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League of Legends Build Guide Author PuertoricanCPU

Super Shaco

PuertoricanCPU Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my build. This is my first build, and I must say, it works out really well for me. Early game, you'll be harassing nicely and maybe even scoring a few kills here and there, and by late game, if you played your cards right, you'll be an unstoppable mo-fo who is feared and focused. So, lets get started now, shall we?

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I usually go with Crit. chance on all of them. By late game, your high damage, coupled with the fact that your Infinity Edge/Youmuu's Ghostblade (35 Critical Strike Chance from Youmuu's and Infinity alone) means you'll be throwing some really heavy crits. Feel free to replace them with damage runes if you like how that goes, but for the love of God, don't build an AP Shaco. He's an assassin. He's meant to go in, shank someone in the back and run off to find another victim.

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I go it 21-0-9. Why? Shaco isn't meant to be tanky, so no need for those masteries in Defense. I only put in masteries in Utility for; Health and Mana Regen, a longer lasting and faster Ghost spell, more Experience, and a longer lasting Red/Blue buff. The masteries in offense really speak for themselves. Higher Critical Strike chance, a little boost for Exhaust, reducing your Cooldowns, a little bit of Attack Speed, Magic Pen for your Jack in the Box and your thrown Shiv, armor pen for your auto attacks, more base Attack Damage, Critical Damage, and again, more overall Damage.

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I usually start with a Dagger. Why? A couple of reasons, really. First, it'll give you that bonus attack speed, great when coupled with Jack in the Box's Fear, and even better when the enemy tries to run from you.

After the Dagger, I concentrate on getting boots. Now, I usually pick up Boots of Mobility. Why? Well, for one, its passive isn't interrupted when you cast Deceive, so you'll be able to reach them just as quick and deal extra damage. The last thing you want is to cast your Deceive in a chase and then o not be able to catch up. The boots, however, are completely up to your play-style. If you find you have no problems catching up to them, you can pick up Bezerker Greaves. If you find that there are many CC's/Slows/Anything of that sort, pick up a pair of Mercury Treads, etc, etc.

After boots, go on and finish up your Black Cleaver. This is a fantastic item for Shaco in my opinion. I mean, come on, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and your Auto Attacks reduce the opponents Armor? That's just amazing right there. If you had to b, but don't have enough for the Cleaver, feel free to buy the B.F Sword in advance. Attack Damage is never a bad thing with Shaco.

After this is done, go on and build yourself a Vampiric Scepter to turn into a Bloodthirster soon. This gives you a bit of lifesteal, letting you lane for a bit longer and regenerate some Health while you're at it. As mentioned before, turn this into a Bloodthirster as soon as possible. More Attack Damage and Lifesteal = A very happy Shaco.

After this, get the icing on the B.F cake, Infinity Edge. Start off with a B.F Sword, more damage, and then build it. However, if you went back and don't have enough for it, feel free to build a Cloak of Agility for a bit of Crit Chance, or a Pickaxe if you preffer rolling with more Attack Damage, then, eventually, build Infinity Edge.

By this point, if you played it right, you should be doing rather well, and notably hated by the other team. Well, time to get some more Damage, Critical Chance and a bit of Attack Speed. Get Brutalizer first, and then, when you can go back for your Youmuu's. This is when you're gonna start doing notable damage with your Critical Bonus and your bonus Attack Speed if you use its active.

Now, last but not least, a Survivability item. My personal favorite is the Frozen Mallet, but you can feel free to build whichever fits your liking/needs. Frozen Mallet gives you some very nice Health, a bit of Attack Damage, and your attacks slow them. So, when you get this, you're going to have a double/triple slow, depending on whether or not you have Red Buff. Remember though, just because you have a bit of extra health doesn't mean you should just go in guns blazing and do whatever you want. Be cautious and play your cards right. The other team might very well decide you're too much of a threat to be left alone and focus you whenever you pop up.

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The skill sequence isn't really a set thing, which is something I've noticed people do when reading builds. The get the skills exactly as they are in the build and, while it does give some feeling of comfort and security, could also end up costing you a few Deaths. I get me a Jack in the Box first for this scenario; You get to your lane, and are now facing a bush. You can rush in blind and risk it, or you can send in your JitB for you. If there is someone, you just feared them and gave them a bit of damage. If not, then you have a trap waiting right there for you to go over it. The rest of the skills are optional, and you can do this in any order you like. I just put down the one that usually works for me.

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Summoner Spells.

I don't really have much to say here. I think Ghost/Exhaust is the best combo for this guy. Exhaust for denying a second champ his damage and ghost for catching up to your fleeing target. You can take Flash if you don't like Ghost, but I myself don't like Flash and haven't tried this build with it. Another spell you can switch out for Exhaust is Ignite if you want those early game kills. But yeah, as I said, no other spells seen very much useful to Shaco.

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Well, we're at the end of this little Build/Guide thing, so if you stuck to your guns and read it all and didn't just copy the items build, well then, good for you! That means you're gonna be less likely to just randomly downvote me. Now guys, give this build a fighting chance. Just because its not an AP Shaco doesn't mean it isn't good. Give it a chance mang, see if you like it, and then state your opinion. That would be all and, as a famous character would have said, 'Thats all folks!'