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Talon Build Guide by aronzei

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aronzei

Talon - 2 Hit Wonder

aronzei Last updated on July 31, 2012
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20 Charges


Not 20 Charges

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Hi, I've been playing Talon a lot of times. He's my ace out of all champs (if I'm going offensive that is) that I use on normal games. I've used every possible talon build out there - AD caster, early Philo, etc - but I've found one build that answers all my Talon needs and I've tested it countless of times!

This build also ensures one thing - kills. You will hit so hard, your E + Q combo is enough to kill a squishy.

Also, the movespeed calculator is inacurate. Meh.

With no further adieu, let me present to you my own personal Critical Talon, the Two hit Wonder.

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Generic runes.

The primary factor that affects this is build however is your MS quints. Take note for it shall be explained further.

AD marks can also be swapped rather than ARpen.

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21 offensive. No brainer.

9 utility. Why?

3 points - Expanded Mind
Burst. You need higher mana pool for bursts not regen for prolonged stay on the lane. You need to go there, kill, go home, repeat.
4 points - Swiftness
Movespeed. Will be explained later.
1 point - Transmutation
Well I've been putting this point all over the place. For mana regen, for runes, for recall, but I thought to myself what would this 1% do? Well in fights you will be bursting. Let's just say the enemy has FF'd you in the teamfight, if hopefully you live, just pop R and stay close to the one with the lowest health. By this time your ult has spellvamped a few amount just to recover some damage to increase your suvivability slightly. Just pop Q then attack that target and pray it would be enough.

With in teamfights, you'd die if the enemy is good. If they're kind of stupid well it'd be cake. Your lifesteal already is a great sustain amplified with the crit you generate and adding a little more won't hurt.

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Starting Items

Boots + 3 HP Pots

Your boots shall increase mobility greatly for those finishing touches.
Lesser damage compared to other bursters. (eg. Fiora)

Good damage, health, small sustain. Makes you dangerous close up and your Q even more lethal.
No mobilty so its do or die.

However, I suggest going doran. Risky but the reward is great.

Mid Game Items

Sword of Occult

Ah yes. Snowballing - which is why you'll get boots of mobility. Get kills. KILL KILL KILL. Your ms is 474 (if I remember correctly) which out paces most champions. This way you can assist gankers, helped chased teammates and finish off enemies easier.

Boots of Mobility

See above.

Executioner's Calling

Crit + Lifesteal for 1300+? Why not! This is life your subpar BT + pd (crit part) and helps you get that lucky kills! Shall be explained later.

Trinity vs Last Whisper

Go Last Whisper if there's a lot of armor going around and trinity if otherwise.

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Skill Sequence


Starting Skill

Q if your enemy is high chance of melee.
W if you're scared.

Contrary to popular builds, I hate the Rake build. It's mana hungry and wasteful if the enemy can predict your aggression. Q comes with lesser mana costs with more lethality! (for both you and your enemy) Of course you need to go close but that damage. If your enemy is not a melee burst, you'll send them scouring behind the creeps soon enough. Just pop Q if they try to go close if they are melee and use E then Q if they are ranged.

The Cutthroat

This build maximizes Talon's damage through critical and maximization of Cutthroat. Cutthroat increases all damage by Talon by 15%. Please use it. It's not ONLY a gap closer, not ONLY a silencer, but ALSO a damage amplifier that amplifies all his other skills. Always use it as a starter. Don't poke then jump when the kill is sure. Jump to ensure it and walk away like a boss.

E+Q combo

This. This is the 2 hit wonder. With enough crit and AD, use E THEN Q. THEN. Yes. When you use your E, Talon silences THEN autoattacks that target.. with a bonus damage due to E. After that autoattack connects, quickly pop Q. With enough AD and critical chance, your E>Q combo is fatal enough to anything that clumsily comes along your way.

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End Game

This is where it all boils down.

When everyone has there items locked, how do you get the advantage?
Elixirs? Everyone has them. What? WHAT IS IT?!

Remember the all the MS things you got? Well, It's time to get dirty.

Movespeed Charts:
Boots - 399
Mobilty - 474 (non-combat)
Enemy caster with lvl 2 boots - 380~390

I'd doubt ap casters would get MS quints but that is just an approximization. Assuming they don't invest anything on movement, any lvl 2 boots is sufficient enough to out maneuver them.

The 20 charge build will net you 454 movespeed. 454 move speed is fast enough to chase the average champion with exception to those with speed buffs. Oh, and with all that damage. Right here I went no brainer. I just slaughtered every thing I can see. Didn't even have time to notice the damage. But for comparison purposes, melee criticals - oh wait, all your attacks crit now, without elixirs - 1.1K. My highest crit record Q using this build is 1.6~1.7k. Compared to my other builds, I've already got 2k but that's a fun build - IE + BTs.
This build ensures 100% crit - that ALL your E then Q combos crit. And I mean ALL.

And that becomes your primary advantage in the teamfight. You get to sell your boots and keep your damage ... and boost it even further. Just make sure not to get focused and die losing those 20 charges or you'd be doomed to get boots or just sell then swap for another "boot build".

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I've used this build in normal games - they ended before I could start.
I've used this on Proving Grounds. I died a lot. They died more though.

Your primary damage output is your E then Q combo.
Maxing E>Q early maximizes this combo as well as increases the lethality of your ult (on your silenced & amplified target).

By investing a few critical items early (Avarice Blade, Executioner's), and a few luck with 18% crit, your E>Q combo will be greatly increased. When it reaches 100%, your enemy is now praying.

Your primary enemy is armor so don't go for "armory" enemies (DAT MALPH). Finish the squishies fast so that the damage output of the enemy team is greatly hampered. No AP nuke will put armor just to survive you and Aegis won't be enough to save them. Keep an eye out for Zhonya's however. Keep this in mind to be the true assassin you are meant to be.

Finally, hone your blade. This is not the final build. With new items, new enemies and new patches, there is always room for improvement. Think and try it out.