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Riven Build Guide by lavareef

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lavareef

Support Bot and Solo Top

lavareef Last updated on December 30, 2011
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1st build solo 2nd bot support

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Not Updated For Current Season

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quick overview

So basically this build gives you some good early game damage as you transition into a tanky dps. Sell your dorans shield later on of course. This build has very low cdr, but everything else is relatively balanced. Even though the CDR is so low; I still find that this works out very well for me for the most part.

Ive tried the top builds that usually involve getting a brutalizer and a phage early game, but doign that would make my games go extremely terrible. Over a long time of playing Riven I've developed this build which gives Riven almost everything she needs. I say almost everything because the build lacks CDR, but this has never been that big of an issue when I play.

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fairly standard for a tanky dps.
You want the armor and magic resist because riven is somewhat of a squishy champ when compared to other tanky dps champs.

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You want to go 21/9/0.
the 21 for that dmg which Riven is so good at dishing out.

You really want the health masteries in the defense tree because it really helps early game.

its up to you to decide if you want more points in armor or magic resist, but I put them in armor because early game autoattacks are used more than skills.

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getting your bf sword is the goal early game, however you also really want to get your merc treads for that movement speed and tenacity.

After youve gotten both; its time to get some armor and magic resist because your still fairly squishy, and gettign a warmogs all in one shot is juts too expensive.

Once youve gotten your warmogs youll be fairly balanced defense wise although possibly borderline squishy, but youll be dishing out tons of damage because of the blood thirster and atmogs.

For your last item you can pretty much get what you want. Look at the enemy team comp. If they have lots of armor maybe a last whisper. If you want more dmg just go for a blood thirster or an infinity edge, if you find you really cant stand the low cdr then opt for a ghost blade or maybe even a frozen heart if you want more def and some cdr its really up to you.

Either way, once you get your atmas impaler youll be doing pretty good damage even without the warmogs.

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about my second build

Ive only started experimenting with this build, but I think it works failry well.

Ive only put the items shown because its still a new build and basically im not sure where to go with it.

Now I will talk about what exactly its all about.

Your job support bot is to either zone the nemy team if they are playign very defensively, or if they think they can take you on; you must initiate them wich usually turns out well.

In order for Riven support bot to work I strongly suggest you lane with characters like Tristana who can get into the figh the moment you initiate. The reason for this is that your ad carry will be farming, and once you initiate both of the enemys the carry will be far away. You want them to be abel to join in on the figth as soon as possible.

Good laning partners include Tristana (I have found it works the best with her), Ezreal, Vayne.

The reason you get the gold for 5s and the reason the mastery tree is so spread out is because if the enemys play very defensively you will not get any gold because you wotn be killing them. The gold for fives and the gold mastery help a lot if you find yourself in this situation. You are not to farm the bot either as your ranged carry needs it all.

One thign I can say is that you can keep both gold for 5s and turn them into randuins and ghostblade later on.

If your team does not have a tank you can do it and buidl tanky. If your team has a tank then there sno reason you can be a tanky dpsin the end.