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Shaco Build Guide by Stevesorc

Super Shaco!

Super Shaco!

Updated on August 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stevesorc Build Guide By Stevesorc 3,230 Views 0 Comments
3,230 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Stevesorc Shaco Build Guide By Stevesorc Updated on August 3, 2011
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Chapter 1

Ok first off, i chose all the items for a reason, of some sort :P
Some of you might wonder why the hell I chose Doran's Blade for the first item! Well for me, having that extra HP and life steal in the beginning are a real help. The damage does quite a bit too, really helps on taking down the enemies, especially the squishies, early on. That is why this build, if played right, is most powerful early on. When playing Shaco, stick to the bushes and wait till they are infront of the minions, and use deceive to get behind and hit them hard with a crit. Using Exhaust and Ignite right after hitting them should take them down to half or below half HP. With a team mate there, you will get first blood. Pretty simple :D

Explanation of Items:

Doran's Blade - To get first blood. If you really dont want to use this item, you can sub it out for Long Sword, and build the Brutalizer. That will get the job done too :P

Beserker's Greaves
- getting the early movement speed and attack speed help with maintaining your kills.

Malady - Kinda obvious lol the attack speed and life steal is something you cannot pass up!

Infinity Edge OR Phantom Dancer
- You will only want one or the other depending on how the game is going. If you kill many enemies, and have tons of gold, or are at 1300+ you will want to get the BF Sword, then complete the Infinity Edge. If you are dying lots, and dont quite have so much money, take the phantom dancer, the attack speed will keep you fighting for the win! using this, you will want to backdoor them. Keep clear of lanes with people in them, and just try to get turrets down and kill minions. Later on you will afford a BF sword, and all will be well :)

Black Cleaver
- the reason i put down 2 of these is because of the damage + the lowering of defence. It is really deadly in a gank, like, really deadly. Combined with the Phantom Dancer or Infinity Edge, you will be tearing things apart.

Phantom Dancer OR Infinity Edge
- Now depending on which item you got earlier, you will get the opposite now. You need this attack speed and/or damage. If you managed to buy the two Black Cleavers, sell your Doran's Blade, your HP should be high enough by now :P

Now to explain the game play :D

Early Game:

this is where you shine, make a good impression on your team, and scare the **** out of the other team. Getting first blood will give you a nice bonus amount of gold, which will make you slightly fed. Only to help with the rest of the game. Harass the enemies with your Shiv, make them despise you. You should get at lease 2 or 3 kills by the time its at 10 mins. When you hit lvl 6, go to other lanes, and help them out, but make sure your lane thinks you are still there or are healing!

Mid Game:

Depending on how you are doing so far, this part is the most fun. If you have been fed, and are weilding the BF sword or greater by about 13 mins, this will be quite enjoyable. What you do is run around the map, waiting for ganks, aiming for the weaker chars. If you harass them enough, they will start to rage, and right there, you win! And as an added bonus, you will be fed to hell and back :) If the game is not going well to start, no items, no money, and tons of deaths, this is where you make your comeback! Start taking down towers, just backdooring all you can. You will help your team greatly, and the other team will hate you.

End Game:
This is a boring part, even if you are fed. You will want to hope for a 25-35 minute game, anything farther then that will be hard for you. This is when your opponents start to even out their resistances and HP, making them a lot harder to kill. Although, having the complete build, or at least up to the black cleaver, you will still tear them apart. Remember to always attack from behind! bonus damage is goooood!


If you want to, instead of Doran's Blade you can start to build Sword of the Occult. If you have a few kills early, and you think that they are weak enough to pick on for the rest of the game, by all means, get Sword of the Occult. Its full build will increase damage by more then the Infinity Edge.

Also, something that I am currently doing, set all Runes to AP runes. It may sound very very odd for an attack speed and damage build, but when in early game the extra damage from two-shiv poison, will destroy people. It really helps with finishing them off, when they get too far for you to melee.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Stevesorc
Stevesorc Shaco Guide
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