you should be carrying your team and melting down turrets and nuking people. You should have around 4 or 5 items and make sure your team gets baron. Get baron when 2 or more of the enemy team dies or else they can ks your baron buff and kill you.

1.Start off with boots and 2 hp and 1 mana pot. I got these items first so i can chase other champions to get last hit on them if their lit.
2.Recall and get Boots of mobility. These boots are really good when your invisible. It can get you across the map to help your team gank and kill turrets.
3.Get a malady. Malady is good for attack speed and since they changed it to ability power instead of lifesteal it gives more damage to your nuke.
4.Get a rylais for the ap hp and to slow your enemies.
5.Get rageblade for attack speed damage and ability power.
6.Finally if u can get your sixth item than get a madreds. Madreds is good for attack damage and speed so you can kill tanks faster.

Skill Combo:
I usually go into ambush(Q) first before initiating anything. Go for the carries/squishies. Get out of ambush and auto attack them then when they fight back use Exhaust then Spray N Pray(R) then Expunge(E) and if they run use Debilitating Poison(W).

If they have an oracle be very careful especially if their in groups because once they see you they all will go after you and put 1009284091 rat traps.

You should also ward the blue and red buffs on both sides dragon and baron.

If your team is fighting another team with stealth champions (e.g Teemo,Evelyn,Shaco) buy oracles to kill Teemo shrooms for gold and to save your teammates. If you walk around the jungle alot and u spot shaco or eve near the buffs wait till the golem/lizard are around 3/4 dead then ks them and kill them then type in the all chat and right PWNED really hard :D

Hmm what else should i put in the build? Writers block D:
Oh yeah if u feel like you dont need the madreds you can switch it with a banshees veil or frozen mallet for hp.

If you have any suggestions or comments to help make this build better please leave it in the comment box because i think thats the only place u can put it o.o or pm :D PEACE! happy new years

Oh btw if this build works please rate and comment :D it would do the world good