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Malphite Build Guide by fitzcracker

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fitzcracker


fitzcracker Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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malphite hase always been one of my favrite tanks so now im sharing to the world my exsperience of the almighty tank know as malphite.

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i get magic resist glyphs and magic resit marks and one magic resist quintessence with armor seal and two armor quintessences. the reson i get this is he has the hp with his sheild and the item i get he dousnt have the thing to reflect damage so i magnify the armor and magic resist. you cant just use oen you dont know if your enemy gonna be a mage or dps that why i get both it give a large amount of both mr and armor that why i got them plus when you go in battle at level 1-5 your be like a god i'v 2v1 at level one once but i hade 2 kills so with this build it magnifys the armor and mr to make the hp shine even brighter

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my starting item is a red crystal. i get it to bonus his sheild early plus hp boost along with my runes make mae a tank at level one. most people get th edoran's items i would but if you do it takes long to get to the next item and it crucail to early game gold yep i turn it to a heart of gold then to become the sheild

first item is mecury tread's oather than there mr they go tencity it the largest tencity item in the gam[at the curent time] it block all staus buff by 30 percent making stun and such less afective making you even more gold like

second item is randuin's omen it a cheap high hp and armor burst for early game it onl ycost about twenty thousand since you already have the heat of gold so it pretty cheap and that why i dont get doran's sheild it would take longer for my later steps. anyways it active slow everyone around for like apx 40 percent for 3 sec plus .5 for every 100 mr and armor making it a good chasing weapon so it goodin his hand's

third item is thorn because by now there dps would have got there atk speed crit damage and all by now so this item need to be atleast 3rd or 4th item. get one to early it usless get one to late your already in a ditch. th ething a bout thorn mail oather than it massive armor ratio of one hundred it passive therows 30 percent of there damage back on them meaning they be killin themselfs making it eayer to seal the deal{caution if lifesteal over 3 percent dous not affect but will lower amount of hp gained].

forth item is banshee's veil with the extra mana hp and mr hew could pass it up. it a swell item for tanks because it makes one ability or move on the player just drop doing absaloutky nothing to the user of banshee.

my fifth is warmong's armor giving emense hp making anyone with high armor and mr almost invinsable. plus it passive give you an extra 5 hp froevery kill on minons and such and it can stack to 450 meaning you can get about 1350 out of one item of hp

finaly the last item atma's impailer it magnify all the item almost frim banshees from omen and wormongs making you have almost 200 atk with it passive so you beter move or il be bring the pain[the atma'a dous not show up on the stat menu above or 'cheat sheet']

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truly my mastries is the sam eone for any ap more based tank normal defencive ones mixed with some of th edamage one's for your shard and quacke[ulti]

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skill sequence

this skill sequence is most afecctive fo rfast killing . you can go the atk one first but i lik ethe busrt more than the overall thing that why =)

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summoner spells

the reson i use the spell i do are because one heal is a habit it can be switched out if wanted and flash IS THE ULTIMATE SUMMONER SPELL it perfect chase mixed with escape i don't know where i would be without it.

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SUMMONER SPELL TRICKS:you know that sensation to tower dive well that another resonb why i have thouse summoner spells you flash in do your fist slam shard then heal to stay at a steady hp ratio this trick dous wondrs for me will it do same for you?

CONS: some people think malphite is op to tell you the truth he is a little but only early it take like three screw up to screw you late game s next time they complain just admit it and watch there rage build :D

FARMING:there two difrent ways to farm with malphite you can yous hi sfist slam to do large area damage after weakoning them or you can go to thecluster atk of your red eage[atk damage skill] either one works quiet fine but i usaly go with this fist punch just go hitthe caster a few time and finsh them with the fist.

RANKED:thi sbuild work all around when it come to stats the only way to counter this tank is a blood razor so watch out for them high hp dous nothing to it. during ranked if they have any ranged carrys there probly get a razor so to counter this charge ith ulti fist pump by now almost dead wack a few time then finsh with the shard.

TEAM WORK:malphite in this build is all about tema work he is NOT made to kill mostly just to tank pretty much there intire team for long periods so your team can go ahead and get them

most dps champs and high burst NEVER MATCH MALPHITE WITH ANOTH
go vary well with mal as long as they TANK IT BE SUICIDE ONLY MATCH
can do the damage then youll dominate the feild HIM WITH HIGH DAMAGE RATION
with litle efort at all CHAMPS OR HERE REALY NO RESON

BUILD ALTERNATIVE ITEMS: a few items that can be used in mal but i didnt include in this build are rylai's with it hp mixed with ap plus it slowing ***ive making it a boss on him but it was a litle off subject when i can to this build it would of made him a magey teank not the super thing i wanted.another is rod of ages once agian hp and ap mixing but with a beter passive every minute you get like 10 ap and 15 hp giving you a huge bonus the longer you have it. one that i do not prefur much that can be used is zonyah's hourglass ap and armor to thing mal need but agian off subject but the ability to just freeze take in zero damage and just be there makes it a good item for low hp tank itl maximize the timme it could hold of the enemy abysal staff also works with mr an dap making the tanky every day need but not good enought for pure tank for those hybrid kind of guys anyways it passive lower all in enemy mr by 40 for apx 2000 range making it a good thing for team fight giving them that psh up of armor pen or magic pen without getin it yourself this is very successful agianest oather tanks.

hope you enjoyed PEACE :P