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Syndra Build Guide by Admiral Tr4p

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Admiral Tr4p

Syndra, how to carry midlane

Admiral Tr4p Last updated on December 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Who am I?

I am "Tr4p", or "Admiral Tr4p" ingame. I play on EU West, and i've been playing since season 1. (Irelia was the first champ released after I started playing). I got about 850 normal wins, and ive played over 894 matches in season 3.

Im in no way a pro player, but i still wanted to share this champion with you guys, since it helped me alot climbing in gold. Im also Norways biggest League of Legends streamer, any questions can be sendt to my facebook! This is the first time i ever try to make a guide. So i´ll probally keep working on it.


+ High Damage
+ Great laner
+ Easy farmer
+ Snowballing champion
+ Good CC (slow that increases with passive and a knockback that can stun)
+ Strong single-target damage and AoE damage

Syndras's Strengths

Syndra is a very strong laner with good farming possibilites. She got nice CC (a stun) which is very strong in trades, engaing in teamfight, avoiding ganks and so on. Syndra has the ability to snowball hard into lategame. She has both very strong single-target and AOE abilities and makes her an excellent teamfighter if you can play her right.

Syndra's Shortcomings

Allthought Syndra has her weaknesses. She is vurnerable to high mobility champions because she has no escape ability. Also, 3 of her abilities is skillshots and can therefor be dodged. If you don't know how to play her right and takes advantage in her range she can be hard to be played in teamfights. Her stun isn't easy to look up and can create confusion between you and your teamfights and it is therefor good to mark "attack" at the enemy before stunning it.


- Vulnerable to high mobility
- Three abilities are skillshots, dodgeable
- Can be hard to teamfight with
- CC not as obvious as that of other midlaners, so people won't always follow up

Why Syndra?

I have been playing Syndra alot in gold, and i find her very easy to carry games with. She snowballs very good after some kills. So lets talk about how to get those first kills in lane:

As i see it, there are three ways to get first blood, or just a regular kill on syndra:
  • You can get a good gank early, and simply take the kill
  • You can kill your enemy at lvl 3
  • You can kill your enemy when hitting lvl 6.

The lvl 3 kill

When you hit level 3, you will have all your spells except for your R.
If you are focused on harrasing your enemy in lane early, this is a sure kill when you hit lvl 3.
As mentioned, for this to have the highest chance of killing your enemy, you want to harras him/her as much as possible before hitting lvl 3.
So.. when you hit lvl 3, you first use your W spell to pick up a enemy minion and throw it at your enemy. That makes her loose some extra health, and also, she is now slowed.
Then you use your Q, followed up with a E, to stun your enemy.

And then you go in for the kill, use Q or W if off CD, flash in and ignite (if needed).


The lvl 6 kill:

This is pretty much the same deal as our lvl 3 kill, the differece being that you now also got your ult for more burst.


Farming gets really easy with Syndra.
After your first back, when you have baught Chalice of Harmony, you can start clearing the minion-waves easily with your spells.


First use your W spell to pick up the first minion of the wave, then toss that minion to the back of the wave, and follow that up with your Q spell. And its cleared.