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Swain Build Guide by How2SwainUrDragn

Swain in the Mid Lane// LOW ELO GOD

By How2SwainUrDragn | Updated on December 28, 2017

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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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What is a Swain?

Swain is a beastly Mage/Warlock/AP Bruiser/Drain Mage that goes in hard. He has high sustain and tons of DOT. He provides decent CC and a crippling slow, along with damage amplification.
-Easy to pick up
-Simple kit
-Low ban rate
-Monster in Low Elo
-Nobody knows how to play against him
-Juicy sustain AND Damage

-Low Mobility
-Mana Hungry
-CSing with him is disgustingly difficult under tower
-Kit can be easily telegraphed
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Runes are pretty standard on most mages, and Swain follows suit. Picking up comet provides so much poke when combined with your Q, which guarantees a comet hit, Scorch, which adds some nice damage, and Cheap Shot, which provides true damage. Manaflow band and Transcendence are self explanatory as they provide CDR and much needed mana sustain. Cheap shot is really nice on swain because his Q and W impair enemy movement and proc that sweet, sweet true damage. Ravenous Hunter is also too good to pass up as it increases your healing from abilities up to 15%.
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite. Simple and easy, ignite provides really good early kill pressure and is a fantastic debuff. Teleport is also viable but that's recommended if you take the bird man top lane. Heal and Barrier are simply a no-no, they don't provide that much to Swain's kit. Cleanse could be ok against really heavy CC champs, but a good Swain knows when to Zhonya's to bait out those abilities. Flash is too good not to take and can really improve Swain's mobility. Ghost could be viable to take instead of ignite, as it can be used to position for a juicy Zhonya's, but ignite provides so much early game pressure, something that Swain needs.
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How to Play Swain

A very basic combo. Q slows and almost guarantees a W, E amplifies damage and the ult and ignite finish them off.
Max damage. E in the beginning amplifies all damage done afterwards.
Harass combo in lane.
More Harass
When harassing, always try to weave in AA to increase damage output with the E.
Team fighting with Swain is a breeze. As an off-tank sustain mage, you are essentially an atomic bomb waiting to be unleashed. Try to drop all the abilities on the carries and go ham. Position yourself closest to the enemy carries to guide your ravens when using R. When low, simply pop Zhonya's and you'll continue to heal when untargetable. Simply position yourself behind the enemy back line and when low, pop the hourglass. Only problem with Swain in teamfights is that he will lose mana fast.
League of Legends Build Guide Author How2SwainUrDragn
How2SwainUrDragn Swain Guide

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Swain in the Mid Lane// LOW ELO GOD
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