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Rengar Build Guide by Vendorus464

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vendorus464

Support Rengat too good! (Perma E)

Vendorus464 Last updated on February 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi all. This is my first build in Mobafire and what I aim for is a more fun and differend build. I am sure that if I made a classic AD Rengar build noone would ever care to see it (I hope this one gets some attention...There won't be any huge text walls because I am sure none of you wants to hear about "How to troll...ehm... play Rengar supp". And actually it's good trust me and at least give it a try! And if someone wonders, yes, I came up with this idea from being forced to supp..Anyways let's get to the fun part!

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Pros / Cons


-Nice Poke
-Great CC
-Some built in tankiness
-Element of surprise
-Lot's of fun


-Not really a tank nor an assasin-you are somewhere between
-Constant but not really painful poke
-A lot of uses must be used in a short period of time
-People may flame and call you troll

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The runes.. Nothing much to say actually. Just the ordinary tank Seals and Glyphs with some AD. I prefer AD than armor pen. so my E does more damage. You can also but CDR Glyphs but I don't think this will be good. Also if you are not facing an AP supp or jungle you can change the flat MR Glyphs to per-level ones.

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For masteries I take everything which bonuses my HP and Tenacity (Reduced CC) in Defence and all the usefull stuff for a support Rengar in Offence and Utility. If you have any suggentions I will love to hear them in the comment section.

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So there are 2 major items you need- Face of the Mountain for extra gold hp and support effectiveness and Spirit Visage for the extra HP and buffed heals from your W. For boots choose Mercuty's Treads for Tenacity,Tankiness and against fed APs, Ionian Boots of Lucinity for that extra Poke/CC/Fury charge from the CDR or Boots of Mobility if you are really ahead and you start ganking.

For mid/late game deside wheather you want to be the tank of the team and Max W and build tanky items With CC like Randuin's or you are ahead and you can afford to be an AD/Semi-Tank/Assasin.

P.S.You can also start the game with Doran's shield + Pot.

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Skill Sequence

Easy:Always max E 1st and then either Q for dmg or W for tankiness as said above.

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So you must spam E as much as possible. Ask your ADC to stack fury with other spells on minions but usually just E at them by having vision in wards. With 5 stacks either E the adc for a trade or W for the heal. At 4 stacks you should jump on them from the brush and either W for tankiness and empowered E at the ADC or normal E at the supp and empowered at the ADC. Rarely will you need to doble E the ADC. Use your Q for gaining stacks and for pushing the tower ASAP. Use your ult for chasing or backing or just for that needed empowered E to root and let your ADC catch up.

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Team Work

In teamfights you will be either the tank or the assasin but in both ways focus their adc or most fed dmg dealer. Use your W fast so you can soak up some nice bit of damage with the buffed Armor and MR.

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So all in all I hope you had fun with this build I hope you try and and have even more fun on Summoners Rift. I apologise it's not as shiny and full of pictures like the others but I am new and I don't really know how that works but if anybody wants to help me with some advice I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments. Please don't downvote for trolling just because I want to try something differend and have some fun. HAVE A GOOD DAY ALL!

P.S. If you'd like me to add an AP supp Rengar let me know and I will do it ASAP. :)