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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CptTeemo

Swift ***ian Teemo

CptTeemo Last updated on August 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Teemo, despite his innocent appearance, is quite the terror on the battlefield if played correctly. Using this build, I center around Teemo's mobility, attack speed and bonus damage to reek havoc, while utilizing movement, mushrooms and stealth for survivability.

Item list buy order and reasoning:

1. Mercury's Treads: + 25 Magic Resistance, UNIQUE - Enhanced Movement 2. UNIQUE - Reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, and immobilizes by 35%. Total Cost (1200g)

Even though Teemo is a high-end damage dealer, he is still quite a bit squishy. Mercury's Treads allows Teemo increased movement in addition to reduced snare/slow effects and added magical resistance. Great for early low level love tapping with blinding dart while laning.

2. Wit's End :+40% Attack Speed, +30 Magic Resistance Passive UNIQUE-Physical attacks remove up to 42 mana from the target and deal additional damage equal to the amount of mana removed. Total Cost (2150g)

Wit's End is a generally great item early on. With the increased attack speed you are able to quickly tap each minion in your lane, inflicting poison to the entire wave, in just a few seconds. This tactic makes Teemo and excellent farmer quickly gaining gold and levels if in the solo lane. With the attack speed, you also cause an additional magic damage on attack that works well with your damage over time poisons. Since Teemo is able to handle most melee/tanks well with blinding dart and his speed buffs, the added magic resistance is added defense against caster enemies.

3. Frozen Mallet: +700 Health, +20 Attack Damage Passive UNIQUE - Physical attacks slow enemy's movement speed for 2.25 seconds. Total cost (3290g

This item boosts Teemo's Health-pool, adds extra power to Teemo's now increasing attack speed, and slows enemy champions. The slowing effect works well for ganking and fleeing; Slowing an enemies escape or hampering their pursuit of you.

4. Nashor's Tooth: +50% Attack Speed, +55 Ability Power, +10 Mana Regen/5 sec. Passive UNIQUE-25% Cooldown Reduction Total Cost (2885g)

Not only does Nashor's Tooth increase your attack speed, it increases the rate at which you can afflict enemy champions with Wit's End causing great damage, as well as increased poison damage from the +55 Ability power. The 25% CD reduction is an added perk as well, allowing you to harasses and retreat with greater effectiveness.

5. Madred's Bloodrazor: +35 Attack Damage, +40% Attack Speed, +30 Armor Passive UNIQUE-On hit, deals Magic Damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health. Total Cost (3800g)

With the added speed from this item to your already terrifying attack speed, you are able to take full advantage of Wit's End's additional damage and mana depletion, poison damage and now the added 4% damage on strike. Quick recap: 1 Attack to target= Initial Attack damage, Poison Damage, Wit's End Magic Damage, 4% Target's Maximum Health in damage. 4 Sources of damage from one hit, damage over time, slowing effect and lighting attack speed. Behold: Swift ***ian Teemo :D

5. Phantom Dancer: +45% Attack Speed, +30% Critical Strike, +20% Dodge, +15% Movement Speed. Total Cost (3395g)

The icing on the cake. Phantom dancer further increases your devastating attack speed, adds additonal critical per hit, boosted base movement speed and 20% dodge ( Which, if you use are using the same masteries as me will give you further speed on dodge.( Great for pursuits and escapes).

Tips for playing:

I usually 3 man gank with my team at the beginning of the match. . My partner in crime plays Nunu ( Great synergy there, as Nunu's second ability drastically increased Teemo's attack speed early on). He waits in the brush and I stealth just past mid-lane on the enemies side. Our third usually goes up into the jungle brush to help cut off any help or retreats. As soon as an enemy walks into Nunu's cover, he pelts them with a snowball and slows their speed. At which point, Teemo will break stealth ( 30% attack speed increase on doing do from Champion ability) and bliding dart the enemy. About this time, the champ is sitting at half his health bar and we just burn him down quickly. should help come, our third man is at the ready (usually a tank) to keep them preoccupied while we come to gank or snowball to make a retreat.

Lane farming: As mentioned in the item reasoning, a commonly overlooked tactic is to quickly do one auto attack to every minion in a wave before concentrating on kills. The poison damage will often leave the minions at half health before you've made your rounds in early waves, and genrally kill minions later on once you are beefed up on gear.

Mushrooms. Offensive, Defensive, Traveling Device?: To me, there are 5 times of mushrooms.

Offensive: Plotted at points where enemies enter or flee frequently, to allow escape or ganks of dying champs. Also if an enemy champ is snared or you are confident it will end in your favor, I've been known to drop a mushroom in the heat of combat right on or behind them. Often, they will ignore it and it will explode causing damage and additional poison. Also allows for escape if the fight turns sour.

Defensive: Often when pushing a lane I've had a few champs come from behind and attempt a gank. Placing a mushroom behind you as you push a wave or turret can sometimes be the difference between an epic escape or a slow death. even if you are forced away from your postion, enemy minions and champions will not appreciate these mushrooms when they travel down the lane and find them.

Scouting: Mushrooms cause an area reveal on the map, putting them at key location like the middle of the jungle on the 3v3 map and up near dragon are great ways to keep your enemy from getting an edge over you.

Turret distraction: If you find yourself being targeted by a turret, or what to ease the pain of your tank pushing it, drop a mushroom! Turrets auto-target them first and will ignore you while it's up. Granted, they mushroom will only be able to take one or two hits, but it's added help to your tank or a shot off of you that allows a quick escape.

Teleporting!: Having so many mushrooms in so many locations adds to Teemo's effectiveness. If you keep the teleport ability. you (and allies) are able to move to mushrooms. This allows for quickly cutting off a fleeing enemy, moving in to help aid an ally, or even popping up in front of dragon for a quick kill!

Stealthiness: Using stealth is a great ganking tool when working with teammates. They bait, you magically appear behind them and hamper a retreat. If you are about to kick the bucket, try slowing an enemy with a long range blind shot or mushroom drop. This extra time will allow you to take cover in a nearby bush. Recall! It's a 6 second spell, but after 3 seconds you will stealth and become undetectable aside from AOE's revealing you. I, personally, love the look when Yi catches up with me and hops into the brush all ready to kill me, but is left scratching his head as I recall from under his feet :D

Skill Sequence: (Will be updated ASAP)

There are only a few basic guidelines I follow:

Level 1: Blinding shot.

Level 6: Noxious Trap.

The rest is situational to me. If I am laning against a melee I invest more in poisons and speed. If a caster, then Blinding Shot for range advantage and then swift speed for escapes. Your passive poison skill is not to be neglected as it will be your best farming tool, but again, use your best judgment of how things are playing out in your battle to make best use of your skills.

Rune Build: (Will be updated ASAP)

I use a build focused around critical and haste. However, I am still experimenting with ability power and reading on my own. Once I find a suitable build, I shall make sure it's added.