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Gangplank Build Guide by LolWutBigJ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LolWutBigJ

Sustainplank (Solotop and Jungle)

LolWutBigJ Last updated on August 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 24

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My name is LolWutBigJ and this is my first quide on mobafire.
I made this pure for fun to see if there are any other ways to play gangplank.
Since playing with sheen gets kinda boring.

I think gangplank, although he is an older champion, fits right in the latest meta and even counters it with W.

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Champion spotlight

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Pros/ Cons

Good early game crit dmg
Very sustainable in lane
Good late game tank

Very Mana dependent
Lack early game dmg
needs a big farm

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Passive: Grog soaked blade.
Gangplank's basic attacks apply a poison debuff for 3 seconds that can stack up to 3 times. Each stack deals 3 + (1 × level) magic damage per second and slows the target by 7%. This includes Parrrley.

Amazing passive, really gives some suprise damage.
The only downpart is it is remover if you use E

Q: Parrrley.
Gangplank shoots a target enemy with his pistol, dealing physical damage. If it kills it, he gains extra gold. This ability can critically strike and applies on-hit effects, including his passive.

Gangplanks most fun and effective damage part, great for harrassing and also usefull for farming because of the gold bonus

W: Remove scurvy.
Gangplank instantly removes all crowd control effects on him, as well as healing himself.

Good use of this item makes great players.
This makes gp an effective counter for warwick and other stun top champs like irelia and riven.

E: Raise morale
Passive: Gangplank's attack damage and movement speed are increased permanently.

Active: Gangplank fires into the air, disabling his passive boost but inspiring himself to gain additional attack damage and movement speed, with nearby allied champions receiving half that amount, for 7 seconds.

Good in teamfights, less when you are alone since it blocks your passive.

Ultimate: Cannon barrage.
Gangplank signals his ship to fire cannonballs upon target area for 7 seconds. 25 cannonballs will drop over the duration and each will deal magic damage to all enemies hit. Enemies in the area of this ability are slowed by 25% for 1.25 seconds, with the duration refreshing if one stays in the area.

In early game i use it for farming on other lanes or to pick up nasty escapers like le blanc and shaco.

It can also be used proper when Jungling to gank two lanes at the same time.

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Well for runes i took some obvious choices.
I dont see what else is there except for Mark of Desolation.
I chose for crit chance seals to get a little extra early game crit chance, wich might give you the adventage to dominate your lane.
Another option is Seal of alacrity because gp can be very mana dependant early game so you might not be able to use parrley.
I chose glyph of focus because you might end up getting outranged or outrun by champs then having parrley off cooldown as fast as possible is a must.
You can also go for Glyph of replenishment to solve gp's mana problems
As for quintessences, the best option is just Quintessence of Furor

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I would like to see a gp play with spirit visage, since i think its an amazing item for him.
for spirit visage to be fully effective, you will need lifesteal,
I tried to avoid the lifesteal debuff from the lulu patch by getting Executioners callling.
Executioners calling also has this amazing passive, use it anytime an enemy uses an health potion or any other form of healing

Frozen heart is a good item for gp since he doest have any cc except for his ult
The combination frozen mallet atma's impaler also works great on gp, you get more crit chance and some hp

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Summoner spells


Ghost: very usefull for ganking
Exhaust: Gives you that extra slow, and cancels out the carry late game
Flash: easy escapeability
Clarity: Solves your mana problems
Ignite: Counter healing champs and might give you the last dmg you need for the kill

Dont take:

Teleport: even if you are solotop, this build is made to sustain in your lane
Heal: you already have a heal...
Cleanse: you already have a cleanse...

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Q is an effecitve farm tool when you oppenent is out of range.
It gives a nice gold boost which might be key late game.

R is the best since it kills a whole minion wave and can be used global.
Use this when a lane isn't guarded or while fighting in a team

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It is possible to jungle with this guide.
It solves gangplank mana problems, Although you need to build wriggles lantern instead of executioners calling wich might result in lacking crit chance.

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My experience

This was the first time I actually played with this build,
I was suprised how good it worked so i descided to make this guide
I'll post more results once I played this build some more

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I am not yet done with this build, i will keep trying to improve it.
please share your ideas in the comments.
I hope you will enjoy this build.
and remember, i made this just for fun
Dont try to play this in Ranked matches