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Syndra Build Guide by Sasuchi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sasuchi

Syndra ... and pick up the easy Kill

Sasuchi Last updated on September 17, 2012
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Agr. | Def | Skillshot trained

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings Summoners of the League, let me welcome you to my very first Guide on MobaFire and on Syndra. Im playing the League now nearly for 2 years with some breaks in the Process, but im back again. Currently im owning 102 of 104 Champions, with Syndra being my newest addition to the Collection.
This is my very first advice, thats rather straight forward, even though not recognized by every Summoner. Having played every Champion more than once (underest.), you will have much Knowledge bout their Weakness and Strength. This will help you even more when a new champion gets released and you are trying out various builds.
Even though my first games with Syndra were not won, I was able to filter neccesary Information.
So long lets get started

Oh and I really really do appreciate Comments and Critics if you like/dislike something whether design or content-wise please Comment. It really encourages people like me to improve Guides and even write new ones for other Champions.

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Change Log

9/17/12 Design Update and added Special Thanks ^^

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Pros / Cons

Spaaaaace Pros
+ Good Harrassment early on
+ Early on good burst damage
+ Force of Will = Slow + Scatter the Weak = Stun (CC)
(+ Fun to play imo)
Spaaaaace Cons
- Squishy
- Lacks Damage at finished Build
- Force of Will Scatter the Weak Skillshots CC (not easy)
- Rather less AoE Damage

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PreGame Thoughts

Welcome to Summoners Rift...

... lets begin by shopping a bit, but wait.

First of all I always check the Enemy Champion Selection and their Summoner Spells...

Yet not so often seen in normal games, but somewhat crucial when it comes down to the Ranked stage. Some Teams use the Clairvoyance early on to see
A. The Positioning of the Enemy Team, mostly being useless since Team compositon being obvious who goes where (later more on this issue)
B. The start Equipment, normally less considerebal ranked (by habit), since people are less motivated to try new builds out when the game is important. I dont want to much in detail, since the first 475G are most likely not Game changing.
But considering A&B, i recommend waiting about 10 seconds into the Game or when Clairvoyance was used and then start buying Items and run to your Position.
Im returning to the point of the normal games that are presumable by habit. Thats why probably you will see , in Ranked Games even more, 90% of your games following Composition
Top Lane
Most likely a Off-Tank Champion depending on the rest of the Team focused on more Damage output or being beefy. Oh and experiences shows most likely Champion with melee Range
Exception here is e.g. the typically Teemo or Gangplank Troll.
Enemy Jungle
Yea.. well a Jungler, its proven its worth to have 2 Solo lanes blablabla... no further detail
So most likely your Opponent, when you also are used to play by habit.
It will be either also an Ap Carry, very likely if its a new Champion (welcome Mirrormatch), or it will be an Mageassassin (Talon, Kassadin, etc.)
AD-Ranged Carry (yes nearly always except troll teams) and a Full Supporter or Damage/Harass Supporter
Your Positioning
Most likely you will go Mid since your used to it. But if your up against a e.g. Kassadin or Talon why dont you change with your Top Lane? It will...
I. Boost your earlygame
Now we're against e.g. Jarvan IV, Jax, Darius(OP in my Opinion), [insert RND Toplaner]. Actually you should be able to outfarm and harass the melee type ones early on but be still cautious.
Disadvantage is obviously, that your Toplane-Char in mid will facing the same issues
II. Saver Position
The possibly Ganking routes for the top lane are obvious one path less than in mid Lane.
III. Element of surprise/Change of Lanes
Rather less of Advantage when the toplaner will stay in lane and can match you, if he cant and changes lane with your counter you win time. And in a arranged Team you can even change lanes with your mate everytime you return (+Time Time Time).
Psychological Advantages&Disadvantages
+ Keep a good Teamatmosphere
+ Its a Game have fun
+ Troll the enemys, but do not insult your opponent. Rage makes People blind and they will probably play worse.
Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Dont's:
- Flame your Team, first of all its rude and IT WILL influence the teamplay if your ignoring this as a fact well you are ignorant and a fool.
- Flame the enemy Team, even though I am trolling from times to time there are certain boundary you shouldn't cross
- Rage, a enemy escaped.. so what, you got ganked the third time ? Well everyone has a game where things wont work. A enemy trys to make you rage and your teams flame you. If you are able to sustain those mere Words you can be sure, that you wont continue to play even worse.

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Syndra - Early Game

Now the Game has started and you moved to your Position (Mid or eventually Top?) or pull Blue/Wolves/Wraiths/Red for your Jungler and move on to your mid/top position.
Its time to Farm,Harrass,Deny,Gank and Avoid being ganked. I will try to focus on what Syndra excels at...

Syndras Attack animation is pretty decent concerned the speed of Animation and its easy to last hit with it (unlike slow animation hits e.g. Anivia). Since she got a Manaproblem early on, unless you got Manareg runes, I recommend not using abilities for last hitting.
I assume you all are familiar with the principal of Last hitting only, since it generates safety (since your most likely bound to the very middle of the map or even your own tower)
Hint, last hits at the Tower:
Melee Minions with 100% Life will always survive 2 Towershots(after the 3rd they are gone for good) so when you see full live melee minions dont hit them until the tower hit them twice.
Caster Minions with 100% Life can take only 1 Tower shot and then still are not last hittable with one Attack. The progress pattern is Attack->Tower Shot->Attack, timing here is crucial.
Tank Minions with 100% Life can take... i seriously dont know but i guess somewhere between 6-8 Towershots. Calculate your allied minions in consideration to last hit them. Dont forget those are the chunky ones with the most gold however 2 Caster Minions > 1 Tank Minion.
Syndras Force of Will can not only grab a Dark Sphere but also a Minion. This makes the minion not targetable by your Tower and your allied minions while your still able to Attack or use other abilities. So when you're e.g. at you tower and two minions are low on life, so you could last hit both, but one will be target by the Tower, use your Force of Will on the one and last hit the otherone, then drop the grabbed minion somewhere outside Towerrange and kill it, when its not already dead.
With Syndra you got 2 potentially Harrass Abilitys your Dark Sphere and your Force of Will however it takes not professional but advanced usage of Circle-Target Skillshots. Those of you who are familiar with Karthus or Cassiopeia Dark Sphere will be pretty good with Syndras aswell, because the range of the circle is slightly bigger yet the time between placement and damage is nearly the same.
However her Force of Will Ability although dealing more damage and having more Range yet is rather obvious.
Harrassing is often a game changing factor early on, if the enemy is out of his potions, the early gank can lead to first blood. But Syndras Abilities are especially early on pretty expensive on mana. So I recommend trying to keep you Mana about a range where you're still able to use your Scatter the Weak twice.
However if you see, that your enemy is pretty good in dodging your Skills, don't overdo in trying to waste even more mana. And even though good Harrassing will put the enemy at disadvantage, dont forget to last hit since its value is greater for you as AP-Carry.
I won't go very much in detail about Denial, since it is rather complicated with Syndra. Anyhow if your able to keep your Enemy out of Experience Range do so, but don't be to risky to grab up a difficult Kill alone since it will put you in a dangerous Position if the enemy Jungler is around.
Well let's rename this Chapter into "Picking up the easy kill & Ganks". You of course can decide whether you are able to kill your opponent alone or if you need help of your Jungler. Let me just say this, if you'll ever encounter me in mid you can always be sure, that I will most likely have 2 Defensive Actions up my sleeves if I engage on a 1v1 Kills. And this is what you should have up your sleeves too. In case of Syndra dont try to use the Scatter the Weak to damage the Enemy and also save your Flash/ Ghost for retreat.

If you and your Jungler decide to set up a Gank, try to actively push your Target into the side of your Jungler, who's probably hiding in one of the two brushes in mid lane.
V.Avoid being ganked
Well if you just read the Part Gank it should be obvious. Read the movement of your enemy, e.g. was he the whole time staying behind his caster minions and now went pretty aggressive to one certain side, reconsider moving rather back instead of the other side. Also what I mentioned earlier, keep enough mana for at least 2 of your Scatter the Weak's since it pushes enemys in a Cone back (same Cone like Darius Apprehend pulls you) it will most likely cost their Flash and when you still got yours up, your save for sure.
But be sure really to use your Scatter the Weak when your enemy has no pullback move still up, since her basic movement speed is rather slow.
I almost forgot, now the thing about Wards. I really do like Wards, however especially in midlane early Game where your goal is to excel the Gold Farm of your opposite, I would not recommend spending 150G, since there are two potential routes, and rather dont overextend because that last minion giving 28G is not worth it to give the Enemy 300G + Killingspreebonus + Assist gold.

Oh well I think I still should mention that if your dieing easily (stats like 0/3/0 or 0/3/1) or seeing that your enemy can kill you pretty easy without losing more than 1-2 HP-Bars try to trade with someone else or asked your jungle to step it more often.

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Syndra - Mid Game

... wow that were exciting 15-25 Minutes of farming werent it? By now there should be some dead Champions, destroyed Towers and maybe already some crybabys. But how to continue our Game?

Now in the Mid-Game we will discuss Farming, Teamfights,Pushing and Buffs.

Finally more I.Farming duh!
Not much has changed besides the fact that you already should be equipped to somewhat point. The only big change here is, that moving out to the middle of the map, when you already lost a Tower or even with the Tower is more dangerous, some Champions will already be able to Tower dive. So I cant emphasize on this one enough Dont risk your life for the last minion of a Group
But by now you also should have enough mana to kill a Minion group pretty easy. A Combo I use with Syndra is for the 3 Melee Minions 2 times Dark Sphere and a Force of Will Toss and for the Caster Minions just 1 Dark Sphere & Force of Will
Here is where, at least in Games with 30+ Deaths (normal games), most money is made, so why dont join this fun?
You are not very fast and rather squishy so its important to place where you can quickly move in or escape in certain Situations (whether you Team want to engage or retreat)
With the Skill progression of [Q][Q][R] you got a quite bit of Damage that you should only use on the enemy Carry.
Lets say we got about 200AP and are level 12
1. Dark Sphere[Rank 5]: 220 + 100 = 320 Damage without MRes calculation (Pardon im not to much into this O.o)
2. Dark Sphere[Rank 5]: adds another 320 makes a total 640
3. Unleashed Power[Rank 2]: (135 + 30) * 5 (Numbers of Darkspheres where you always got 3 flying around yourself) = 825
Total Damage= 1465 within about 8 seconds
However if the Enemytanks are creating an impenetratable Wall, you have to consider repositioning or poke them a bit with your Dark Sphere however dont risk an Initiation and dont waste your Ultimate for them
You got a Slow Dark Sphere+ Force of Will and a Stun Dark Sphere+ Scatter the Weak+proper hit.
While your Stun is pretty useful for stunning multiply targets, be sure to use it in a Fight where more than 3 Enemys participate in (especially in narrow fields), I would recommend you to save your Slow for Target with low life which try to escape the battlefield. Nevertheless dont save it if you need the extra Damage output since its Cooldown is not quite as high as the Stun.
Yes... sometimes there are Battles to be lost or surrender in order to win the War. If your team loses your Tank without hurting the enemy Team for example is a good reason to give them a tower instead of 2 Towers and a Inhibitor.
Don't Retreat
But sometimes its even to late to retreat, I have juked many many opponents and survived Situations where I was crying tears out of enjoyment BUT e.g. don't waste your Flash when you probably will still die, maybe next time it saves your life(oH Wait Cooldown ? Damn it)
A rather less important fact for you as a AP-Carry, even though with a Lichbane you're a beast in pushing towers, Pushing wins Games.. not the Kills. I had many games where the Kill statisic were 2:1, but because of lack of Pushing lanes still Lost. Why? Simply because at any Point of the Game the Goldadvance is lost or every Champion is finished with his Itembuild and then it comes down to the Champion Potential. Syndra is in my Opinion rather mediocre at her Damage-output at finished Build, so try to win the Midgame and avoid the late game.
I don't wanna go to much in detail on this one..... lets see...
Elder Lizard not needed duh!
Ancient Golem meanawhile your Manareg should be sufficient, the extra Cooldown is nice to have. It will probably bring many critics up, but I recommend to give it to someone else, unless your the only Abilityfocused champion (Cpt.Obvious)
Dragon is not a Buff.. you got me there lets rename the Chapter to Buffs&Neutrals. Dragon equals a pushed tower however there are 11 Towers Dragon however respawns. So it depends on how much the enemy Team progressed if you can let another Tower fall or not. BUT you are most likely not the one that should do Dragon alone!
Baron Nashor a game-changing Factor , indeed. However its crucial to time it perfectly or it could be also that you lose Baron to the enemy team and the Game itself.. and if you have gotten yourself the Baron Buff... use it, the enemy team will anyway stay defensive.

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Syndra - Late Game

... Quaaaadraaa-Kill...... so we are across the 30-40 Minute Mark? Time to settle things!

On our agenda... Farming, Teamfights and Pushing

I.Farming III - Return of the Jedi
Well you should have finished 5 of 6 Items of your Build congratulation, if you happen to see large Miniongroups consider to share it with e.g. Support if he hasnt quite catch up.
Dont forget to buy those 150G Pots... and dont you dare running now to far of safety to get 100G.
By now you should anyway just run in Groups of at least 3 around. Otherwise nothing changed from the Mid-Game
A.If your Team did good so far and claimed a Inhibitor or 2 progress and win your Game.
B.The Enemyteam did great and you didnt... well let a good pusher try to splitpush somehow.. your more in Charge of defense now.

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Special Thanks


well until now I can only thank Riot for making this game and jhoijhoi for his Making a Guide guide , I really appreciate your work dude (I also would thank you for the Line seperators if I would get how to BBcode them ^^)

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Hahaha.. lets see..
Writing a Guide is a lot of work and I am myself not really happy about the actual depth of my Guide. My Respect to all of those great Guideauthors out there.
However I will look how the reaction to this guide is and add Information or even write further Guides. I hope you enjoyed and more importantly learned something new here!

So now hurry out to the Field of Justice to do TONS of Damage and Pick up easy Kills with Syndra!

SasuchiSSJ [EU-West]