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Lux Build Guide by Babit

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Babit

Support Laserz

Babit Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my first guide! In this guide I will be covering one of my personal FoTM support Lux. Lux is a unique support with a high skillcap that rewards clutch timing and aggressive gameplay. While she does not have a heal in her skill set, she does have an aoe slow, a double bind, and an aoe shield that can shield twice. What sets Lux apart from other supports is her aggressively geared passive Illumination. This passive allows you to do a moderate damage burst combo while building support and warding appropriately. When her full skill set is taken advantage of in lane, it's enough to zone any enemy.

This guide will not have a bunch of fancy colors, or be very cosmetically detailed at all. I am aiming to bring you raw information not trying to get ratings because my guide looks good.

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I run my standard AP page when playing Lux. Mainly because I only have 2 runepages. :P A support rune page would also be extremely viable. GP/5 Quints, CDR/ M Regen blues, Armor/health yellows, it's all preference in the runes. I tend to stay back and out of trouble allowing me to not get the hp or defenses in runes, but they are definitely a good idea if you have the runes/pages.

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I run a 9/0/21 mastery page when playing Lux. This is aimed towards CDR, Mana regen, GP/5, and support benefits from improved wards and improved CV while picking up 10% Mpen, some more CDR, and 4 AP in offensive tree. Summoner's Resolve is also a very viable choice for the 15% improved heal from summoner heal. I just have a hard time giving up either my summoner spell CD or 10%Mpen for it.

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This is where support Lux starts getting really fun. A LOT of people play Lux as AP carry. While I don't believe shes the best pick for AP carry there is definitely potential there. Which is why you see a Mejais in the end of my suggested build. When you are in lane you are laying out some serious damage with nothing more than Kage's lucky pick and AP from runes. This results in a lot of ks from your carry. YOU SHOULD TRY TO AVOID KS FROM YOUR CARRY IF POSSIBLE. But, don't be afraid to go balls to the wall and get the job done.

IF you are getting fed in lane look down and say, "Oh ****! I got 2k gold!" Don't be afraid to pick up a Mejais or large rod. Just make sure you buy wards and do your job as support no matter what.

-NOTE- It can be just as effective to spend that gold on an Aegis. ALWAYS BUILD WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE YOU NEED THE MOST.

I have played games where my build is Philo>Kage>Boots>Mejai>Dcap>Void. But, I've also had games where I replace Mejai>Dcap>Void with Aegis>Soul Shroud> WARDS.

This is what I really like about playing a support style Lux. If fortune tips in your favor you can take absolute advantage of it and MURDER people with laser poke and combos. While if the games goes along with you doing the support thing and not getting fed you can fulfill that role just as well.

Another thing to note on Lux is you're EXTREMELY squishy. This is why I build things like Soul Shroud, Shureylia's, and Aegis. (Aside from obvious aura benefits) These all add to my HP pool while building out of useful items and being relatively cheap. I just wanted to point out that you NEED at least some hp built up or else you will just feed anybody on their team who gets close to you.

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Q>W>E first

then Prioritize


Finales Funkeln R: Obviously take precedent. Rainbow snipez all day.

Prismatic Barrier W: This is the most support like skill in your skill set. Once you max it out you can almost constantly be shielded yourself, same for your allies if they catch it while it returns. Max this skill first for CD, and because damage mitigation x2 is op.

Lucent Singularity E: This skill is a moderate nuke that slows and can also reveal bushes like a mini ward. I max this second for more AOE/burst/slow.

Light Binding Q: This is a long range double bind ability. This is your bread and butter as support Lux. It is the opener for your combo and a immobilize for your carry in the same package. I max it last as you get all the utility from level 1.

-Some tricks and tips for your skill set-

I've mentioned your "combo" a million times now, well here it is!

1. Q your enemy immobilizing them.
2. E cast this right behind or on top of your unlucky target BUT do NOT detonate yet.
3. Auto attack to proc your passive. Around this time the immobilize will wear off.
4. Now your enemy is trying to run away through your slow. Let it slow them as long as possible before detonating to dmg/charge your passive.
5. Auto attack to proc your passive.

Remember your AD carry has been unloading on this fool this whole time.
6. (optinal) LAZERSNIPE. Oh noes! They manages to get away with 1 bar of hp. DEMACIAAA PEWWW FIRST BLOOD!!.

OK, OK, I know I'm getting out of hand, but after you do this a few times, you will learn to absolutely love it like me.

Another one is your Q has insane range, but if you hit someone at the very end of that range, the second bind goes even further. This is just almost ******edly long range on an immobilize. You learn to take advantage of a stray minion at the end of your range to pull a bind on an enemy that thinks they are safe.

Don't forget your E IS a slow. XD

Your W can shield someone 2 times and moves with you like Sivir's boomerang blade. A clutch double shield can mitigate some serious Damage, and catch the enemy off guard with the second shield. In teamfights: SPAM YOUR SHIELD. The CD on this is ridiculously low. You can easily mitigate 1500-2000 damage total with a few shields that hit multiple targets. THIS IS SO UNDERRATED.

You are the support so make sure you got dragon warded for more LAZERSNIPESOMGSTEALDRAGON. I've stolen countless dragons, it's extremely satisfying.

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Summoner Spells

I take Clairvoyance and Heal

This is another section that is preference. You probably wanna keep CV no matter what cause it just does wonderful things for you and your team. Heal on the other hand is definitely optional. I like it cause it gives me some form of sustain for my carry in lane, then in team fights its like a little mini soraka ulti. Definitely useful, but I wouldn't look down on somebody for preferring flash.

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Team Work


Get your mana regen part of philo a few wards however many potions you can and head to lane/protect jungle. You are playing support so do the things your supposed to do. Establish bush control throw up a ward in the river and commence to getting your carry fed. You shouldn't be taking any damage with your long range. Concentrate on timing your shields to block as much damage from reaching your carry as possible. Enemy decides they want to step up? BAM catch them with your Q and make their life hell with your Q>AA>E>AA combo while your carry smacks them up with whatever they got to offer. Throw out a shield mid-fight to mitigate damage 2 times. Profit.

Your Q is a great kiting tool if your getting chased you can actually stop both the enemy champions with a well aimed Q. This also applies to your E. DON'T FORGET THAT IT SLOWS.

Proceed to make your enemies cry in lane while taking a break to sip some tea and snipe a dragon or 2.

DO NOT AUTO ATTACK MINIONS. You are support so let your carry get nice and farmed. They should be able to do enough damage for the both of you as long as your not stealing the cs. Also it's never a good idea to push your lane.

Its all pretty much common sense in teamfights. You can initiate with your Q if your team needs. If not I like to save it until I have an opening on a squishy/someone tries to run away.

Use your ulti if your able to catch the whole enemy team in it, or if someone is running away. Don't hesitate to use it at the beginning of teamfights to tip the scales in your favor. It has an insanely low CD after you've built your CDR items, and more than likely you'll be able to use it again to finish off runners.

Your shield REALLY shines in teamfights. If life is perfect you end up throwing out 10 shields on a low cd. Try to catch as many allies as you can, as often as you can. This is serious damage mitigation overall even if it isn't single target.

EVERYTHING you do in teamfights can be, and is done best, from the back. STAY BACK USE YOUR RANGE>>PROFIT.

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Pros / Cons

High damage for a support
Long range (1000+)
Good CC

No natural heal

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In the end Lux is a support that is loads of fun and more viable than many know, but it takes skill to play her properly. Like I said before, you get rewarded for aggressive gameplay resulting in you feeling like your actually doing something instead of just healbot taric/soraka. I hope that I see more Lux around with RIOT trying to shift the meta to a more aggressive style, but only time will tell. Until then I hope those of you who make sense of this discover the hidden power of a support Lux.

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As of now this guide is considered to be under construction. It is functional now, but details etc will be added as I think of them. So keep tuned.

11/30 added pro/con section.

12/13 Update according to the new patch.


Prismatic Barrier
Shield strength increased to 80/105/130/155/180 from 60/85/110/135/160
Missile speed increased to 1400 from 1200
Lucent Singularity cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 11

Now max E second. +shield buff <3 the love from riot.