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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IndiWolf

Swain The Insane Pain...... Guide

IndiWolf Last updated on October 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First things first!

This build may not be the best, but it fits my playstyle and I think it's awesome!
Learn to play with it and get the wins ;)


Passiv: Carrion Renewal
Q: Decrepify
W: Nevermove
E: Torment
Ulti: Ravenous Flock
AP: Ability Power
MR: Magic Resistance
CR: Cooldown Reduction


Carrion Renewal
Your passiv is a great thing if your playing good. try to always get the last hit on minions, so you always have a nice mana-regeneration.

Very high damage but make sure to always use your w and e before aktivate for more dmg!

Purely amazing if you're good at placing it and use e before it. Always use it in teamfights for your advantage or when somebody stronger then you is following you.

Use this skill before all the others if you can to maximize the dmg! this spell is also 1 reason for not putting "ignite" in my build, because its the same but better.

Ravenous Flock
Always use your ulti in teamfightes and try to always have the blue golem buff, so you'll loose not so much mana. You gain a lot of health with it, so if you have mana to waste make it to regain health, ether on minions or in the jungle.

Playing Swain

When playing swain I highly suggest you take the mid lane, because you'll win against most of the Mages (Morgana, Anivia if you play good, even Vlad if you use your e,w,q combo as soon as he uses Transfusion) but side lane with a huge dmg-dealer is also ok. When playing fiddle make sure to harass the opponent champ with Decrepify and last hit minions, heal with your ulti when needed ( more infos to the heal at the end of the page ).

Early Game / Laning phase

Mid Solo

The important part of the laning phase in mid is to make sure you dominate the other champ as swain, in doing so you could really predict the outcome of the game. If you dominate the other champ till level 6 you could easily get a kill, you could gank in the side lanes or just kill the enemy in your lane. When dominating the other champ make sure he doesn't see you while you slowly retreat and gank in the side lanes.

In the top or bottom lane

The important part of the laning phase at a side lane is to make sure you harass the other players fast so you can always get in the brush. If you hold the position in the brush till level 6 then i recommend you to gank in mid lane or somewhere else without being seen retreating. Most people will think your still down in the lane if they dont have a vision ward so far or you teleport to a lane.

Mid Game

Continue to gank if people aren't staying with their team. If the other team is dominating in team fights stay at the back of your team and when the fight is beginning activate your ulti then w and e,q the carry don't target the ******* tank or this will cost you the team fight.

Late Game

If you have been doing your job well, the game should easily becoming to an end. You should have your build finished and they should be afraid of you :) Get elixir of brilliance's and fortitude if you have all that extra cash. GJ, you won another match!


Try to last hit as much as you can even though you are going to have to auto attack them. Everytime the other champ gets in range of you make your combos and draw them out of xp lane so you get the upperhand in leveling and farming.

Core Items
This will give you the needed HP and Mana and of course AP. Try to get this fast in game.
Get this at the beginning if you think: " Oh man , I'm doing so well , I should have this." But if you already have a few deaths and your not that good in that game, just take it later in game or don't take it at all.
Oh yes! That's what you need. Mana,mana,mana for your ulti and very good in combination with the Rod of Ages ( more mana, more AP ).
Your masterpiece. If you have low health and your team is coming => Ulti + Zhonya and ofc much needed AP

Optional items after Archangel Staff

For movement I would suggest thebut if they have someone like Anni or Anivia and your not the best player in the world better takefor the MR.
Get this if they have a heavy/feeded tank to take him down! also the CR is very good.
This is a must have for swain after archangel if they have feeded or really well playing mages. ( magic resist + the passive and AP )
Health + slows with your spells. get this if you think they always run away to fast or you just wanna have some more HP.
Get this if you wanna make more damage to them or if they are stacking MR.

Tipps & Tricks

1. Make sure to make the E,R,W,Q Combi!

2. You can Tower dive with your Ulti and full health, so don't fear them!

3. Get vision everywhere on the map, so when they push and someone stupid is retreating you can teleport to mid and kill him where he isn't expecting.

4. Always last hit minions, so you get a never-ending-super-mana-regeneration!

5. Try to get the blue golem buff everytime its available and tell it your teammates in case of a gank. Pop out your e,r,w,q combo and leave your ulti on, if you have enough mana, because you'll get it back so fast and kill the golem much easier with it and you don't loose any life => If you have low health and much mana, go to golem and go back with full health/mana and golem buff! ( Don't do this if you someone is missing! )


I'm happy if you tell me your ideas of playing him, so I can improve this build, just don' t vote him down for no reason plz !!!