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League of Legends Build Guide Author Convoluted

Swain - the BAHAHAHAHA build

Convoluted Last updated on October 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Mystical Vision
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Utility: 21

The proof:(The lvls on the teams were 30,30,30,15,24 on my team and 30,30,16,30,30 on the opposing team.)
But don't take my word for it (honestly I would figure I was somehow full of **** and the game was rigged or something if I were reading this)- try it!


Pros of this build:

    you are almost impossible to kill
    you still have good damage output.

Cons of this build:
    you don't get AP quite as quickly as a pure AP build.
    you are dependent upon either (a) having multiple opponents or (b) fighting around enemy creeps.
    You go oom, and you're survivability disappears instantly. As long as you watch your mana and make sure you're in a safe position when it runs out, this isn't an issue.

Overall, this build rocks.

Here's how this works:
with the full core built, you're ultimate heals you for (50% + 15%)(1.2) = 78%.
This, coupled with your still huge AP and you're spell vamp of (15%)(1.2) = 18%, allows you to be focused by most of or all of (depending on how fed you become) the opposing team without dying.

Some calculations:
the builder gets the AP wrong. Your AP with your full core is:
((70 + 45 + 120 + 45)from items + (3150 * .06)from archangel's passive+ 76.95 from runes and masteries)1.25 = 682.44 AP

I went for the number that mobafire says for total mana at the end because as of now no site I can find has his base mana at lvl 18 recorded.

The abilities scale .25 for Q, .5 for W, .6 for E, and .2 for R. These are rough estimations based on what I've seen.
So, using that, you can calculate the amount of HP you gain from your ulti /second:
each bird does 90+136.5 = 226.5
(226.5*3) = 679.5 DPS .
679.5 *.78 = 530 health gained / second.

Bahahaha enough? but wait, there's more. Your Q and E also give you about 120 health per second, and one of your birds gets a bonus from your E's effect as well. This in total gives you a max of about 680 health per second.
Of course, you probably won't get to the full core in a game. But having just the first 4 items is enough to let you win absolutely ridiculous fights.

Why the summoner spells?
allows you to easily disable physical DPS champs, who pose a small threat to you if they are fed enough and can put out good, quick DPS. Exhaust also gives the Mpen bonus, making the enemy's health tick down that much faster.
gives you the speed you need to stay in the ideal position. You want to be able to hit 3 targets with your ulti at any given time for the maximum effectiveness, and ghost allows you to place yourself accordingly. Plus, you can get away (in the rare event that you need to) and chase ppl down really effectively.

Why the masteries?

I go 9/0/21 because the mana regen and total mana improvements in util are awesome for swain, and its important to get utility mastery so that the blue buff lasts longer when you get it. The offense is self explanatory.

Playing this build (and swain in general)

Early game (levels 1-6:
Start with a tomband a health pot. Harassing early is a pain due to your lack of mana, but your damage can get you first blood easily. So use your abilities, but do it intelligently. The order should be either EWQ or WEQ, depending on how quickly the enemy is getting away and how close you are; you want E to hit the opponent before W does so that you can deal the extra damage. Go back and get tear of the goddessand basic boots of speed.

Mid game (levels 7-12):
Here is where you really start to shine. Grab blue buff as soon and often as you can, as this allows you to keep your ulti running longer and reenter the fight sooner. Buyand then. Run around and gank, trying to pick fights near enemy minions or neutral camps to give your ulti more targets to keep you healed. Farm as you go using your W and your ulti to clear camps and minion waves. You will heal pretty fast already.
Next, getand complete. Once you have done this, you will heal SO FAST from your ultimate that you should be able to take on multiple enemy champs and do seemingly impossible tower dives without going below half health. You have your exhaustin case someone has enough dps to actually outweigh your huge health/second heal from your ulti, and ghostto let you run in and out of range to give yourself the extra second to heal when you need it and to let you chase down opponents.

Late game (levels 13-18):

The rest of the game is pretty much the same. Stick with your team, as with almost any champ, and getandto increase your AP, your mana, and your mana regen. You will pull off amazing things and piss off opponents at this stage - a nunu and I took out an entire team once O.o. Unless every single person on their team focuses you down relentlessly, you will not die and will continue to deal extreme damage. If they do focus you, you can ghost out, exhaust their physical dps, or use Zhonya's to get them off of you. Often times someone will think they have killed you and turn around, find that you still have 1k health, and try again - 3 or 4 times - and still not kill you! BAHAHAHAHAHA

In conclusion:
  1. you will probably not die at all.
  2. you will deal huge DPS
  3. you will piss of your opponents
  4. your opponents will QQ out of their minds